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Crommy is the German translator of "The Hammer of Thursagan" and "Dead Water" and did the final rework in the German translation of "Northern Rebirth". Additionally, he maintains the German translation of "The South Gard" and "Son of the Black Eye".

He started the CharactersStorys page to try out a common platform for campaign translators, that is not organized by language but by campaign. As a result he started the TranslatorShellscript page, as some of the scripts he used might be of interest for other translators.

Language Translation rates as of 27.2.2011

World [1] Europe [2]

Remark: This tiny map has some major problems - first of all, it based on administrative borders, not any linguistic analysis. Latin, Esperanto or Shavian is therefore invisible. This may not lead to a debate. But please be mild in critics concerning major local social and linguistic faults - especially in Spain (and Latin America but Brazil, that I included all over into "Spanish"), but especially India (I know that Marathi is not even the biggest language in India, alas, ignoring it or applying British English numbers, I felt even less comfortable). For Ireland I opted for Gaelic (Irish). Especially substructures within countries are technically not accessible (esp. India, China, Philippines). Neither being a politic scientist, neither linguist - I just wanted to show, how Wesnoth spreads over the world. No more was intended.