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At the moment I'm a student being possessed by Wesnoth. I started playing around 1.0, which was a default game for some Linux version, and it took half a year until I understood the game (I wasn't that good in english, and I didn't realize that there's a 'Language' button for more than five months). Then I got a new computer, which forced me to stay away from it, until I realized hat development had moved on. I continued at 1.4, of which I was highly impressed (completely redone graphics, 5 or so new campaigns, lots of new units...), and now, I'm still impressed by the quality, simplicity, modability, development speed, user community, etc, and will stay it.

My Contributions


02308_holysword.png The Fellowship of the Clay (Campaign)
"The adventure tells the story of humans' first capital on the great continent and a handful of heroes, that try to avert its doom." I had nothing to do, so I agreed with Reval, its original creator and plot writer, on me programming, maintaining and debugging it. That's what I'm still doing, and it's still fun! Also, my WML skills grew from basically nothing but the basics to being mostly able to WMLify Reval's great ideas. Downloadable on the 1.9 add-on server or here.

00379_quarterstaff.png The Sandfolk (Faction)
More a minor contribution, I created this faction just for fun. I did the main part in two days, and programming it isn't a problem, but it's a great practise for my spriting skills, which I'm still struggling to gain. The Sandfolk is a part of StDrake's Beyond Southern Hells Era, which is downloadable on the 1.9 and the 1.8 add-on server.

00026_sentinel.pngRuins of the Ancients (Map Pack)
On the long way from 1.0 to 1.9 many MP maps were lost or changed basically. This add-on brings back some of them, for they were not necessarily worse than the actual ones. Since map coding has generally changed since then, I'm forced to redraw the maps hex by hex, so progress is slow.

To be hopefully expanded...

The Wiki

Crendgrim's project to translate the wiki caught my interest, so I'm currently translating parts of the Play section into German. Not working much further since Crend and monochrome have plans to restructure the wiki, which would make translating now rather useless.
Also, I'm the maintainer of the German Translation of the CoC.

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