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Andrew eLf page

My personal order of Campaigns. I do Mainline first for each new version. Just starting the UMC for 2015

Mainline Campaigns:

A Tale of Two Brothers (Novice level, 4 scenarios.)

An Orcish Incursion (Novice level, 7 scenarios.) see also An Undead Incursion

The South Guard (Novice level, 9 scenarios.)

Heir to the Throne (Novice level, 23 scenarios.)

Liberty (Intermediate level, 8 scenarios.)

Dead Water (Intermediate level, 10 scenarios.)

The Hammer of Thursagan (Intermediate level, 11 scenarios.)

Yes I'm a total failure - this is as far as I've got - so far. Plus the more interesting UMCs.

Descent into Darkness - Learn the dark arts of necromancy in order to save your people from an orcish incursion. (Intermediate level, 12 scenarios.) The Eastern Invasion - There are rumors of undead attacks on the eastern border of Wesnoth. You, an officer in the Royal Army, have been sent to the eastern front to protect the villagers and find out what is happening. (Intermediate level, 16 scenarios.) Legend of Wesmere - The tale of Kalenz, the High Lord who rallied his people after the second orcish invasion of the Great Continent and became the most renowned hero in the recorded history of the Elves. Intermediate level, 18 scenarios.) Delfador’s Memoirs - Wesnoth seems to be slipping inexorably into chaos, as marauding orcs pour south across the Great River, and mysterious and deadly creatures roam the night. Who is the shadowy Iliah-Malal? Can you defeat him before he destroys all life in Wesnoth? (Intermediate level, 19 scenarios.) The Sceptre of Fire - The land of Wesnoth’s banner bold / Comes not from its own land; It comes from Dwarfdom, grim and old / Made by a runesmith’s hand. So now I tell from whence it came — / The Fire-sceptre great — And of the makers of the same, / Their tale I now relate... (Expert level, 9 scenarios.) Under the Burning Suns - In the distant future a small band of elves struggles to survive amidst the ruins of fallen empires. Lead your people out of the desert on an epic journey to find a new home. (Expert level, 10 scenarios.) Northern Rebirth - For the people of Dwarven Doors the choice was stark: either drudge as downtrodden slaves for the orcs until the end of their brief and miserable lives, or risk all for freedom and rise up against their cruel overlords. Little did they suspect that their struggle would be the hinge of great events that might restore the Northlands to the glory they had once known. (Expert level, 13 scenarios.) Son of the Black-Eye - Your father Karun Black-Eye was the greatest orcish leader that ever lived. Now, as his son, it’s up to you to thwart the selfish designs of the humans who have broken the old agreements with the orcs and are bent upon taking your lands. Unite the warring orcish tribes, bring together the Orcish Council and call up the Great Horde to send the human-worms and their wose-born allies to the land of the dead! (Expert level, 18 scenarios.) The Rise of Wesnoth - Lead Prince Haldric through the destruction of the Green Isle and across the Ocean to establish the very kingdom of Wesnoth itself. The confrontation with Lich-Lord Jevyan awaits... (Expert level, 24 scenarios.)

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