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the toplevel [terrain] tag

the [terrain] tag describes a terrain in WML. Terrains are usually described in the terrain.cfg file

the [terrain] tag has the following keys and subtags

  • image an image used for this terrain in the map editor
  • symbol_image appears to work the same as image - clarification is needed
  • adjacent_image a prefix for adjacent terrain images. they will be postfixed with the orientation of the border to give the image name that will be used for the border terrain
  • name the name of the terrain
  • char the character used to represent this terrain in maps and scenarios
  • aliasof characters representing terrains that this terrain will be an alias of. Template:DevFeaturethis is a list of characters, with the + and - signs having special meanings. the string is read left to right taking the best value. when a minus sign is encountered, it starts taking the worst instead. the plus sign reverts it back to the best
  • def_alias Template:DevFeaturelike aliasof but overides it for defense calculation only
  • mvt_alias Template:DevFeaturelike aliasof but overides it for movement calculation only
  • unit_height_adjust how much the unit graphic should be moved up or down when on that terrain
  • submerge float, between 0 and 1: stems how much of the unit graphic should be submerged by the terrain
  • no_overlay whether this terrain should be overwritten by other terrain's borders; 'no_overlay=true' terrains are not overwritten.
  • light Template:DevFeaturesigned value. this will modified local light level on that hex by that amount for gameplay
  • heals if set to true a unit on that terrain will be healed at the start of every turn
  • gives_income if set to true, this terrain will give income every turn when flagged as if it were a village
  • recruit_onto if set to true, it is possible to recruit or recall on that terrain
  • recruit_from if set to true it is possible to recruit when a unit that can recruit is on that terrain

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