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Put all your ideas for new things that could be done with the new [scenario_metadata] tag here. Please, be respectable and don't remove what other people have posted here, just list your idea below. (However, you are most welcome to post comments just under other people's ideas and discuss - that's just what the wiki talk page is for!)

Example idea

General description of my cool Example Idea™ by ExampleUser1

Wow, nice idea! It'd be also great if we added Example Idea2™ -- ExampleUser2
But Example Idea2™ already exists in Wesnoth, you have to just press ctrl+12341! -- ExampleUser1
Ah, my bad. -- ExampleUser2


It'd be cool if we had Bulbulators! Three reasons:

  1. Bul
  2. Bul
  3. Ators!
Nah, I think Bulbulators are not needed at all -- ExampleUser13
I'd change the second "Bul" to "Foo". Then, it's good. -- ExampleUser34
But guys, do you have any idea how much coding is this? Have mercy :( -- Zaroth
No mercy for coders, we want features! -- ExampleUser9

More details

Some random ideas:

  • Foo
  • Bar
    • Bar Foo!
    • Bar Bar!
  • Baz - this is important