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There are many ways to get help. From online documentation to support from the community on IRC or forums.

Wiki Resources

Reporting Bugs

If you are experiencing problems, you should consider reporting a bug.


When asking for help with some technical problem in the game forums, please provide the following information:

  • which operating system do you use (e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac OSX)
  • which version of Wesnoth do you use (it is displayed in the bottom left corner of title screen)
  • contents of file "stderr.txt"
    • on MS Windows, that is usually found it is here: C:\Program Files\Wesnoth\stderr.txt



If you don't know what IRC is, check out irchelp.

All of the following channels use the freenode IRC network unless otherwise noted. If you don't have an IRC client installed on your machine or are behind a strict firewall that blocks freenode's supported ports, you can use a web gateway service, such as, for freenode.

You can also see the logs of the #wesnoth, #wesnoth-de, #wesnoth-dev and #wesnoth-umc-dev channels.

Mailing Lists

  • wesnoth-dev (archives): the mailing list for discussing mainline development issues; it is not intended for bug reports or feature requests. See ReportingBugs for those.
  • wesnoth-commits (archives): all commits made to the mainline SVN repository are automatically echoed in this list for those who want or need to keep track of them. New developers and contributors are required to subscribe to this list.
  • wesnoth-i18n (archives): the internationalization (i18n) mailing list; all translation team maintainers and the i18n managers should subscribe and keep track of announcements and discussions taking place in this list.

Other Servers List

see here