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This page is meant to be a list of mistakes in campaigns and other texts in the en_US development version of the game.

An Orcish Incursion


  • 63:59: "shock waves" → "a shock" ("shock wave" wasn't coined until 1907)


  • 291:50: two spaces → one space


  • 24:144: "furtherest" → "furthermost"
  • 106:64: "hit and run" → "hit-and-run" (multiple dictionary sources agree there should be use of hyphens; see New Oxford American and Merriam Webster)


  • 111:15: "well defended" → "well-defended" (see note under well (adv.), also consistency with HttT #3 354:158)
  • 220:94: "council" → "Council" (the Elvish Council is repeatedly capitalized in previous scenarios as it is a formal entity)

Descent into Darkness


  • 19:44: "10" → "ten" (just as 24:305 has "eight" we should be consistent here; 24:37 has "10" but this is referring to an age not a duration)
  • 394:53: ""The orcs are broken, dead or fled." → "The orcs are broken, dead or have fled" (as it stands, it would be "are dead" and "are fled", but "are fled" doesn't make sense)


  • 28:32: "Three days travel" → "Three days' travel"
  • 28:233: "The necromancer takes pity on Malin in his friendless state, and asks Malin to travel with him." → remove the comma after "state"
  • 306:49: "Because it's ridiculous" → "Because it's ridiculous!" (a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence is required)


  • 33:226: "Elves" → "elves" (consistency)


  • 200:66: "Then, it will be time for you to die again!!!" → remove two exclamation marks (three exclamation marks is grammatically incorrect and unnecessary)
  • 316:155: "There is, however, a small favor I will ask of you. That will constitute the last part of your training." → "There is, however, a small favor I will ask of you that will constitute the last part of your training." (combine sentences; the second sentence is actually a fragment)


  • 338:359: remove extra space
  • 24:97: "you will aid me in retrieving a book.' the necromancer says." → "you will aid me in retrieving a book,' the necromancer says." (this is technically one sentence, thus use a comma not a period)


  • 407:56: "passage way" → "passageway"


  • 23:216: "pitch black" → "pitch-black" (see New Oxford American and Merriam Websters)

Eastern Invasion


  • 36:42: "king Garard I" → "King Garard I" (title)
  • 36:163: "Orcish" → "orcish" (consistency)


  • 168:48: "king of Wesnoth" → "King of Wesnoth" (used as a title in the sentence)


  • 165:27: Remove two exclamation marks (having three is grammatically incorrect; more than one is unnecessary)


  • 171:40: Remove two exclamation marks (having three is grammatically incorrect; more than one is unnecessary)
  • 215:36: Remove two exclamation marks (having three is grammatically incorrect; more than one is unnecessary)


  • 531:46: Too many punctuation marks (use either '!' or '?' or if you must, both, but do not repeat the same punctuation mark as it is unnecessary)


  • 111:104: "Dacyn, you go north-east. I'll go north-west." → "Dacyn, you go northeast. I'll go northwest." (consistency)


  • 143:58: Too many punctuation marks


  • 159:52: "south-west" → "southwest" (consistency)
  • 443:108: "south-west" → "southwest" (consistency)


  • 185:127: "including not recalled units" → "including non-recalled units" ("including not" could be confused with "not including" which are not the same)
  • 206:125: Too many punctuation marks
  • 214:53: Too many punctuation marks
  • 274:37: Too many punctuation marks


  • 385:29: Too many punctuation marks
  • 385:38: Too many punctuation marks


  • 278:98: "Undead" → "undead" (consistency)


  • 124:32: "Wait - What just happened?" → "Wait - what just happened?" (same sentence)

Heir to the Throne


Northern Rebirth

Sceptre of Fire

Son of the Black Eye

The Hammer of Thursagan

The Legend of Wesmere

The Rise of Wesnoth

The South Guard

Two Brothers

Under the Burning Suns



On the turn after you recruit the elves, if you attack the quintain with Konrad, Delfador will say "Your elf used a sword...". He should say nothing, or perhaps say something along the lines of "Try attacking the quintain with one of your elves."

It's supposed to say "You wouldn't do anything stupid like charging that quintain yourself again, now would you? Use the fighters you recruited first; they'll be a lot of help." according to the .po files. Polarina 23:02, 4 April 2009 (UTC)



1.6 Announcement

Other (ingame help, ...)

In the Display tag of the Preferences dialog, the first line says, "Toggle Full Screen". That can be slightly confusing (or at least strange) because all of the options are toggles. It should just read, "Full Screen".

Translation code bugs

Unofficial campaigns

Invasion from the unknown