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  • ...age and similarily are handled by a preprocessor. Implementation-wise, WML files are handled mainly by the ''config'' class (and ''simple_wml'' in [[wesnoth * [[ScenarioWML]] the top level tags '''[scenario]''', '''[multiplayer]''', '''[test]''', and '''[tutorial]'''
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  • ...threads are in either the [ Scenario & Campaign Development], [ F ...the [ changelog]) by double-checking the help files and options to make sure you aren't missing something.
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  • ...ny of the six hex-directions, allowing you to adjust the name of the image files automatically. inter-frame transition time of 140, the following can be placed at the scenario top level (adapted from the CAMPFIRE macro):
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  • * '''show_title''': whether to display the title of the scenario at the top ..., the '''title''' key must be explicitly specified, it does not default to scenario title and leads to missing-title error if omitted.
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  • == the toplevel tags [multiplayer], [test], [tutorial], [scenario] == level tags '''[multiplayer]''', '''[test]''', '''[tutorial]''' and '''[scenario]''' are all formatted the same way.
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  • ...ctActionsWML]] for units created during the game. (It is also used in save-files.) ...has lost you continue to play with whatever units you still have until the scenario is over. Usually scenarios end when only one team is left with a leader tha
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  • === The (random scenario) is too hard/easy! === That depends on the scenario. Usually, the opponent will get more money and be able to recruit higher-le
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  • text files, usually with the .cfg extension, with similarities to INI files and XML. For guidelines on keeping these files easily human-readable, see [[ConventionsWML#Indentation|ConventionsWML]].
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  • This page describes the configuration of the game by the files '''game.cfg''', '''units.cfg''' and '''traits.cfg''', all of which are loc The '''game.cfg''' file begins by referring to other files in the '''data/''' directory.
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  • * <b>On 32-bit computers:</b> C:\Program Files\Battle for Wesnoth <version>\data * <b>On 64-bit computers:</b> C:\Program Files (x86)\Battle for Wesnoth <version>\data
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  • ...ta/_main.cfg'''. However the '''WML preprocessor''' allows to include more files. Whenever a WML file is read by Wesnoth, it is passed through the preproces The preprocessor is applied recursively, so included files will be parsed for macros, and after macro expansion will be parsed for mac
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  • ...tes into graphics when you play. Usually you will never have to edit these files manually, but it can come in handy to understand the format. For more on te ...-specific content will not be saved unless you select the <i>File → Save Scenario</i> option. </b>
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  • ...a scenario, from the setup of sides, units, music, events, and so on. Both files are plaintext are can be edited in any standard text editor. If you decide :* [[ScenarioWML]]: The top level tags [scenario], [multiplayer], [test], and [tutorial]
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  • While a single scenario might be used to create a single battle to play with your friends, a campai ...he Wesnoth forums. For a more in-depth treatment including heuristics for scenario and campaign balancing, see the [
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  • ...e <b>[[SingleUnitWML | [unit]]]</b> tag allows you to use the unit in your scenario. This article will focus on the use of the former. ...NOT</b> the same as the name of a specific instance of a unit created in a scenario via [unit].
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  • '''WML (the wesnoth specific scenario language)''' : No Dropbox to get my files when i want .
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  • ...strings as translatable. {{DevFeature1.15|4}} The translations in the .pbl-files are used, but they are used as a plain text instead of Gettext strings, so The following keys are recognized for .pbl files:
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  • There are three important files for each text-domain: The first of these files, we update every once in a while, when there is new or modified text,
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  • Multiple issues have been fixed with the twelfth scenario of Delfador's Memoirs, including to dialogue and the AI. This should make t === Scenario Files Created by the Scenario Editor ===
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  • ...ame needs to find the rest of the bits of your campaign scattered in other files and put them together to have a playable campaign. Much more technical inf ...main also specifies a path to the directory where the compiled translation files will be stored. This should be a file inside the campaign directory.
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