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  • The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme., of which you are the legitimate heir, or use your dread power over the Undead to dominate the land of mortals, or lead your glorious Orcish tribe to vict
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  • ...- even if you have to sacrifice a few units. The southern edge especially is a good place to grab villages. Once the orcs are done fighting (one side wi This will be a long write-up, because this is a difficult scenario that stumps many players.
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  • This is a walkthrough of '''Heir to the Throne''', the campaign featuring Konrad. ...anges over the years without the respective updates of the walkthrough. It is generally valid and useful, however.
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  • * Undead vanquishers: Paladins (two) ...the last scenario), Longbowmen/Master Bowmen (two), Trapper/Huntsman (one is helpful)
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  • :''This walkthrough is in the process of being updated for versions 1.12.x/1.13.x'' ...this document describes plot details that can be considered spoilers. This is particularly true for this campaign, since it contains quite a few surprise
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  • This is a walk-through for the '''Son of the Black–Eye''' campaign. You will play This campaign is regarded by many players as one of the best written among those in the main
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  • ...ore the timeline for that era begins. This history of the Great Continent is a subject of active scholarship. ...Before the Great Fall and the (unchronicled) technological age, this name is only rarely used.
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  • ...planet in which the kingdom of Wesnoth is situated is "Irdya". This term is , however, only rarely used in the era depicted by the main map. People no This map is current for approximately YW 450. Named cities were founded during the Gol
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  • *There is a gallery of "fan art" maintained by Jetryl here: http://s135.photobucket.c Each contributor is given their own page, to make life easier for the bot.
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  • ...ional attribute to specify the name of this gamestate inspector dialog. It is just a label to help differentiate between different invocations of gamesta The most commonly used interface action is [message], which displays a message to the user in a dialog box. It can als
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  • * '''result''': before the scenario is over, all events with ''name=result'' are triggered. If ''result=victory'', When the result is "victory" the following keys can be used:
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  • Alduin. However the port area is being attacked by Orcs. The Knight who is lord here offers the assistance of horsemen. A horseman named Haldiel joins ...hooses to travel by land to Elensefar, he has his first encounter with the undead.
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  • ...of the dark queen Asheviere. It is 25 scenarios, no more are planned, and is considered complete. ...idnapped. His brother, Arvith, must go rescue him. It has 4 scenarios, and is aimed at first-time players on Easy.
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  • ...well as detailed information about eras. Feel free to edit this guide, it is a wiki. There are also some notes about whether the campaign is already available for Wesnoth 1.14, and the new name if it's been renamed.
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  • This page is intended to help Translators to figure out, how a character should be trans ...ampaign Hamel trains him up and he switches over to being a lieutenant. He is young - between 20 and 30, and has all that usual hero stuff around him - b
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  • ...rneyman mage, and leading up to him helping to bring peace to Wesnoth. It is set a couple of generations earlier than [[HeirToTheThrone|Heir to the Thro Thread is at
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  • ...rything to work reliably, the names must be ''exactly'' as shown. If there is a mismatch between any of the names, Wesnoth will not be able to find all t You should put your campaign to userdata/data/add-ons. Where it is located, depends on your OS and Wesnoth version. See [[EditingWesnoth#The_u
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  • race = Undead | |
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  • ...entals, Aragwaithi and Windsong from the War of Legends era. This campaign is the first part of the Dragon Trilogy; the next two campaigns are ''War of t ...g_of_Fire/scenarios'' folder - if you don't know where your add-ons folder is, open Wesnoth, go to Preferences -> General and click on the Paths button)
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  • This is a strategy guide for the add-on campaign '''Invasion from the Unknown''' (I This walkthrough was written by Inky and is based on the hard difficulty. (I also did a commented playthrough of the ca
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