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This is a Summer of Code 2011 Idea

Implement the networked part of the Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is an interface project that was started during GSoC 2010. It has several goals:

1. Provide players a means to visually test out sequences of actions, especially for those which can't be undone such as attacks, or for moves which uncover shroud and thereby prevent undos.

2. Allow players to plan out recruits, recalls and even attacks and moves, while they are waiting for their turn.

3. Replace features such as waypoints (still present) and Delay Shroud Updates (present in 1.8, disabled but not removed from the code in 1.9). DSU in particular complicates life a lot for WML developers.

4. Allow allies to see each other's plans in multiplayer (and possibly to suggest moves to each other and to the AI).

5. Provide advanced interface features building on the work above, such as chance to kill calculations taking into account several attacks on the same unit planned through the whiteboard.

1 and 2 as well as the DSU part of 3 were finished during GSoC 2010, even though they need a lot of tweaking and bugfixing. 4 is the focus of this project.


The plans for the networked part are laid out in this part of the Whiteboard GSoC 2010 page. Regarding last year's GSoC page, be aware that there are differences between those initial plans and the implementation currently in Wesnoth's code. This calendar will help you understand what was implemented and what was left out.

Additional Information

  • The whiteboard interface is not set in stone and might still undergo some important changes; the network part should therefore be decoupled from the UI and visuals as much as possible.


  • The devs who know the whiteboard best are Gabba (wrote most/all of it during GSoC 2010) and Boucman (mentored the GSoC project).
  • Gabba will be very sparingly available during april, but should be generally available to answer questions for most of the summer. Plan accordingly.
  • Feedback and ongoing discussion of the whiteboard's future goes on in this thread.