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This is a Summer of Code 2010 Idea


Create a eclipse plugin for wesnoth UMC development

We want to use the eclipse platform as the IDE to assist Wesnoth UMC (user-made-content) Development. To do that, we need to create an eclipse plugin which will allow to rapidly start UMC development and which will act as a frontend for existing wesnoth UMC development tools. To do so, we need to try to integrate existing solutions as much as possible.

Additional Information

Features wanted:

  • WML syntax highlight in the editor
  • autocompletion for WML and common macroses.
  • Ability to generate various Wesnoth UMC artifacts like 'addon' 'campaign', 'singleplayer scenario', 'multiplayer scenario', 'era', etc.
  • Frontend for common wesnoth helper tools like wmllint and wmlindent
  • Ability to upload UMC to wesnoth addon server.