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how to describe a single unit

This tag, [unit], describes a single unit on the map, for example Konrad. It is different from the [unit] in [units], which describes a class of units.

The following keys are recognized:

  • type the ID of the unit's unit type. See UnitWML
  • side the side that the unit is on
  • gender can be set to male or female to designate the gender of the unit. Default is male.
  • x//,//y the location of the unit
  • description used in standard unit filter (FilterWML)
  • user_description the name of the unit that is shown to the user.

Default description

  • generate_description if set to "yes", will generate a new name (user_description) for the unit, as if the unit was

a freshly-recruited one.

  • unrenamable if 'yes', the user_description cannot be changed by the player (which is only possible when the unit

is on the player's side anyway).

  • traits_description the description of the unit's traits which is displayed.
  • canrecruit a special key for leaders
    • '0' default. Unit cannot recruit
    • '1' unit can recruit.

Whenever a side controls no units with canrecruit=1, that side loses. Leaders are usually given canrecruit=1.

  • upkeep the amount of upkeep the unit costs
    • "free" default for scenario-generated units. Unit does not cost upkeep
    • "loyal" unit costs 1 upkeep.

Can be changed by the effect 'loyal' (see EffectWML)

    • "full" unit costs level upkeep (see UnitWML).

Default for recruited units

  • overlays a list of images that are overlayed on the unit
  • goto_x//,//goto_y UI settings that control courses.

Default is 0,0 i.e. the unit is not on a course

  • hitpoints the HP of the unit.

Default is the max HP for type

  • experience the XP of the unit.

Default is 0

  • moves number of move points the unit has left.

Default is the movement for type

  • resting whether the unit has not moved yet this turn.

Used to decide whether to give a unit rest healing

  • role used in standard unit filter (FilterWML).

Can be set using [role] (see InternalActionsWML)

  • ai_special causes the unit to act differently
    • "guardian" the unit will not move, except to attack something in the turn it moves (so, it only can move if an enemy

unit gets within range of it).

  • facing which way the unit is facing (this only affects how the unit is displayed)
    • "normal" (default) unit is facing to the right
    • "reverse" unit is facing to the left
  • [status] the status of the unit.

This affects different features of the unit, for example whether the unit loses health each turn. Default for all keys is 'off', but this can be changed by the scenario or by special abilities (see AbilitiesWML). The status of a unit is displayed on the Status Table; each status modification statusmod is represented by the image misc///statusmod.png.

    • poisoned if 'on', the unit loses 8 HP each turn

See also heals//, cures, AbilitiesWML.

    • slowed if 'on', the unit has 50% of its normal movement and -1 strike on each attack with strikes>1.

When the controller of the unit's turn is over, slowed is set to 'off'

    • stone if 'on', the unit cannot move, attack, or be attacked.
    • ambush if 'on', the unit cannot be seen by opponents, and it does not possess ZoC.
  • [variables] a set of variables that will be stored when this unit is stored (See [store_unit],

InternalActionsWML). The attribute variable//=//value// means that when the unit is stored in the array unit, the variable unit//.variables.//variable will have the value value (See VariablesWML).

  • [modifications] changes that have been made to the unit
    • [trait] a trait the unit has.

same format as [trait], UnitsWML

    • [object] an object the unit has.

same format as [object], DirectActionsWML

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