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This page is related to Summer of Code 2011
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Important note

This is not a page containing description of currently working or even sure to be implemented WML features. This is a page containing Zaroth's rough sketch of planned WML changes (full proposal can be found here). Unless you visited this page specifically for the reason of reading my draft, turn back now, there is no WML here that can be used for creating UMC (yet). You have been warned.

The [scenario_metadata] tag

Information that can be stored in this tag covers everything that [campaign] could store so far (in order to keep compatibility and make porting of existing campaigns easy), plus more.


  • show_in_mp: boolean . Since my project involves merging [multiplayer] and [scenario] tags, this tag will be needed in order to prevent unwanted scenarios cropping up massively in the scenario choice list.
  • debug_only: boolean. Display the scenario in the MP creation list only in the debug mode. Can be used for developers for putting their test maps into trunk without fear that average Joe will click on them by accident.
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