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== Guidelines for reporting bugs ==
# First, please make sure the bug you are reporting has not already been fixed (consult http://changelog.wesnoth.org/ to see the history of changes to the game).
# If it hasn't been fixed yet, please check that the bug hasn't already been reported, by [bugs.wesnoth.org].
An account at Gna! is free and takes very little time to set up. You can submit anonymous bug reports, but then you will have to keep an eye on the bug report in case developers ask for clarification, which will delay your bug being fixed.  If you login, you will receive notifications of any changes to your bug reports, which speeds things up considerably.
=== Problems with scenarios ===
If it is a problem with a contributed scenario (like the ones on the Campaign Server), please report the problem to the maintainer of the scenario, not as a bug in Wesnoth itself.  Bugs in the [[MainlineScenarios]] should be reported in the bug tracker.
=== Segfault ===
* In Unix follow the instructions at [[DebuggingWesnoth]] to generate information to send to a developer.
* In NT based OS's (including Win2k, XP) you enable/configure core dumps by running 'drwtsn32', the location of the dumps can be changed there.
* In Mac OS X, you can enable Crash Reporter -- the output is a backtrace. Run Applications -> Utilities -> Console to see log output. See http://www.mozilla.org/mailnews/osxinfo.html for information on how to enable Crash Reporter.

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