Re-writting informations

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In 2021, all How to play articles will be re-written and updated.


  • added missing informations, like missing fraction vs fraction info
  • added unit images
  • all new head of the articles with more tips and some polishing (info about leaders, upgrading...)
  • all units will have a grade from A to F

Can I help?

  • sure, you can. You can modify the new articles, or older articles that was not started to change
  • also, you can provide feedback, so we can eliminate wrong statements
  • there will be a short version of each article, pre-made for translating. So you can translate
  • you can PM me of course:

Current status

  • Rebels - completed, bug tracing
  • Northerners - completed, bug tracing
  • Drakes - completed, bug tracing
  • Undead - completed, bug tracing
  • Dunefolk - completed, bug tracing
  • Knalgans - completed, bug tracing
  • Loyalists - no work yet