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The Battle for Wesnoth is an open source software project hosted on GitHub, created and maintained by The Battle for Wesnoth Project, an international team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Conceived in 2003 by David White, Wesnoth has caught the interest of a multitude of fans who have since contributed to different aspects of the game such as engine coding, content creation, art and music development, translation, packaging, testing, and community management.

The Project is governed by the Project Manager and the Project Council as per the Project Constitution. The current Project Manager elected by the development team for the Wesnoth 1.17.x development cycle is Pentarctagon. Past Project Managers include Charles Dang (vultraz), Iris Morelle (Irydacea), Nils Kneuper (Ivanovic) and Isaac Clerencia (isaac).

The website, primary multiplayer server, and add-ons server facilities are managed by a few members of the project who staff the game's backend infrastructure.

Funding for infrastructure and art and music commissions is provided by Wesnoth, Inc., a US-based company which manages revenue from donations made to Wesnoth through Liberapay and While Wesnoth, Inc. financially supports the project, it does not have any involvement in its organization and direction. The current board of directors consists of Elvish_Hunter, Pentarctagon, and Soliton.

Content Creators

Wesnoth's great replay value mainly stems from the great abundance of custom-made content developed by our talented community. It only takes a copy of the game, a text editor, creativity, and patience to create your own campaign, era, or multiplayer scenario!

See Create for more information on the subject of user-made content development.


Graphic artists and musicians usually meet on the forums. While the main game is generally regarded as feature-complete, there is plenty of room for improvement in areas such as animations and sound effects. User-made content creators are also always in need of new art, music, and sounds for their own projects!


The project is always eager to welcome new contributors able to help by fixing bugs, cleaning up and improving on existing code, or implementing new and exciting features!


In order to better reach its audience, Wesnoth needs people able to translate the game into other languages from across the globe. If you consider yourself able to help, join the translation team for your language -- or if none has been established already, follow the instructions to start your own!

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