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This page collects replays of UMC campaigns, by and for players.

For replays of mainline campaigns, see official feedback threads.

To upload replays

Find the replay.gz file in the user data directory, then edit this page according to the following template:

  • Wesnoth version: (for example, 1.14.6)
  • Name of campaign: (for example, HttT, Heir to the Throne)
  • Name of scenario: (for example, The Siege of Elensefar)
  • Difficulty: (for example, Horseman (Beginner); shown by the Load dialog in-game)
  • How many times did you restart the scenario from the beginning:
  • How many times did you load to the start of the current turn or to an earlier turn during the scenario:
  • Link to the replay: (TODO - can we allow attachments on the wiki?)

The replays

Please add new replays at the end:

No replays have been uploaded.