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* '''Don't forget to add an entry to the Changelog'''
* '''Don't forget to add an entry to the Changelog'''
* '''If you add a file, don't forget to update src/Makefile.am, src/SConscript,  src/CMakeLists.txt, and projectfiles/VC9/wesnoth.vcproj '''
* '''If you add a file, don't forget to update src/SConscript,  src/CMakeLists.txt, and projectfiles/VC9/wesnoth.vcproj '''
* '''Add yourself in about.cfg'''
* '''Add yourself in about.cfg'''

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Copied from http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9979

  • All patches should be submitted at patches.wesnoth.org

You can post them in the Coder's Corner subforum too for discussion, but we need to track what is their status and p.w.o helps a lot

  • Patches should be generated using "svn diff"

SVN provides a cool command to generate diff. We usually run "svn diff >mypatch.patch" to create patches, and it's all nice and ready.

It even records precisely the commit against which it was generated, it makes things really easy for us...

  • Don't forget to add an entry to the Changelog
  • If you add a file, don't forget to update src/SConscript, src/CMakeLists.txt, and projectfiles/VC9/wesnoth.vcproj
  • Add yourself in about.cfg

Including your name and/or nickname(s) makes it easier for us to recognize your contributions. New contributors (i.e., those without commit access) should add themselves to the Miscellaneous Contributors section of the about file (data/core/about.cfg). Please keep the alphabetical order while doing it!

  • When changing WML, please add a pointer in the wiki to where it should be updated when commited
  • Be patient, sometimes we are not very responsive
  • Don't be suprised if we discuss the patch a lot

Thus, you should leave us a way to contact you, either a forum nick, an email adress, or submit with a registered gna account. We recommend that you join the #wesnoth-dev channel on irc.freenode.net regularly so we can contact you in real time if needed.

  • The patch should generate no warnings

Wesnoth has a large number of compiler warnings enabled, and all of them are useful. If your code spits warnings, please have a look, and ask yourself why you are doing whatever causes the warning.

  • Sometimes patches are rejected, don't be suprised if it happens

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