Naga archipelago

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Naga archipelago
Races Nagas

The naga archipelago was a group of small islands in the Great Ocean, frequented by naga raiders.


Be careful, these islands aren't safe. We're in Naga territory. But this is the only place to stop with soft sand beaches to make landfall... The Nagas like to scavenge metal from ships that they capture here.
Lord Typhon warns Prince Haldric of the nagas.

The naga archipelago was a group of small windswept islands in the Great Ocean.[1] To its west lay the northernmost island of Morogor,[2] while to the east lay the Great Continent.[3] The island itself lay within naga territory, and due to its soft beaches, unwitting sailors would land there and be raided by the naga, who would proceed to scavenge the ships' metal.[1]

During a voyage east to the Great Continent, Prince Haldric and refugees from the Green Isle were forced to regroup at the naga archipelago due to severe storms. Three groups of nagas, led by Abraxas, Xamalia, and Gaxmail, set upon them. Despite this attempt, Haldric defeated the nagas and successfully regrouped his ships before leaving the islands.[1]

A few years thereafter, a group of drakes arrived at the archipelago from Morogor, and were attacked by Sariss, Naulakh, and Shussek. The drakes' leader, Galun, responded by slaying the nagas' leaders. Though Galun was looking for land on which to settle, he resolved himself to wait until he reached the Great Continent further east.[4]


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