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== Secrets of the Ancients ==
== Secrets of the Ancients ==
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[https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/blob/master/data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/images/portraits/campaign-image.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/master/data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/images/portraits/campaign-image.png]
[https://github.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/blob/1.16/data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/images/portraits/campaign-image.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wesnoth/wesnoth/1.16/data/campaigns/Secrets_of_the_Ancients/images/portraits/campaign-image.png]

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These scenarios are included in the Wesnoth distribution. Most were written by fans of the game. See ReferenceWML for information on how to make your own scenarios using the Wesnoth Markup Language. The following links are very likely to contain spoilers regarding the storyline.

A Tale of Two Brothers


A village is being terrorized by a black Mage. He is defeated, but the local Mage, Baran, is kidnapped. His brother, Arvith, must go rescue him. It has 4 scenarios, and is aimed at first-time players on Easy.

The South Guard


A young Knight, Deoran is dispatched to take command of the South Guard. This campaign has 9 or 10 scenarios, depending on the branch you take, and is aimed at beginners on the easiest difficulty.



by scott

The chronicles of how a certain group of Wesnothians were betrayed by their ruler and decided to fight back. This made them outlaws in the crown's eyes, but hopefully heroes in ours.

There are 9 scenarios and some goodies to boot. The main focus is to provide the experience of recruiting and recalling higher level outlaw characters, which you don't normally get to do. While there is a range of difficulty in the scenarios, the overall intent is for them to be straightforward and not too difficult.

Heir to the Throne


by Dave

This is the original campaign, and probably the most played. It features Konrad, fighting to overturn the rule of the dark queen Asheviere. It is 25 scenarios, no more are planned, and is considered complete.

The Hammer of Thursagan


by ESR (Eric S. Raymond)

In the first years of the Northern Alliance, the dwarves of Knalga attempt to re-establish contact with their kin in the east at Kal Kartha. Many perils beset the expedition, but none so dire as the dark secret they will discover at their destination.

Descent into Darkness


by esci

Malin Keshar, a young mage from the town of Parthyn, attempts to defend his home from marauding orcs by enlisting the help of a necromancer named Darken Volk. He learns the forbidden art of raising and controlling the deceased and the true power of the undead, and is gradually drawn further into the secrets of necromancy.

Eastern Invasion


by Turin

This campaign follows Gweddry, a Wesnothian Army Officer, battling against Undead invaders. It has 18 scenarios.

Dead Water


By beetlenaut

You are Kai Krellis, a merman king, but only a child. A necromancer has arrived and is turning your subjects into undead slaves! Lead your people on a mission to convince a powerful mermaid to help you repel the invasion. The oceans near the Northern Lands are perilous, so you will need cunning and bravery to survive, but first you need to gain the respect of your troops! (Intermediate Level, 10 scenarios)

Delfador's Memoirs


Wesnoth seems to be slipping inexorably into chaos, as marauding orcs pour south across the Great River, and mysterious and deadly creatures roam the night. Who is the shadowy Iliah-Malal? Can you defeat him before he destroys all life in Wesnoth?

Secrets of the Ancients


By beetlenaut

Rediscover the secrets known by the lich lords of the Green Isle. They knew how to live forever, so why can't you? (Intermediate level, 21 scenarios.)

The Rise of Wesnoth


by Shade

This campaign revolves around the events that brought Haldric I to the 'Great Continent' to found the Kingdom of Wesnoth. It has 25 scenarios, and is considered complete.

The Sceptre of Fire


by turin

King Haldric of the humans strikes a deal with the young dwarf Rugnor. In exchange for ten thousand in silver, the dwarves will create a sceptre of fire for the human king.

Legend of Wesmere


by Santi; adapted for mainline by esr and fendrin

The tale of Kalenz, the High Lord who rallied his people after the second orcish invasion of the Great Continent and became the most renowned hero in the recorded history of the Elves.

Son of the Black-Eye


started by Benj, completed by Taurus

You are the orcish chieftain Kapou'e, son of the famed Black-Eye Karun who was treacherously murdered by the human-worms twenty-seven years ago. You must expel the human invaders from orcish lands and avenge your father's death. It has 18 scenarios.

Under the Burning Suns


by quartex

Set in the distant future, where elves live in the desert. It has 11 scenarios, and is not recommended for beginners because it changes some parts of Wesnoth, including the elves stats and the day/night cycle.

Northern Rebirth


by Taurus

The people of Dwarven Doors rise up against their Orcish oppressors in a struggle that will shape the fate of the Northlands. 14 scenarios.

Winds of Fate


by Jonathan Kelly (name), SigurdFireDragon (based on the original by Fabi and ESR)

The story of how the drakes first arrived on the Great Continent. 11 scenarios. Note: added in version 1.17.0 of the game.

(An Orcish Incursion)

Note: This campaign was removed in version 1.15.3 of the game.


by Josh Parsons; adapted for mainline by ESR.

Erlornas is an Elven noble of Wesmere during the first years after the arrival of humans and orcs on the western shore of the Great Continent. It is his fate to be the first of his people to be directly confronted by the invading orcs.

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