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Atrium Pluribus Lusoribus

Fuit principio tantum una militia uno lusore. Nunc servatrum pluribus lusoribus nobis est quod simul plus quam mille lusores servire potest.

Quamquam Vesnotes ludus fonte aperta et servatrum pluribus lusoribus publicum est etiam necesse est leges habere. Hae leges stant ut omnes ludo fruantur.


  • Esto humanus, praesertim erga homines ignotos.
  • Pareto legibus publicis loquendi: nolito effutire neve scribere CUM LITTERIS QUADRATIS.
  • Nolito uti nomen capax iniuriarum, neve titulos chartae, neve titulos, neve verba. Maledictiones, rationes rebus religiosis, et odium nationis aut sexus.
  • Nolito abutere servatro causa divulgandi rerum aut negotii aut otii. Non est facultas venditandi.
adsunt saepe pueri ludentes in servatro, igitur leges eaedem graviores sunt

 In Atrio

  • Colloquium atrii utitur causa instruendi ludi, ita curato vitandum colloquium publicum privatumve. Moveto in loco colloquium in ludum, vel utitor nuntios privatos
  • Legito titulos ludorum. Qui aliquando pretiosa continent (e.g. "reserved", "will take a long time", ...) and may have an impact on your decision whether to join a game or not.
  • Convenito modo ad ludos quos in animo finire habes.

 Ut Lusor

  • Nolito a ludo abire sine nuntio (scimus te aliquando linquere debere/velle, sed amabo lusores(em) prius certiorem facito).
  • Nolito decipere.

 Ut Spectator

  • Observato lusores. Si de ludo loqui vis, utitor the colloquium manibus spectatorum.
  • Nolito dare lusoribus indicium.


Est exceptio una:  Si pro certo habes homines notos modo morem tuum inventuros esse et scis illos laturos esse, fas est...


  • Omnibus lusoribus alium in tabulas neglegentium ponere licet
  • Omnibus server moderatoribus can ban you from the server until you have proven that you will not repeat the offending behavior again.

 In ludo

  • The host is in charge of sorting out any issues and can kick/ban anyone from their game. However that does not mean they're allowed to kick/ban players because they're losing or similar abusive acts.
  • The server moderators police the lobby but usually don't investigate in games unless they are convinced the offense goes beyond the scope of an individual game.

To get unbanned you need to contact the moderator who banned you in the first place and explain why s/he should unban you, but please make sure that s/he has a reason to do so, either by apology or by showing that you won't repeat your actions.

Auxilium Petere

  • If you need some guidance on using the multiplayer server, check our multiplayer tutorial.
  • To ask for moderator assistance (or report an offender) in the lobby/game, use the /query adminmsg command.

 Asking on IRC

The #wesnoth-mp channel on is good place to ask for help related to the multiplayer server.
For help regarding other topics, try the #wesnoth channel.
     For an introduction to IRC, we suggest this tutorial. Just remember that the server-network to connect to is freenode and the relevant channels are #wesnoth-mp and #wesnoth

Further Reading

This section contains some MP-related information you might be interested in.

Imperia Utilia

The wesnoth multiplayer server supports several commands that can be helpful when dealing with the games and people that you meet. The most useful are:

   typed in a message box, either directly in lobby or by pressing 'm' in a game
/query adminmsg verba send a message 'text' to all available server moderators.   (See this page for more /query commands.)
/m nomen verba write a private message 'text' to 'nick'   (identical to /msg or /whisper) (also by double-clicking the nick)
/friend nomen add 'nick' to your friendslist  (so that 'nick' will be listed at the top of the lobby)
/ignore nomen add 'nick' to your ignorelist  (so that 'nick' will be listed at the bottom of the lobby and you don't see messages written by 'nick')
   typed in a command box, by pressing ':' in a game
control side nomen give 'nick' control over the side number 'side'
droid side on give control of a side number 'side' to the computer AI.  droid side  switches between AI and human control
kick nomen remove player with 'nick' from the current game
ban nomen remove from and prevent further rejoining of player with name 'nick' from the current game  (the player does not have to be in the game but on the server)
nosaves turn off the autosaves function, can be helpful in speeding up things in large scenarios

 For a list of universal multiplayer commands see ChatCommands or use the /help command in a MP game or lobby.
 For a list of in-game commands see CommandMode or use the :help command in a game.

Tabula moderatorum servatro

You can contact any moderator or the entire moderator group using this forum page.

  • anakayub
  • Baufo
  • Blueblaze
  • Dragonking / deekay
  • grrr
  • jb
  • mysticX_th_unknown / mystic_x
  • Natasiel
  • Noy
  • Pikel
  • ping
  • Soliton
  • Thrawn
  • Truper
  • Turuk
  • Weeksy
  • Wintermute (happygrue in IRC)
  • Yogibear

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