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This page describes the LuaWML functions for handling terrains, villages, and tiles.


Returns the width, the height, and the border size of the map.

local w,h,b = wesnoth.get_map_size()


Returns the terrain code for the given location.

local is_grassland = wesnoth.get_terrain(12, 15) == "Gg"


Modifies the terrain at the given location.

function create_village(x, y)
    wesnoth.set_terrain(x, y, "Gg^Vh")


Returns the terrain details for the given terrain code.

local is_keep = wesnoth.get_terrain_info(wesnoth.get_terrain(12, 15)).keep

Terrain info is a plain table with the following fields:

  • id: string
  • name, description: translatable strings
  • castle, keep, village: booleans
  • healing: integer


Returns the side that owns the village at the given location.

local owned_by_side_1 = wesnoth.get_village_owner(12, 15) == 1


Gives ownership of the village at the given location to the given side (or remove ownership if none).

wesnoth.set_village_owner(12, 15, 1)


Returns the two coordinates of the currently selected tile. This is mostly useful for defining command-mode helpers.

function chg_unit(attr, val)
   local x, y = wesnoth.get_selected_tile()
   if not x then wesnoth.message("Error", "No unit selected."); return end
   helper.modify_unit({ x = x, y = y }, { [attr] = val })
-- Function chg_unit can be used in command mode to modify unit attributes on the fly:
--   :lua chg_unit("status.poisoned", true)