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This page describes miscellaneous LuaWML objects and helpers.


Contrarily to the other values of the wesnoth table, game_config is simply a proxy table. Its fields offer an interface to the global settings of Wesnoth:

  • version: string (read only)
  • base_income: integer (read/write)
  • village_income: integer (read/write)
  • poison_amount: integer (read/write)
  • rest_heal_amount: integer (read/write)
  • recall_cost: integer (read/write)
  • kill_experience: integer (read/write)
  • debug: boolean (read only)
-- Healing, poison, and regeneration, are a bit weak? Let's boost them!
wesnoth.game_config.poison_amount = 15


As with game_config, current is a proxy table. Its fields are getter for game-related properties:

  • side: integer (read only)
  • turn: integer (read only)
  • event_context: WML table with attributes x1, y1, x2, y2, and children weapon, second_weapon, describing the trigger for the current event.
wesnoth.message(string.format("Turn %d, side %d is playing.", wesnoth.current.turn, wesnoth.current.side))


Sets the metable of a table so that it can be used to create subtags with less brackets. Returns the table. The fields of the table are simple wrappers around table constructors.

T = helper.set_wml_tag_metatable {}
W.event { name = "new turn", T.message { speaker = "narrator", message = "?" } }


Modifies all the units satisfying the given filter (argument 1) with some WML attributes/objects (argument 2). This is a Lua implementation of the MODIFY_UNIT macro.

helper.modify_unit({ id="Delfador" }, { moves=0 })


Fakes the move of a unit satisfying the given filter (argument 1) to the given position (argument 2). This is a Lua implementation of the MOVE_UNIT macro.

helper.move_unit_fake({ id="Delfador" }, 14, 8)