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''Vide quoque: [[Vocabula Vesnotei]] et [[Versus Vesnotei]]
''Vide quoque: [[Vocabula Vesnotei]], [[Versus Vesnotei]] et [[Heres Solii]]
===Interpretes (Translators)===
===Interpretes (Translators)===

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Vide quoque: Vocabula Vesnotei, Versus Vesnotei et Heres Solii

Interpretes (Translators)

Interpretes Currentes (Current Translators)

Michael Babich (Aethaeryn), Maintainer

Thomas Hockings (Deusite)

Stephan Maus (Thanatos)

Eric S. Raymond (esr), General Semanticist

Creator Imaginum (Maker of the Images)

Steven Panek (Espreon)

Interpretes Pristina (Former Translators)

Mark Polo (mpolo)

Militiae Maiores (Mainline Campaigns)

English (Original) Lingua Latina Notes

Heir to the Throne

Heres Solii

A Tale of Two Brothers

Fabula Duorum Fraturum

An Orcish Incursion

Adventus Orci

The South Guard

Legio Austri

"The South Army/Legion"



Legend of Wesmere

Heroica Fabella Vesmerei

Vesmeres, Vesmerei, f.

The Eastern Invasion

Invasio Ortus

The Hammer of Thursagan

Malleus Thursaganis

Thursagan, Thursaganis, m.

Descent Into Darkness

Decursus In Caecitatem

Delfador's Memoirs

Annalis Delfadoris

Delfador, Delfadoris, m.

The Sceptre of Fire

Sceptrum Ignis

(from the HttT translation)

Son of the Black-Eye

Filius Eius Obtutus Ferocis

"He of the Fierce Gaze" instead of "Black-Eye"

The Rise of Wesnoth

Ascensio Vesnotei

Northern Rebirth

Renascentia Boreae

Under the Burning Suns

Sub Solibus Ardentibus

Vide Quoque (See Also)