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==== 1791 YW ====
==== 1791 YW ====
* Mystics of Wesmere create a portal to a different world, and meet Zhangor, an elvish sorcerer who represents himself as a seer. Zhangor foretells to them the catastriophe looming over Wesnoth, and demands to be treated as a god in exchange of protection for Wesmere.
* Mystics of Wesmere create a portal to a different world, and meet Zhangor, an elvish sorcerer who presents himself as a seer. Zhangor foretells to them the catastrophe looming over Wesnoth, and demands to be treated as a god in exchange of protection for Wesmere.
==== 1797 ====
==== 1797 ====

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Late History: Irdya Before the Fall

Around 1046 YW, many events which would later lead to the consolidation of Wesnoth as the dominant Empire on the Great Continent take place. The improbable heroes of the future are born, an artifact of the past is captured by new owners, and Wesnoth expands for a last time before its definitive end at the dawn of the Golden Age of Irdya.

1002 YW

  • Elynia-Zih, daughter of Deniéth-Isal and an unknown wayfarer, is born in Lintanir Forest.

1006 YW

  • Civil war in Lintanir Forest.
  • Great Sorceress Niryone finds and adopts Elynia.

1009 YW

  • Niryone starts teaching Elynia her knowledge of magic, and training her for close combat with simple weapons.

1046-1093 YW: The First Empire of Wesnoth

1046 YW

  • Mizenwyn, a Dark Sorcerer, incites civil war in Wesnoth and shortly thereafter seizes the throne of the kingdom, obtaining the Sceptre of Fire to legitimize his claim.

1047 YW

  • Mizenwyn declares himself Supreme Leader of the First Empire of Wesnoth.
  • The High Council of Archmagi is abolished; all members who can be found are executed on charges of treason to the Empire.

1050-1070 YW

  • Mizenwyn annexes new lands to Wesnoth by conquest and forces the Northern Alliance to retreat back into the Far North. Elensefar is reconquered by Wesnoth.
  • Aethenwood declares itself neutral towards Wesnoth.

1086 YW

  • Civilizations not under the control of the Empire organize a plot to distract the military, infiltrate Weldyn and put an end to Mizenwyn and the Empire of Wesnoth.
  • The Ka'lian chooses Niryone and her disciple, Elynia, to lead the infiltration.

1088 YW

  • Battles on the frontiers of Wesnoth begin against human and orcish legions sent by the Northern Alliance.

1089 YW

  • The activity on the frontiers catches the attention of Mizenwyn, and Elynia and Niryone infiltrate the Empire.
  • Niryone dies during the fight against Mizenwyn himself. Elynia steals the Sceptre of Fire from his hands, and destroys him with it.

1091 YW

  • The First Empire of Wesnoth is dissolved, and the victors choose a new king and line to govern Wesnoth: the Delvhar dinasty.
  • The Council of War orders that the Sceptre of Fire must be disassembled, and its core, destroyed. Elynia volunteers to drive this mission to completion.

1092 YW

  • Runecrafters of Knalga disassemble the Sceptre.
  • Elynia betrays the Council of War, and pays the dwarves for embedding the Ruby of Fire into the staff she took from Niryone right after her death.
  • She also casts a spell upon the crafters to cause them amnesia.

1093 YW

  • The Council of War is informed that Elynia destroyed the Ruby by throwing to the lava pits on the depths of Knalga. They trust her and believe this false story.

1093-1157 YW: Delvhar Dynasty

1093 YW

  • The Council of War is dissolved and Delvhar I gains complete control over the Kingdom of Wesnoth.

1094 YW

  • Orcish civil war ensues among the tribes near Glamdrol.
  • A Great Chief arises amongst the orcs.

1095 YW

  • Orcs attack the fortress of Erzen - a battle ensues.
  • Brothers Gwiti and Nati Ha'atel use their magic skills to raise former enemies and deceased allies for help on the battle-field. The result is catastrophic for their side, and the battle is lost.
  • Gwiti and Nati are banished from the continent.

1096 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel takes over the Tower of Kaleon searching for the Tome of Crelanu.

1097 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel finds Crelanu's book.

1099 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel launches a surprise attack on Wesnoth. The headquarters of the Council of Archmagi are completely destroyed and almost everyone killed.
  • Elynia is called upon and sent by the remaining members of the Council of Archmagi to pursue and defeat the necromancer.
  • Elynia fights the necromancers and is almost destroyed. Gwiti abandons her agonized body on the battlefields.
  • Elynia meets Argan the Master of Darkness, who restores her and gives her a special artifact.

1101 YW

  • Elynia finds Gwiti Ha'atel again, in the Estmarks, and fights him for the second and last time.
  • Elynia calls upon the power of Light and manages to defeat Gwiti, not before being cursed by him to live forever and see her beloved ones die in a tragic manner.
  • Elynia is recognized as the Lady of Light for the first time.

1155 YW

  • Delvhar I dies after an extremely long reign.
  • Delvhar II assumes the throne.

1157 YW

  • Delvhar II dies under strange circumstances.
  • Wesnoth plunges into anarchy, and the kingdom fragments into three main territories: the State of Weldyn, Eastern Akladia and Aethenoth.

1163 YW

  • Elynia assists Prestim against a necromancer, Mal Arkal-Thil, and is recognized as the "Source of Light" by orcs.

1168 YW

  • Elynia returns to Wesnoth and goes to Parthyn, seeking a gifted warrior, Vikren, whose fate she may have predicted. She convinces him to incite revolution.
  • Revolution begins in the State of Weldyn.

1169 YW

  • Elynia meets Argan again. He declares his love to her.
  • Argan marries Elynia in secret - the Elvish community forbids such relations and Elynia knows that her influence on the Ka'lian can still be useful.

1169-1171 YW

  • During this time, Vikren gathers the power to walk onto Weldyn and take over the capital by force, vanquishing the separatists.
  • Vikren I declares himself Supreme Leader of the Second Empire of Wesnoth on 1171 YW.

1171-1597 YW: The Second Empire of Wesnoth

1171 YW

  • Vikren I relies on Elynia as his most trusted advisor.

1172 YW

  • Eastern Akladia gives up control to the Empire.

1173 YW

  • Aethenoth surrenders to the resurgent Empire.
  • Several northern earldoms join the Empire during the next years.

1190 YW

  • Elensefar surrenders to the Empire of Wesnoth.

The Second Sun

1520 YW

  • Vikren VIII assumes the throne.

1537 YW

  • An ancient Lich by the name of Mal Keshar terrorizes lands of the Northern Alliance.
  • Elynia is sent by Empreror Vikren VIII to destroy Mal Keshar.

1541 YW

  • Elynia declares the mission failed as she cannot locate him by any means.

1542 YW

  • Vikren VIII secretly decrees the creation of Naia, the second sun of Irdya. He gives specific orders concealing this decision from Elynia.

1557 YW

  • Naia, the second sun of Irdya, is created by the High Council of Archmagi.
  • Ambassadors are sent everywhere in the known world to reassure all that the intentions behind the creation of the new sun are benign.
  • Elynia resigns from her position as advisor to the Empire, since she was not asked for her opinion when the decree was made.
  • A long period of unprecedented prosprerity, peace and self-confidence ensues.

1764 YW

  • Vikren XII dies.
  • Vikren XIII assumes the throne.

1791 YW

  • Mystics of Wesmere create a portal to a different world, and meet Zhangor, an elvish sorcerer who presents himself as a seer. Zhangor foretells to them the catastrophe looming over Wesnoth, and demands to be treated as a god in exchange of protection for Wesmere.


  • Death of Vikren XIII.
  • As there is no rightful heir, a nobleman, Dantair, is named Emperor by the Council of Archmagi.

1799 YW: The Fall

1799 YW (start)

  • Wesmere's trade and political connections to the outer world are cut off.
  • Dantair of Wesnoth demands the creation of Gaia, the third sun.
  • The third sun falls back to ground, over the capital of the Empire.
  • Massive volcanic eruptions and a great cataclysm ensue over the entirety of Irdya.
  • Several civilizations are destroyed by the natural disaster.
  • Dantair of Wesnoth survives the cataclysm, but is shortly thereafter killed by panicked citizens.
  • The pollution created by the volcanoes and the fallen sun causes cyclic darkness periods over the whole world, and toxic chemicals spread and destroy the remaining vegetation and a substantial fraction of the surviving population.
  • Rivers flood the land until the last bits of snow melt.
  • Races fight each other and among themselves, for the scarce basic resources left.
  • Drakes abandon the central area of the Great Continent and seek a new home in the southeastern lands.
  • Humans of the former Empire, as well as orcs of the major tribes, degrade into barbarians.
  • Inhabitants of the lands controlled by the Northern Alliance initiate an exodus to the Far North. This includes the last well-organized orcish tribes.
  • Dwarves retreat into the depths of Knalga.
  • A surviving member of the High Council of Archmagi finds Zocthanol Isle in middle of open ocean.
  • The Old Continent whence the people of Wesnoth came is partially inundated.

Approximately 100 years after the Fall (YF)

  • Forests dry up and can no longer sustain the Elvish civilization. Elves from the Aethenwood and Lintanir Forests flee and seek refuge in Wesmere, reported to remain mysteriously intact.
  • Elynia and Argan lead the elves out of Lintanir Forest.
  • Elves seeking shelter in Wesmere are ambushed, and killed or sacrificed to Zhangor.
  • The War of Wesmere begins. After a year, the elves from Aethenwood and Lintanir manage to force the Wesmere inhabitants to retreat into the capital. Eventually, Elynia and Argan success and lead an invasion to the capital and confront Zhangor himself, who reveals his true appearance and nature as a Demon Lord.
  • Elynia and Argan use the power of the Union of Light and Darkness for the first time.
  • Zhangor is vanquished, and his body banished from Irdya. Wesmere Forest is almost completely destroyed in the process, causing high casualties on both bands.
  • The Ka'lian is deemed irredeemably corrupted by Zhangor and abolished; its members are executed. Warriors loyal to it meet the same fate. Only one priest of Zhangor, Anlindë, is spared.
  • Quetor'el of Aethenwood departs with his smaller group seeking to establish a new home in the Central Desert.
  • Elynia and Argan enter and descend into the Heart Mountains. Anlindë and Telchior lead the remaining elves to the Far North.
  • Argan is trapped underground by an earthquake and is assumed dead. Elynia abandons any hope of him returning, and enters a form of magical suspension.

Approx. 300 YF.

  • Telchior's band settles on a newly found valley North-east from Lintanir. They name it the Valley of Elynia.

Approx. 800 YF.

  • Quetor'el's band adapts to life on the desert. After many centuries pass, the lore of their ancestors starts to be forgotten. Quetor'el dies during a fight that almost kills the entire population of the desert elves. The few survivors gain access to tables and scrolls written by the fallen druids; however, most of them are either damaged or ciphered, and as a result, most of the ancient knowledge they relearn is inaccurate or plain wrong.
  • The survivor desert elves establish a new fortress upon an oasis around which they build the Quenoth village.