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When you upload an add-on, some files and directories are ignored and not uploaded.

If you would prefer to have more control over which files and directories should be ignored, you should provide a _server.ign file containing a list of filter patterns. Each file or directory matching any entry of the _server.ign file will not be included when uploaded to the add-ons server.

Where do I put the file, and what goes in it?

The file should be placed within the root level of your add-on (data/add-ons/addon_name/_server.ign).

A specific format is required:

  • Each line should contain exactly one pattern and nothing else.
  • * and ? wildcards are supported (? stands for any single character, * stands for any number of any characters).
  • Patterns with a trailing forward slash (/) will match directories; the rest only match files.

Default values

If there is no custom _server.ign file present, a default filter will be used instead, which as of Wesnoth 1.12 is as follows:


If there is a custom _server.ign file, the contents of the file are used as the filter instead of the defaults, so you should include any of the applicable default exclusions patterns in your own file as well.