How to play Southern Drakes

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Southern drakes are lawful. All drakes are stronger during the day.

Core units

Arcane Drake I-III - Very expensive unit. Good against mostly everything, with strong arcane damage. Not good at first recruit, because you have better units for village grabbing. Arcane drakes are good against "not normal" enemies, like woses, skeletons, northern drakes etc.

Balanced Drake I-II - Your cheapest unit. Good in many situations, but not perfect. Use them as a balanced melee/ranged fighters, or when low on gold.

Poison Drake I-II - Clasher with poison. Weaker and slower than classic clasher. Good for poisoning other units, but not very strong.

Sharpblade Drake I-III - Core unit. Fighter that can heal himself, like a ghost. However can be easily killed with ranged attack, or with much stronger melee units. Also have a second, not draining melee attack.

Slamming Drake I-III - Core unit. These melee drakes have great mobility and backstab. Use them a lot, but make sure, you will not loose them too soon.

Level 2+ units

Explorer Drake II-III - Extremely fast unit with better ranged attack than slamming drakes.

Holy Drake - Level 3 unit. Similar to arcane drake, but can illuminate. Very good idea to have one.

Black Drake - Level 3 unit. Strong melee fighter, with mediocre ranged attack. Melee attack have the charge speciallity.

Basic strategy

Southern drakes are lawful, mobile and very dangerous. It also means that their weakness is their higher cost. Because everyone is lawful, they are weak during the night. Fact, that can be changed with Holy Drake (level 3).

Southern drakes do not have any healing, so you have to move to villages often. However, your slamming drakes are great in capturing villages and defending them. You can also pair two slamming drakes and use their backstab to kill any enemy - or use unit like poison drake to get the first hit and seriously lower enemy health by slamming drake.

Some of your units can gain only level 2, and no one can become level 4.

Against special enemies, add these units:

  • Arcane drakes can kill anything magical, but they are expensive. Combine them with slamming drakes.
  • Sharpblades are very strong and can gain health during the day. Yet, they are useless during the night and against very strong foes
  • Your main strategy is to not allow your enemies to have a lot of villages. Steal them, steal them a lot, so he cannot raise a very powerful army to fight you.
  • It is often a good idea to wait, so you can have more possibilities to attack enemies from multiple sides.


High priority: Try to get a level 3 holy drake. Also, slamming drakes can easily become stronger when upgrading.

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