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Learn how to play with and against every faction below. You will find general faction strategies as well as unit-by-unit analysis of how to play against each of the 6 "Default Era" factions (including "mirror" matches) and the Dunefolk faction of the "Default + Dunefolk Era".

All strategies make the assumptions of a 1v1 game on a balanced map [any two player map aside from Cynsaun Battlefield] with default map settings on the latest version of Wesnoth (currently 1.17.x development branch). All guides were re-written in March 2021.

How to play specialists:

Guide how to play user made factions is also available.

Factions of the Default Era

Description: LoyalistsRebelsNorthernersUndeadKnalgan AllianceDrakesDunefolk
How to Play: LoyalistsRebelsNorthernersUndeadKnalgan AllianceDrakesDunefolk

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