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This is a guide to the current user-made content for players. It provides unfamiliar players with detailed information about campaigns (including story, completion, difficulty and playing style) as well as detailed information about eras. Feel free to edit this guide, it is a wiki.

This list covers add-ons for the latest (1.14) release of Wesnoth. There are archived versions of this page for 1.10 and 1.12.

For content creators who loved an add-on that hasn't been added to 1.14 yet, and are wondering about taking it over, please ensure that its entry on the older (1.12 or 1.10) wiki page is up to date, add a link to the add-on's feedback thread in the forums, and generally do the tidy-up that doesn't need you to start changing the campaign, and then ask the old maintainer. (You should probably also wait until the end of May 2018 before assuming that a maintainer isn't already porting to 1.14).

If you are looking for even more campaigns, please see the links in at the bottom of this page.


When adding a campaign to the list, please place it in its alphabetically sorted location, ignoring any initial article ("A", "An", or "The").

Blueprint for Campaigns

  • Description:
  • Author:
  • Maintainer: if not maintained by the author anymore.
  • Status: status, version that this status was checked with
    • Broken = Does not work at all
    • Incomplete = Partially written, no progress
    • WIP = Partially written, some progress
    • Complete = Completely written, but buggy as well as potential balance issues.
    • Finished = Completely written, minimal to no bugs, slight balance issues possible.
    • Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13 = The work of porting to 1.14 has started, but it's still only for a development version of Wesnoth
  • Length:
  • Requirements: (only if needed)
  • Difficulty:

Please note: Often campaigns introducing new mechanics are listed as expert level on the add-on server, here difficulty means the raw difficulty after the mechanics are understood.

    • Unbalanced = If you can't beat the hard mode, it isn't necessarily unbalanced, but if the difficulty changes erratically from one scenario to the next and only people using the debug mode have seen the final, then it is.
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard
  • Style:

Please note: Many campaigns will feature more than one style. Please list the most significant ones.

    • Skirmish = small to medium sized armies, your standard Wesnoth gameplay
    • Dungeon = long and narrow tunnels (not every underground scenario is a dungeon, a dungeon isn't necessarily underground)
    • RPG = role playing game elements such as talking with non-player-characters, item collection, dependency on a party of very few adventurers without or limited recruits
    • Survival = being exposed to changing, spawning enemies while remaining on the same map
    • Large Battle = large number of units on the battlefield, sizely maps
    • Simulation = campaigns feat. terrain modification, alternative resources
    • Boss battle = the challenge is to defeat a single powerful enemy unit
    • Minigames = there are puzzles and minigames in the campaign that significantly differ from standard Wesnoth gameplay
  • Faction/Era: Era for the whole campaign and more specifically the faction or unit composition you field.
  • Custom units: Link to the unit tree for cases that don't feel sufficiently described by Faction / Era entry.
  • Forum: Links to the feedback and development threads at

Blueprint for Eras

  • Description:
  • Author:
  • Maintainer: if not maintained by the author anymore.
  • Status 1.14:
    • see the list of statuses in the campaign blueprint
  • Faction Descriptions: Describe your individual factions here.
  • Requirements: (only if needed)
  • Forum: Links to the feedback and development threads at

Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.x


Bad Moon Rising

An expedition to gather treasure from the cold north sets off compounding disaster.

Author: Doofus-01

Status: Complete 1.10.0

Length: 20 scenarios

Difficulty: Hard

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Archaic Era


Danse Macabre

Macabre is a rare zombie who has intelligence and will. What's he like? What's his purpose?

Author: kamikaze

Maintainer: James_The_Invisible

Status: Completed, 1.3.2

Length: 12 scenarios

Difficulty: Unbalanced

Style: Large Battle

Faction/Era: Default, undead

Custom units


Note: While the campaign is playable on Wesnoth 1.14 without major issues, it is (still) in need of heavy re-balancing. Sadly, for various reasons I am not able to do it in near future but patches are always welcome, preferably in form of pull requests on GitHub.

Dawn of Thunder

A young elvish fighter is send to represent the Aethenwood at the Ka'lian. The adventure turns out to be bigger then expected.

Author: Paulomat4

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 17 scenarios

Difficulty: challenging

Style: Skirmish, Large Battle, RPG-elements

Faction/Era: Default, Elves, Humans


The Final Exam

Young mage Erika must find a magic book to become a true mage. But will it really be her final exam?

Author: Elven

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 4 scenarios

Difficulty: Easy

Style: Skirmish, Minigames

Faction/Era: Default, Loyalists


Note: Short, easy campaign with varying objectives. Features female mage as leader.

Legend of the Invincibles

Part I: Shrouded in Darkness (5 chapters, 90 scenarios) - A pair of heroes, after stopping an orcish threat, are outcast into caves, where they have no other choice than to become liches in order to survive. They preserved their original appearance and moral principles, and fight in various skirmishes against evil (although using evil methods sometimes), until the Fall, when they are buried alive under the ashes of the third sun.

Part II: Into the Light (5 chapters, 110 scenarios) - Long after the Fall, the lich heroes awaken. Searching for more power, they manage to resurrect themselves as living beings, but this time more powerful and ridden of the evil within. But the evil from inside them did not cease to exist, and started a campaign to conquer the world. Stopping the campaign caused an even worse disaster...

Author: Dugi

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 200 (+8 talk-only) scenarios

Difficulty: Normal

Style: mostly Skirmish and Dungeon (all other styles are present as well, but less frequently)

Faction/Era: Elves, Loyalists, Undead, Dwarves; but they advance past their usual maximum level

Players’ Review(s)

Note: The most unique feature of this campaign is its RPG-like unit development system, enemies drop items units can use, leaders are stronger than most usual units and all units get AMLA (after maximum level advancement) after reaching their maximum level (that is also increased by a load of additional level 4 units).

The North Wind

Wesnoth's army was occupied fighting Mal Ravanal in the East, but there were whisperings of an orcish attack in the north. Konrad II must send Deoran, now an experienced rider and commander, with a small band of knights to hold off the orcs....

This campaign features unique gameplay characteristics such as a lack of recruiting and a 24-turn time-of-day cycle.

Author: aelius, Deusite; pyndragon

Status: WIP, 0.3.0

Length: 1 playable scenario, 6 intended

Difficulty: Normal

Style: RPG, Skirmish, Survival

Faction/Era: Loyalists


Secrets of the Ancients

From the Journal of Ardonna of Tarrynth:

It's unfair that we humans must die after so few years. Though this is the natural order, we need not embrace it! The lords on the Green Isle knew how to live forever. Pursuit of that knowledge was declared illegal by King Haldric I, but I believe it is worth the risk: If I can rediscover the secrets of the ancients, not only will I cheat death, I will become a hero to the whole continent!

Author: beetlenaut

Status: Mainlined (this is now one of the campaigns that is downloaded with Wesnoth itself)

Length: 18 playable scenarios + 3 story only

Difficulty: Hard

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Undead/Default


Walkthrough: Secrets of the Ancients Walkthrough


A story of a freshly recruited, cowardly Stormtrooper trying to make his name in the Land of Close Combat. (don't ask what it means, you don't have to know to play and enjoy it)

Author: Szturmowiec

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 5 scenarios

Difficulty: Hard (balancing issues may occur)

Style: Skirmish, some battles are hard to tell (may be a bit too big to call it a skirmish, but still not very big), one big battle

Faction/Era: Default


The Tale of Vaniyera

The expansionist Lavinian Legion, led by the Imperator himself, has invaded the northern forests of the Sidhe, or Wild Elves. It is up to Leithan the Thunderblade and his advisor Vaniyera to push its armies back where they came from...

Author: oreb, turin

Maintainer: UnwiseOwl

Status: Finished 0.11.0

Length: 5 scenarios

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Imperial Era, Sidhe.


Walkthrough There is a video-walkthrough by the campaign maintainer that begins here:

Note: As of August 2014, all previous issues raised about this campaign have been addressed. If you've not played this campaign since 1.4 or 1.10, in this humble maintainers opinion, it's worth another go.

The Three Elves

Three elves have just begun their adventure in the northern swampland. Will they become heroes or will they be responsible for another undead expansion?

Author: Stanislav Hoferek

Maintainer: trewe

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 8 scenarios + 2 dialogue

Difficulty: Easy

Style: Skirmish

Faction: Default (Elves)


To Lands Unknown

This is the story of Mehir, the Summoner, and his journey to lands unknown.

Author: inferno8

Status: Complete

Length: 20 scenarios, 4 dialogue only

Difficulty: Intermediate (Era of Magic)

Style: Skirmish, Dungeon

Era: Era of Magic


Players’ Review(s)

A Vision Blinded

Defend the northern forest against what appeared like a routine orcish raid, and unravel the greater conspiracies that lie below its waves.

Author: LemonTea

Maintainer: Adamant14

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13

Length: 13 playable scenarios + 1 dialogue-only

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Default, Elves (+ Trolls, Outlaws)

Custom units



War of Legends

Description: An era based on the continent of Arkenova as well as other parts of Irdya.

Author: Tahsin Jahin Khalid (Lord-Knyghtmare)

Maintainer: Tahsin Jahin Khalid (Lord-Knyghtmare)

Status: Not uploaded, but uploaded for 1.13


  1. Aragwaithi
  2. Windsong
  3. Human Alliance
  4. Orcish Union
  5. Southerners
  6. Outlaws
  7. Elementals
  8. Undead
  9. Drakes
  10. Dark Legion
  11. Sylvans
  12. Minotaurs
  13. Vampires

Forum: Development and Feedback Thread

Era of Magic(EoMa)

Description: Aiming at using the whole potential of Battle of Wesnoth's graphic engine, the Era of Magic is considered to have a most amazing special effects and attack animations in the BfW game. There are 8 playable factions with fully animated units and tons of special effects contained in the era, and the stories of them are told in the campaign "To Lands Unknown".

Author: Inferno8

Maintainer: Inferno8

Status: Finished, 3.1

Faction Descriptions:

Sky Kingdom - powerful magi of all kinds. Their knowledge allows them to cast amazing spells and summon creatures like unstopable Golems or mysterious Mus. Masters of Elements and Gurus are one of the most powerful human beings in the Era.

Al-Kamija - these proud people are good warriors and spell casters of the desert. They use magical circles and scrolls to summon amazing creatures like Jinns or elementals from other dimension called Abyss. These creatures can't be poisoned, which is a great advantage. (The campaign "To Lands Unknown" is mainly about the story of this faction)

Tharis - fearsome Tharis faction is very dangerous especially at night. Cruel people of Tharis with their black magic and dreadful monsters like Hydra can demolish everything standing on their way. Being so powerful in attack, Tharis have no healer, so they need to push forward at all costs.

Kharos - this strange name is the name of a beautiful country ruled by prophets of light. These peaceful people are masters of defense and support. Their formations of healers and Shielders assisted by Silver Warriors, who can teleport between friendly villages, are very hard to destroy.

Barbarians - the best in hand-to-hand combat. This multi-cultural society divided into Goblins, Orcs, Cyclops and Trolls with their own advantages and disadvantages can be hard opponent, but separately they are very weak.

Runemasters - these Dwarves use runic magic and equipment and are well known of their protection against magic. The Runemasters create steam machines like Gyrocopters, Robots and even mighty Mechanical Dragons. Units from this faction are very resistant but slow.

Dark Blood Alliance - this faction is composed of agile lizards, giant frogs, wyverns swallowing enemies and salamanders, which have developed to perfection the art of disguise. At the head of the community stand shamans known for their water magic, which is used in the fight as well as in healing.

Destroyers - a terrifying undead creations consisting of civilizations long gone...

Version: 1.1.1 (February 18th, 2015)

Forum: Development and Feedback Thread

Ageless Era

Description: Ageless Era is a compilation of the most popular eras and factions on the add-on server. It is more an era pack than an era.

Author: mnewton1, Ravana and various

Maintainer: Ravana

Status: Finished, 4.19

Unit Tree: Ageless Unit Tree (for 1.12)

Factions List: Currently there are 91 factions in the era:

Default: Loyalist, Rebels, Northerners, Undead, Knalgan Alliance, Drakes, Khalifate

Extended Era: Loyalist, Sylvans, Dwarves, Outlaws, Northerners, Undead, Chaos, Dark Elves

Archaic Era: Khthon, Phantoms, Despair, Primeval, South-Seas, Ukians, Northern Orcs

Era of Four Moons: Highlanders, Imperialists, Sea States, Darklanders, Dalefolk, Freemen, Pygmies, Whites

Era of the Future: Welkin, Brungar

BEEM: Anakes, Calidonians, Wood Warriors

Custom Factions: Yokai, Dark Legion, Desert Elves, Steelhive, Frozen

Era of Myths: Celestials, Devlings, Elementals, Therians, Vampires, The Warg, Windsong

Feudal Era: Aragwaithi, Ceresians, Clockwork Dwarves, High Elves, Orcish Khaganates

Imperial Era: Arendians, Cavernei, Issaelfr, Lavinian Legion, Marauders, Orcei Gladiatores, Sidhe

Era of Strife: Eventide, Triththa, Free Saurians, Eltireans, Minotaurs

Era of Magic: Barbarians, Dark Blood Alliance, Sky Kingdom, Kharos, Runemasters, Al-Kamija, Tharis, Destroyers

Mercenaries Era: Highlanders, Enchanters, Avians, Slavers, Mercenaries, Equestrians, Emperor's Guard, Oracles, Holy Order, The Cult, Fanatics, Tribalists, Hive, Infernai, Refugees, Blight

Git: Ageless-for-1-11 and also for 1.12 and 1.14

Forum: Development and Feedback Thread

Imperial Era (IE)

Description: One of the oldest maintained user eras, the Imperial Era brings together seven different factions in a completely re-imagined setting, the world of Orbivm, a very lethal world indeed. The era contains both mainline and development versions of each faction and can be used to play five campaigns, each featuring a different race.

Author: Orbivm Project (but really Turin)

Maintainer: UnwiseOwl

Status: Complete, 0.23

Faction Descriptions:

  1. Lavinian Legion - Based on the Roman Legion, the Lavinians have strong, versatile melee units in the legionaries and a range of support classes sourced from amongst the Lavinian population and various subjugated races. The legion are strong in the plains but weak when fighting in forested areas. The Lavinians are featured in "Fall of Silvium".
  2. Sidhe - The Sidhe are a group of forest-dwelling elves whose focus is stealth and fleet movement. Their mages are able to channel the lightning itself, and their various other units move almost as fast. The Sidhe feature in "Tale of Vaniyera".
  3. Marauders - Based on the Germanic peoples that eventually conquered Rome (hint, hint), the Marauders are equally as at home in the hills, forests and swamps of their homeland. Their hard-hitting melee units are practicalyl unstoppable during the night-time. The Marauders are the stars of the "Alfhelm the Wise" campaign.
  4. Orcei Gentorum - The orcs have been captured gladiators slaving away in the Lavinian arenas for generations.The life of an orc in Orbivm is harsh and brutal, just like the orcs themselves. The tale of the uprising of one such group of Orcs is told in "Up from Slavery".
  5. Cavernei - The Cavernei are a dwarvish race with similarities to the mainline Knalgans, but with a greater emphasis on the military uses of runesmithing. They get a campaign too, in "Gali's Contract"
  6. Issaelfr - The frost elves live on the fringes of the habitable lands of Evrosia, the main continent of Orbivm, and have become inured to difficult conditions and tuned in to their Fae natures. They don't have a campaign yet, but you could always write one.
  7. Arendians - The Arendians are horse-lords living on the Western steppes of Evrosia. A life of constant battle has developed a military-focused society where warriors are trained from a young age. They used to have a campaign, but it fell into disrepair a very long time ago.

Wiki: Orbivm

Forum: Development and Feedback Thread

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