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This is a guide to the current (1.10.x/1.11.x) UMC campaigns for players. It aims to provide all the information not only about the story, but also about completion, difficulty and playing style of the campaign. See for further information, for currently non-available UMC-content please refer to Please edit, it is a wiki.



  • Broken = Does not work at all
  • Incomplete = Partially written, no progress
  • WIP = Partially written, progress
  • Complete = Completely written, but buggy as well as potential balance issues.
  • Finished = Completely written, minimal to no bugs, slight balance issues possible.







Please note: Often campaigns introducing new mechanics are listed as expert level on the add-on server, here difficulty means the raw difficulty after the mechanics are understood.

  • Unbalanced = If you can't beat the hard mode, it isn't necessarily unbalanced, but if the difficulty changes erraticly from one scenario to the next and only people using the debug mode have seen the final, then it is.
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard


Please note: Many campaigns will feature more than one style. Please list the most significant ones.

  • Skirmish = small to medium sized armies, your standard Wesnoth gameplay
  • Dungeon = long and narrow tunnels (not every underground scenario is a dungeon, a dungeon isn't necessarily underground)
  • RPG = role playing game elements such as talking with non-player-characters, item collection, dependency on a party of very few adventurers without or limited recruits
  • Survival = being exposed to changing, spawning enemies while remaining on the same map
  • Large Battle = Eastern Flank in Northern Rebirth, Civil War in Son of the Black-Eye
  • Simulation = campaigns feat. terrain modification, alternative resources
  • Puzzle = a suddenly presented, but solvable problem, e.g. boss levels and events in Invasion from the Unknown


  • Era for the whole campaign and more specifically the faction or unit composition you field.


  • Links to the feedback and development threads at

Battle for Wesnoth 1.10.x - stable

Campaigns available in the 1.10.x stable version.

Besieged Druids

A elvish school for druids comes under attack by goblins. It seems more than just a routine raid; is there something more sinister behind this attack? - In Beseiged Druids, you control Eärendil, the surviving teacher at the school, and the many and varied initiates. Not all of these are ordinary students; many have been experimenting with other forms of magic, while others are simply overachievers in some area of study. Unfortunately, they are not especially good at combat, at least initially. Together with a very small contingent of surviving guards, it is up to these students to save the island of Aleron from disaster.

Author: Celtic Minstrel

Status: Complete

Length: 9 scenarios

Difficulty: Unbalanced

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Default, Elves

Version: 1

Cities of the Frontier

Settle a new town in the wilds north of the Great River.

This campaign makes several changes to the standard Wesnoth game mechanics, and focuses on city-building and gold management.

Author: esci

Status: Complete

Length: Not fixed, approximately 6-10 seasons of 36 turns each

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Simulation, Survival

Faction/Era: Default, Loyalist

Version: 0.5.1

Fate of a Princess

Part I: Baldres, a notorious robber baron, flees Wesnoth with his followers and sets off into the northlands to evade the king's justice. The baron's deeds and misdeeds are to change the balance of power between orcs and non-orcs throughout the northlands, and will carry consequences long after his eventual death.

Part II: The Greenwood elves face a crisis which demands the return of the queen's estranged half-elven half-sister, Baldres' daughter. Two brave young elves must make a perilous journey to find her and bring her back to her former home. If they fail, the whole northlands will be engulfed in war with the resurgent orcs...

Author: SkyOne, mich, simonsmith

Status: Finished

Length: 26-29 scenarios (some dialogue-only), 2 parts

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish, Dungeon

Faction/Era: Default with additions. You play two different, unique cross-faction combinations in each part.

Version: 0.9.17

Required Wesnoth version: 1.9.12 or later

Galuldur's First Journey

While the belligerence of orcs is nothing new, their intensifying attacks on a fledgling colony of elves in Pindir Forest begin to show signs of a deeper malice, forcing Galuldur, the young son of the colony's adventurous founder Galur, to venture out of his forest's friendly trees in search of help. His simple errand quickly turns into a frantic quest to unearth the roots of the mysterious evil threatening his people. As you lead him through unknown lands, Galuldur, forced to match wits with unexpected adversaries at nearly every turn in a desperate attempt to save his world, quickly learns that the world is neither a friendly nor a simple place.

Author: mattsc

Status: Complete

Length: 8-9 scenarios

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Default, Elves

Version: 1.1.1

Panther Lord

The Imperialists ambitions of pushing into the Sea States have been repeatedly thwarted and now they turn their attentions elsewhere. You are an outcast Darklander now living as a mercenary in the Sea States and the rumors you hear indicate that they will be coming to your people. Though an outcast you do not wish to see them subjugated. The spirit whose friendship caused you to be an outcast has a plan that might allow you to save them.

Author: Velensk

Maintainer: Lavender

Status: Finished

Length: 14 scenarios

Difficulty: Hard

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Era of Four Moons, Darklanders (+ a wide variety of mercenaries)

Version: 1.0.2

Return of the Monster

It was time for Amailoss, born from the naga queen's last egg, to leave home. Time for him to grow into a leader in his own right, and eventually become the guardian and leader of another naga city. But along the way, he became friends with an unusual mud-crawler, they met a strange young monster, discovered that a spirit had escaped from an orc prison, and the mystery of that spirit became a grave challenge for Amailoss and the many races in the region....

A naga campaign, involving elves, orcs, saurians, turtle-like races, and some monsters.

Author: SkyOne

Status: Complete

Length: 16 playable, 2 dialog scenarios

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish, Dungeon

Faction/Era: Default with additions. You play a custom naga faction and carapaces (a turtle-like race).

Version: 0.7.1

Required Wesnoth version: 1.10.x

Translations: none

Salt Wars

Introductory campaign for the Era of Four Moons.

As an officer of one of the Sea States you must defend your organization from aggressive rivals.

Author: Velensk

Maintainer: Lavender

Status: Complete

Length: 5 scenarios

Difficulty: Easy

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Era of Four Moons, Sea States

Version: 0.2.1

The Fall of Wesnoth

As the beloved human empire of Wesnoth becomes lazy and arrogant in its peaceful state of happiness, Emperor Dantair demands the creation of another sun in a bid to destroy all evil. Or is it all for a different purpose? A man named Alitar sees it that way, and now he must survive the most evil inhabited lands if he is to stop chaos from rising, and Wesnoth from falling... This is the story of The Fall of Wesnoth.

Author: Pewskeepski

Status: 1st part complete, 2nd WIP.

Length: 10 playable scenarios

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Default, Outlaws

Version: 1.0.8

The Founding of Borstep

The chieftain of your tribe has become decadent and weak. Take over, and lead your people to a better home--whether it is already occupied or not. The Northlands in year 9W are a barbaric place, but anyone who stands in your way will learn the power of orcs!

Author: Beetlenaut

Status: Complete

Length: 10 and 1 dialogue only

Difficulty: Hard

Style: Skirmish

Faction/Era: Default, Northerners

Version: 1.1.1b

Note(Kanzil): I find the protagonist hard to sympathise with. Also, most scenarios contain interesting twists. For example, in one, each time you killed a boar it gives you extra health.

The Settlers of Light

After the fall of The Chaos Empire, a group of humans try to settle in the desert. At first, the area seems to be ruled by bandits and Chaos remnants, but what is really going on? Will the Aragwaithi succeed in their mission, or will this all be remembered as a foolish attempt to tame the wilderness.

Author: LightFighter (aka bumbadadabum)

Status: Incomplete

Length: 15 scenarios

Difficulty: Unbalanced


Faction/Era: "After the Fall", you play Aragwaithi, Ceresians, Desert Elves

Version: 1.5 beta1

The Sojournings of Grog

Grog (as starred in Under the Burning Suns) goes home.

Author: Peter Christopher, Thomas Hockings

Maintainer: Elvish_Hunter

Status: Finished

Length: 18 playable scenarios in 2 parts

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Skirmish, Dungeon

Faction/Era: Default. Most of the time you play trolls and some desert elves accompanying Grog.

Version: 3.0.1

Battle for Wesnoth 1.11.x - development

Campaigns available in the 1.11.x development version.