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This is a guide to the current (1.10.x) UMC campaigns for players. It tries to provide some evaluation not only about the story, but about completion, difficulty and playing style of the campaign. Started after this forum thread (, for currently non-available UMC-content please refer to Please edit, it is a wiki.

Fate of a Princess

Status: Complete and balanced

Length: 26-29 scenarios (some dialogue-only), 2 parts

Description: Part I: Baldres, a notorious robber baron, flees Wesnoth with his followers and sets off into the northlands to evade the king's justice. The baron's deeds and misdeeds are to change the balance of power between orcs and non-orcs throughout the northlands, and will carry consequences long after his eventual death. Part II: The Greenwood elves face a crisis which demands the return of the queen’s estranged half-elven half-sister, Baldres' daughter. Two brave young elves must make a perilous journey to find her and bring her back to her former home. If they fail, the whole northlands will be engulfed in war with the resurgent orcs...

Difficulty: Medium

Style: Skirmish + Dungeon

Faction/Era: Default with additions. You play two different, unique cross-faction combinations in each part.

Ooze Mini-Campaign

Status: Complete and balanced

Length: Very short

Description: You are an ooze, and you are hungry. Devour the foolish intruders that have entered your domain! Four levels, including an RPG level.

Difficulty: Medium

Style: Ooze, RPG + survival

Faction/Era: Ooze :) (+ Default)