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Additional graphics for use by user campaign designers

There is a gallery of "fan art" maintained by Jetryl here:

Automatically retrieved forum art

This page contains pointers to the main images that were posted on the forum. They are grouped by author (in alphabetical order).

The effort was started by Boucman, who scanned the forums and posted images here. Additionally, some of the artists are nice enough to put links to their artwork here. To hopefully make maintaining this somewhat easier, there's now a bot who scans the forums and posts images it finds to UnsortedContrib. So feel free to go there and sort the images to the proper places :)

Each contributor is given their own page, to make life easier for the bot.

Note that, since the images were collected by a bot, not by a person, there may be some images here that the poster did not create and does not own the copyright to. Although most of the images here are implicitly licensed under the GPL because of this legal announcement, some may be copyrighted materials posted for educational purposes only. Because of this, it is probably a good idea to contact the poster of the images before using them in anything you plan to release.


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