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== Credits and Sources ==
== Credits and Sources ==
Setting details provided by Ignacio R. Morelle <shadowmaster/shikadilord>
Setting details provided by Iris Morelle <shadowm/shikadiqueen>
History derived from:
History derived from:

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This a tentative outline of the future history of the world of Irdya, where Battle for Wesnoth is set.

Except for some less specific information about events of the mainline campaign Under The Burning Suns, none of this is considered canonical and it mostly serves as background information for the campaigns Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm.

Spoiler warning!

This page includes unmarked spoilers revealing the plot of the aforementioned campaigns in extreme detail, including various events taking place around certain key characters. If you intend to play the campaigns, reading this timeline beforehand is NOT advisable.

Late History: Irdya Before the Fall

Around 1046 YW, many events which would later lead to the consolidation of Wesnoth as the dominant Empire on the Great Continent take place. An improbable hero is born, an artifact of the past is captured and subsequently recovered, and Wesnoth expands for a last time before its definitive end at the dawn of the Golden Age of Irdya.

1066 YW

  • Elynia-Thanadria, daughter of Delanith-Isáwen and an unknown wayfarer, is born in Lintanir Forest.

1067 YW

  • Civil war in Lintanir Forest.
  • The Enchantress Niryone from Wesmere finds and adopts Elynia.

1072 YW

  • Niryone takes Elynia as her apprentice, training her in the ways of elvish magic and simple hand-to-hand combat.

1081-1093 YW: The First Empire of Wesnoth

1081-1088 YW

  • The dark sorcerer Mizenwyn incites a revolt resulting in civil war in Wesnoth. He shortly thereafter seizes the Sceptre of Fire and the kingdom's throne.
  • Mizenwyn declares himself Supreme Leader of the First Empire of Wesnoth.
  • The High Council of Archmagi is abolished; all members who can be found are executed on charges of treason to the Empire.
  • Mizenwyn annexes new lands to Wesnoth by conquest and forces the Northern Alliance to relinquish control of their lands south of the Heart Mountains. Elensefar is reconquered by Wesnoth.
  • The elvish communities in Wesmere, Lintanir, and Aethenwood declare neutrality towards Wesnoth.

1089 YW

  • Civilizations not under the Empire's control devise a plan to distract the military, infiltrate Weldyn and put an end to Mizenwyn and the Empire of Wesnoth.
  • The Ka'lian chooses Niryone and her disciple, Elynia, to lead the infiltration.

1090 YW

  • The relentless skirmishes on the frontiers catch Mizenwyn's attention while Niryone's group infilitrates the Empire, and eventually Weldyn itself.
  • Niryone and Elynia confront Mizenwyn in the capital.
  • Niryone is mortally wounded during the fight. Elynia steals the Sceptre of Fire from the sorcerer's hands, and manages to use its power to destroy him.
  • The First Empire of Wesnoth is dissolved, and the victors choose a new king and line to govern Wesnoth: the Delvhar dinasty.
  • The Council of War orders that the Sceptre of Fire must be disassembled, and its core, destroyed. Elynia volunteers to drive this mission to completion.

1091 YW

  • Runecrafters of Knalga disassemble the Sceptre.
  • Elynia betrays the Council of War, bribing the dwarves for embedding the Ruby of Fire into Niryone's staff. To ensure nobody finds out, she casts an amnesia spell on the crafters.

1092 YW

  • Elynia informs the Council of War of the "success" of her mission, claiming to have disposed of the Ruby in the underground lava streams found in the deepest reaches of Knalga. The Council trusts her words.

1091-1157 YW: Delvhar Dynasty

1091 YW

  • Delvhar I becomes King of Wesnoth.

1092 YW

  • The Council of War is dissolved.

1094 YW

  • Orcish civil war ensues among the tribes near Glamdrol.
  • A Great Chief arises amongst the orcs.

1095 YW

  • Orcs attack the fortress of Erzen - a battle ensues.
  • Brothers Gwiti and Nati Ha'atel use their magic skills to raise former enemies and deceased allies for help on the battle-field. The result is catastrophic for their side, and the battle is lost.
  • Gwiti and Nati are banished from the continent. The Dark Hordes I begins.

1096 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel takes over the Tower of Kaleon searching for the Tome of Crelanu.

1097 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel finds Crelanu's book.
  • Gwiti Ha'atel withdraws to the mountains, fleeing from Lord Aretu's army. The Dark Hordes I ends.

1099 YW

  • Gwiti Ha'atel launches a surprise attack on Wesnoth. The headquarters of the Council of Archmagi are completely destroyed and everyone inside is slain.
  • Elynia is called upon by the remaining members of the Council of Archmagi to pursue and defeat the necromancer.
  • Elynia confronts the necromancer but she is fatally injured. Gwiti leaves the battlefield assuming her dead.
  • Argan, an outsider of unknown origins with an advanced knowledge of dark magic, finds Elynia and saves her from certain death.

1100 YW

  • Elynia finds Gwiti Ha'atel again in the Estmarks, and takes on him for the second and last time.
  • Elynia uses the power of Light for the first time to win the battle, and defeat Gwiti, who casts a curse upon her with his final words. Eye-witnesses would spread the word about the events of that day, referring to the elf as the "Lady of Light".

1155 YW

  • Delvhar I dies after an extremely long reign.
  • Delvhar II assumes the throne.

1157 YW

  • Delvhar II dies under strange circumstances.
  • Wesnoth plunges into anarchy, and the kingdom fragments into three main territories: the State of Weldyn, Eastern Ervalia and Aethenoth.

1163 YW

  • Elynia assists Prestim against a necromancer, Mal Arkal-Thil. The feat earns her the title of the "Source of Light" by the orcs.

1168 YW

  • Elynia is contacted by a mysterious seer who instructs her to seek a gifted warrior named Vikren, in Parthyn
  • Elynia contacts Vikren and persuades him to incite revolution.
  • Revolution begins in the State of Weldyn.

1169 YW

  • Elynia meets Argan again.
  • Argan secretly marries Elynia to avoid any potential conflicts within the Ka'lian, as she knows that her influence on them can still be useful.

1169-1171 YW

  • During this time, Vikren gathers the power to walk onto Weldyn and take over the capital by force, vanquishing the separatists.
  • Vikren I declares himself Supreme Leader of the Second Empire of Wesnoth on 1171 YW.

1171-1597 YW: The Second Empire of Wesnoth

1171 YW

  • Vikren I proclaims Elynia as his most trusted advisor.

1172 YW

  • Eastern Ervalia joins the Empire.

1173 YW

  • Aethenoth joins the Empire.
  • Several northern earldoms join the Empire during the next years.

1190 YW

  • Elensefar joins the Empire.

The Second Sun

1520 YW

  • Vikren VIII assumes the throne.

1537 YW

  • An ancient Lich by the name of Mal Keshar terrorizes Northern Alliance territory.
  • Elynia is sent by Emperor Vikren VIII to destroy Mal Keshar.

1541 YW

  • Unable to locate the lich, Elynia abandons her mission.

1542 YW

  • Vikren VIII secretly decrees the creation of Naia, an artificial sun to serve as Irdya's second sun. He gives specific orders to conceal the matter from Elynia.

1557 YW

  • Naia is created and sent to the skies by the High Council of Archmagi.
  • Ambassadors are sent everywhere in the known world after the fact, to reassure all that the intentions behind the creation of the new sun are benign.
  • Enraged, Elynia resigns from her position as advisor to the Empire.
  • A long period of unprecedented prosperity, peace and self-confidence follows.

1764 YW

  • Vikren XII dies.
  • Vikren XIII assumes the throne.

1791 YW

  • Mystics of Wesmere open a portal to a different world, and meet Zhangor, an elvish sorcerer who presents himself as a seer. Zhangor foretells to them the catastrophe looming over Wesnoth, and demands to be treated as a god in exchange of protection for Wesmere.


  • Death of Vikren XIII.
  • As there is no rightful heir, a nobleman, Dantair, is named Emperor by the Council of Archmagi.

1799 YW: The Fall

1799 YW (start)

  • Wesmere's trade and political connections to the outer world are cut off.
  • Dantair of Wesnoth demands the immediate creation of Gaia, the third sun.

1799 YW (middle)

  • The magi's attempt to lift the third sun fails, causing the third sun to fall and crash into the Great Continent at some distance from Weldyn.
  • A massive cataclysm ensues, devastating the entirety of Irdya. All shorelines are completely reshaped, large volcanic eruptions occur, and aftershocks in the form of great earthquakes continue to occur over the course of years. Buildings are completely or partially destroyed by the natural disasters. The Old Continent begins to sink.
  • Dantair of Wesnoth is brutally murdered by panicked citizens.
  • Social order falls apart in all civilizations of Irdya.
  • Pollution and debris from the fallen sun and volcanic activity cause cyclic periods of absolute darkness over the whole world, making it impossible to keep accurate track of time using astronomical means for over two centuries. Poisonous air decimates a large part of the surviving population and vegetation. The increased temperatures result in massive floods all over the land.
  • Races fight each other and among themselves for the scarce basic resources left by the disasters.

Approximately 100 years after the Fall

  • Most forests have dried up and can no longer sustain the Elvish civilization. Elves from the forests of the Great Continent abandon their homes and seek refuge in Wesmere, reported to remain mysteriously intact.
  • Elynia and Argan lead the elves out of Lintanir Forest.
  • Elves seeking shelter in Wesmere are ambushed, and killed or sacrificed to Zhangor.
  • The War of Wesmere begins. After a year, the elves from Aethenwood and Lintanir manage to force the Wesmere locals to retreat into the capital. Eventually, Elynia and Argan succeed in their efforts to lead an invasion to confront and take down Zhangor himself.
  • Zhangor reveals his true appearance and identity as a Demon Lord hailing from Inferno.
  • Elynia and Argan combine their powers of Light and Darkness to summon the Union for the first time.
  • Zhangor is vanquished, and the remains of his body banished from Irdya. Wesmere Forest is almost completely destroyed in the process, causing high casualties on both bands.
  • The Ka'lian is deemed an instrument of Zhangor's corruption and abolished; its members are executed. Warriors and priests previously loyal to the Demon Lord meet the same fate, except for the priestess Anlindë, who is spared by Lord Telchior of Thelien.
  • Differences with respect to the events in Wesmere result in two major groups parting ways.
    • Lord Quetor'el of Aethenwood leads his people south.
    • Lord Telchior of Thelien leads his people east following Anlindë's instructions.
  • Elynia and Argan enter and descend into the Heart Mountains with a small group of followers.
  • Argan is trapped underground. After a long time trying to locate him through various means, Elynia abandons any hope of finding him, and enters a form of magical stasis.

Approximately 115 years after the Fall

  • Lord Quetor'el dies.

Approximately 120 years after the Fall

  • Telchior's band settles in a newly found valley at some distance northeast from Lintanir. They name it the Valley of Elynia.

Centuries after the Fall

  • Quetor'el's band adapts to life on the desert. Over time, the lore of their ancestors begins to be forgotten. Numerous disastrous battles with the barbarians result in the deaths of many of their druids, and old tablets and scrolls are lost, damaged, ciphered, or written in languages no-one understands anymore. A large amount of the ancient knowledge relearned by younger generations is either inaccurate or false. Focused on survival instead of nature and the research of magic, the desert elves gradually lose connection with the faerie realm.
  • Various elvish settlements are established in the Great Southern Desert, and in time, lost to invaders. The settlement of the Quenoth elves is ultimately the last to fall.

Irdya After the Fall

The Beginnings of the Chaos Empire

Some time long after the Fall of the Third Sun, a new leader arises among the coastal human settlements in Kalari, and teaches a previously unknown form of magic to a handful of adepts who help him take control of the locals, aided by a mysterious power emanating from Zocthanol Isle in the Vast Sea. Together, they begin preparing the stage for the eventual takeover of Irdya by Uria, Guardian of Life and Supreme Empress of Inferno/Urvatha.

From this point onwards, the timeline is structured around the point at which the largest gateway to Inferno was opened in the Valley of Weldyn, and divided in two periods: Before the Empire (BE) and During the Empire (DE).

238-212 BE: Purification of Zochtanol

238 BE

  • Mal-Zagarn (Argan), leader of the Chaos cult and the Voice of Uria, leads an expedition to investigate millenarian ruins in the depths of the Heart Mountains, searching for weapons according to Uria's instructions.

236 BE

  • Argan returns to Kalari and spreads the word about Uria and the changes she promises for the ravaged world of Irdya amongst other human settlements north and south of Kalari.
  • Mal Hekuba joins the Iron Triad.

233 BE

  • Elyssa is born in the Pass of the Temple of Fire.
  • The Iron Triad commences the construction of a new fortress in the valley of Weldyn, salvaging documents and artifacts from the ruins of the ancient Empire's capital in the process.

231 BE

  • The Pass of the Temple of Fire is assaulted by Argan and a host of demons aided by the first few biomechanical (Shaxthal) beasts created after the Fall, in response to an earlier refusal to join Uria's cause. Only two Fire Priests and Elyssa are spared.
  • The surviving priests are cursed by Argan to linger around as liches.
  • The deserted ruins of the Temple of Fire are raided by a tribe of desert nomads; Elyssa is taken away and raised by them.

228 BE

  • Dwarvish experts begin to experiment with the development of mechanical automatons and other advanced contraptions.

213 BE

  • A meteor shower lays waste to the Quenoth elves' settlement in the Great Southern Desert. The survivors, led by the late lord's nephew Kalehssar, go on a journey to find a new home in the North, guided by Kaleh's visions of Eloh in his dreams. Under The Burning Suns begins.
  • Kaleh's band meets Elyssa, a young fire mage who is investigating the ruins of the Empire of Wesnoth searching for the Sceptre of Fire.
  • The desert elves descend into the depths of a mountain range. They meet King Thurongar of the dwarves after repelling an invasion of northern trolls. Elyssa separates from the group.
  • The elves encounter human scouts sent by the Iron Triad. A vision of Eloh attempts to command Kaleh to surrender to them, but he declines.
  • Merfolk messengers locate the desert elves and warn them of the menace hiding in Zocthanol Isle and holding control of the minds of many surface creatures on Irdya. During the elves' escape from the port of Ygriz, Eloh appears and turns a number of desert elves against Kaleh until she is finally banished.
  • Kaleh's group arrives to Zocthanol Isle and confronts the impostor posing as Eloh in the citadel. She reveals herself as Yechnagoth, the Eater of Souls, formerly known as Merthiaal, the Guardian of Darkness. The elves manage to destroy her artificial body and put an end to her control over the surface dwellers. Under the Burning Suns ends.
  • Argan secretly returns to Zocthanol Isle (now Quenoth Isle) and absconds with Merthiaal's energy heart organ.

211-1 BE: Prelude

211 BE

  • A dwarvish guard returned from Zocthanol spreads word of the Quenoth elves' deeds.

210 BE

  • Elyssa is captured by Chaos scouts while traveling towards the valley of Weldyn. Following a fruitless attempt to escape, she is imprisoned in the Heart fortress.
  • Argan finds out about Elyssa and discovers her in poor state after being tortured and humiliated by soldiers for weeks, and takes her to the main Chaos stronghold in Kalari Peninsula.
  • Argan reaches an agreement with Uria to install the salvaged heart of the Guardian of Darkness in Elyssa's body in combination with technology from a world called 'Norsula', in order to allow the girl to live as another servant of Uria. In the process, he forfeits his free will, thus sealing his eventual fate.
  • Elyssa rises again as the first artificial Guardian to exist, a fact which remains a secret between Argan, Uria, and her for the most part. In time, she begins to lead the Chaos military as the Warlord operating within Uria's and Argan's designs, also known as the Fire of Uria.

203 BE

  • The dwarven kingdom beneath the Heart Mountains begins trading with the Aragwaithi of the Far North.

199 BE

  • Demon Lord Nar-Hamoth joins the Iron Triad as the Shadow of Uria.

188 BE

  • The forces of Chaos force the dwarves inhabitating the main area of the Great Continent to retreat to the Heart Mountains. Some dwarven engineers and their technology are captured by the Iron Triad and mass-production of automatons and other advanced machinery finally takes off.

121 BE

  • The shaxthal hive in the Heart is built.

109 BE

  • The shaxthal hive in the devastated plains of Wesmere is built.

101 BE

  • Three shaxthal hives are built in the Great Southern Desert.

90 BE

  • Argan sends Mal-Dorzat with a battalion to conquer barbarian lands in the Far South of the Great Continent.
  • An expedition led by Mal-Himir is sent to the East in search for the Old Continent.

80-10 BE

  • The human kingdoms in the Far North are unified by Adavyan of the Aragwaithi as she puts an end to her War of Consolidation.
  • The dwarves stop sending scouts and merchants to the surface.
  • Most orcish tribes in the main area of the Great Continent are obliterated by Chaos forces.

0 BE

  • Members of the Iron Triad create a breach connecting Irdya and Inferno/Urvatha within the depths of the Heart fortress, allowing demons to enter Irdya in absolutely unprecedented numbers.

0-146 DE: The Chaos Empire's Apogee

The Chaos Empire begins after most of the Great Continent and the southern isles have been overrun by the combined forces of shaxthal creatures, demons and Chaos soldiers. Argan is designated as the eternal Emperor and rules Irdya along with the Iron Triad following Uria's designs.

The Far North at this point has become a relatively stable and thriving ensemble of human and orcish kingdoms. The humans have united under a single banner following Adavyan's lengthy War of Consolidation, governed by the pluralist Grand Council of the Northern Peoples based in the city of Raelthyn.

The dwarvish population is concentrated on the depths of the Heart Mountains, and more clans join the recently founded Kingdom of Herthgar.

The desert elves in Zocthanol Isle remain largely unaware of the events taking place in the Great Continent.

144 DE

  • Uria commands Argan to find and capture Elynia-Thanadria.
  • Mal Kendria joins the Iron Triad.

145 DE

  • The Valley of Elynia, the last elvish community left in the Great Continent, is overrun by the forces of Chaos. The majority of the elves escape underground after the initial skirmishes, led by Galas and Anlindë. Invasion from the Unknown begins.

146 DE

  • Elyssa's expedition to the Heart Mountains stumbles upon the elvish forces, now supported by undead creatures under the control of an ancient lich named Mal Keshar.
  • Galas' band allies with the dwarves of Herthgar to repel Elyssa's forces. Elyssa retreats and summons reinforcements.
  • With the help of a dwarven runemaster by the name of Althurin, the elves find and awake Elynia just in time to hold Elyssa's second battalion back.
  • Elves and dwarves are overwhelmed by the enemy forces and abandon the Heart Mountains as they capture Herthgar.
  • Anlindë stays behind to fight Elyssa in a one-to-one duel. Although she loses the fight, she manages to incapacitate Elyssa and her troops by causing a section of the cave system to collapse before dying.

147 DE - 151 DE: The Chaos Empire's Decay

147 DE

  • The elves of the Valley of Elynia join the northern peoples in alliance under the leadership of Lord Inodien and Lady Unarye, while Galas resigns from his position to join Elynia and Mal Keshar in their effort.
  • The Grand Council of the Northern Peoples officially declare war against the Chaos Empire.
  • Elynia, Galas, Mal Keshar, and a group of dwarves launch a suicidal attack on the Heart of the Empire. Elyssa faces Galas and his band directly this time, but as she is about to defeat them, Elynia summons the Union of the Powers of Light and Darkness.
  • Elynia manages to defeat Elyssa. However, instead of killing her she decides to spare her life and allow her too flee from the Heart in exchange for information about Argan's present location.
  • The group confronts Argan in his lair in the frozen wastelands of Inferno, and destroy him after some struggle. The power of the Union is broken, and the Orbs of Light and Darkness leave Elynia's and Argan's respective bodies. The energy released causes the connection between the Heart and Inferno to collapse, taking the entire stronghold down with it. Invasion from the Unknown ends.
  • Uria gets hold of the Orbs of Light and Darkness.

148 DE

  • After the Storm I begins as Galas' band heads back to the Far North.
  • Lord Inodien of the forest elves is found dead under mysterious circumstances. The ensuing conflict between the military leaders of the elves results in a civil war and the banishment of the elves from the Aragwaith country.
  • Elynia, Galas, and Mal Keshar arrive to Quenoth Isle searching for more information about their enemies and Uria's plans.
  • The group learns more about the origins of the alien creature that served as Yechnagoth's body in Zocthanol, as well as Uria's plans to take over Irdya using Yechnagoth to destroy the descendants of the Guardian of Earth, Xia'el (known as Eloh in older elvish literature), which include all elves and faerie lifeforms on Irdya and other worlds.
  • After some deliberation, Elynia allows Mal Keshar to read the journal they recovered from Argan in the Heart, as she can't bring herself to do it on her own. Unbeknownst to them, some pages were previously removed or enchanted by Elyssa to obfuscate the whereabouts of Yechnagoth's heart and misdirect Elynia.
  • The group departs from the island heading for the Great Continent, with the purpose of informing the Grand Council about the Shaxthal hive in Wesmere and the heart of Yechnagoth kept in it.
  • The fortress of Aran-Balgur in the Far North's southernmost reaches is taken over by Chaos forces. The Alliance's forces are forced to retreat to Glamdrol, Astar, and Nyldil.

149 DE

  • A storm forces Elynia and her group to land in Kalari Peninsula with a significantly damaged ship.
  • Elynia and Galas are ambushed and captured by Chaos forces along with the staff of Elynia-Niryone, and taken to the Iron Triad two days later while Mal Keshar hatches his own infiltration and ambush plan to rescue the two elves.
  • Mal Keshar's infiltration initially succeeds in releasing Elynia and Galas, but reinforcements assisted by Elyssa's magic turn their escape into a disastrous suicide mission. They are eventually cornered by Elyssa, who proceeds to kill Galas. Elynia uses a teleportation spell she found under Zocthanol to escape from the Iron Triad's headquarters, badly damaging Mal Keshar's body in the process.
  • Kyara, a desert elf from Quenoth, and Horo, an orcish warrior, are sent by Elynia to the Far North as messengers for the Grand Council. Mal Keshar hands Argan's journal to Kyara in order to ensure its survival should Elynia's own suicide mission fail.
  • Elynia and Mal Keshar assault the Shaxthal hive in Wesmere and destroy the largest biomechanical creature found within it, powered by what they assume is Yechnagoth's original heart. The uncontrolled amount of energy released causes Mal Keshar's soul to be pulled out of his body, and subsequently destroyed. The Wesmere wastelands disappear entirely, leaving just a massive crater behind. Elynia uses the teleportation spell once again just as her soul is being pulled by the destruction, and disappears from Irdya entirely. After the Storm I ends.
  • Ivyel, an artificial creature powered by a replica of Yechnagoth's heart and modeled after Elynia's appearance, is used to obtain control of one of the elvish factions in the east for the Iron Triad and, more specifically, Mal Hekuba.
  • Nyldil is overrun by Chaos forces, and the Bay of Glamdrol becomes infested with Shaxthal creatures.
  • Uria finds the last of Zhangor's remains hidden in Inferno after his original defeat by Elynia and Argan.

150 DE

  • A large explosion erases Glamdrol and Nyldil from existence, forcing the northern peoples' army to withdraw to Fort Astar.
  • Elynia reappears in the Heart Forest in the Far North, injured from the explosion in Wesmere. After helping the locals against a necromancer she secures their assistance to return to the Grand Council. Durvan, a hunter of the dark forest joins her. After the Storm II begins.
  • On the way to Raelthyn, Elynia's band comes across a girl by the name of Allyna needing protection to deliver a message to the Grand Council.
  • A portion of the Grand Council of the Northern Peoples meet with Elynia and the seer Valen to explain the situation and decide upon their next course of action. Elynia is dispatched along with one of Mal Keshar's disciples to the eastern borders of the northern country to investigate the situation with the false Lady of Light and assist Lady Unarye and the friendly elvish faction against their same-blooded enemies.
  • Elynia's group is led by Allyna to Elorran, a former Demon Lord working against Uria's designs. Allyna reveals herself as Anya, a dark faerie born of an unknown demon and faerie. Although Elorran's intention is to destroy the Ruby of Fire powering staff of Elynia-Niryone so it doesn't fall into the enemy's hands, Elynia convinces him to postpone the task while she uses it a last time against Uria's army. Elorran informs her of the Guardian of Life's intention to use Irdya as a testing ground for an invasion to the alien world of Ethea.
  • Demon Lord Zhangor returns to Irdya, now serving as the Fist of Uria and jeopardizing Elyssa's control of the Iron Council and the forces of Chaos.
  • After repelling a host of enemy elves from the frontier, Elynia meets with Unarye and decides to bring the fight to the false Lady of Light's headquarters in the Valley of Elynia.
  • Elynia leads her forces across the desert following Unarye's instructions.
  • A portal allowing Chaos forces to quickly move between Aran-Balgur and Kalari is completed.
  • Kyara and Horo find shelter in Fort Astar in exchange for joining General Bardyl's host.
  • Chaos forces overrun the northern country.
  • The false Lady of Light is unmasked by Elynia in Telchior's Hold, the largest stronghold in the forest elves' home valley. After pursuing her underground, Elynia and her band are confronted by a projection of Mal Hekuba, now working in opening another portal to Inferno and intent on taking on Elyssa, now revealed to be the bearer of Yechnagoth's original heart.
  • The siege of Raelthyn begins. Most members of the Grand Council are lost during the city's defense.
  • Elynia takes advantage of Ivyel to destroy Mal Hekuba and the various heart replicas powering the incomplete portal. She once again uses the teleportation to escape from the explosion, this time without any other consequences. However, she is seriously wounded after the fight with Mal Hekuba, and Elyssa takes the opportunity to obtain the staff and the Ruby of Fire without any opposition. After the Storm II ends.
  • Zhangor sends the experimental Shaxthal Deathbringers along with a host of Chaos to obliterate Elorran and his rebel faction.
  • In order to prevent Nar-Hamoth from continuing to spy on her through Mal Kendria, Elyssa removes the latter's soul from her body. Mal Ba'arth joins the Iron Triad. After the Storm: Final begins.
  • Zhangor secures the support of the Chaos forces behind Elyssa's back and issues a ban on all Yechnagoth worship and imagery.
  • Elynia, Anya, and Durvan teleport back to the northern country near the place where Elorran was slain. They promptly return to a devastated Raelthyn under siege from multiple fronts by the enemy, and defended by Torancyn, now Supreme Lord of the Aragwaith. After nearly one day and the first darkness of the second day they manage to repel the hostile troops with the elves' assistance.
  • Valen resigns from her position in the now extinct Grand Council and provides Elynia with instructions given to her by Demon Lord Ergea.
  • Elynia meets with Kyara and Horo in Fort Astar, and recovers Argan's journal. Following Ergea's instructions, she convinces General Bardyl of laying siege to Aran-Balgur with the support of the undead and additional militiamen recruited by Durvan along the way. Nar-Hamoth's elite troops near Astar are defeated.
  • The siege of Aran-Balgur lasts two days. Elynia, Anya, and a disciple of Mal Keshar named Irylean use the portal to abandon the Far North along with a few men, undead minions, and forest faeries.
  • Demon Lord Nar-Hamoth remains stranded in the Far North.
  • Elynia meets Ergea in Kalari and receives instructions from her to retrieve a power hidden beneath Kalari to put an end to the war on Irdya. She leaves to confront on her own any opposition she might find in the Iron Council's headquarters. Anya is not informed of this.
  • The calendar year ends.

151 DE

  • The Endless Night on Irdya begins at the turn of the year.
  • At the behest of Ergea, Anya leads Elynia's and Ergea's troops in battle to create a distraction.
  • Durvan and a host of Alliance troops provided by General Bardyl join the battle on the surface.
  • Mal Kendria's body is destroyed by Elynia.
  • Elynia confronts Elyssa in the stronghold's underground levels.
  • Ergea's forces instigate a revolution in Kalari, releasing humans and demons oppressed by the Iron Triad's and the Empire's rule.
  • The Gatekeeper on Ethea is slain by Elyssa through the breach in Kalari now connecting both worlds.
  • Ergea's forces lay siege to a key fortress near Kalari Central as Zhangor sets up an ambush with Demon Lord Hemérilyel's and the experimental Shaxthal Deathbringers' help as he prepares to confront Elyssa.
  • Anya slays Demon Lord Hemérilyel.
  • Elyssa takes Elynia to the deepest levels of the stronghold, in search of Zhangor.
  • Anya destroys the Deathbringers.
  • The Storm Sisters working for Zhangor are captured by Ergea's forces during the siege to the Iron Council's headquarters.
  • The last remaining member of the Iron Triad in Kalari, Mal Ba'arth, is destroyed by Anya.
  • Zhangor is slain once again.
  • Elynia, Elyssa, and Anya leave Irdya.
  • The Endless Night ends on Irdya. After the Storm: Final ends.
  • Demon Lord Ergea of the Storms assumes control of Kalari Peninsula.

Credits and Sources

Setting details provided by Iris Morelle <shadowm/shikadiqueen>

History derived from:

  • Descent into Darkness
  • The Dark Hordes
  • Under the Burning Suns
  • Invasion from the Unknown
  • After the Storm
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