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General information


Arrival Departure Accomodation
Boucman 22, 22:10 (train: Bruxelles-Midi) 24, 18:40 (train: Bruxelles-Midi) Hotel Du Congres
David & Lisa 18, morning 25, morning Novotel Grand Place
ettin 22, 9:15 (BRU) 24, 15:25 (BRU) Bruegel YH
grzywacz 22, 20:35 (CHA) 24, 20:50 (CHA) Bruegel YH
Ivanovic 22, lunchtime 25, lunchtime Bruegel YH
Mist (aka cycholka) 22, 19:30 (train: Bruxelles-Midi) 25, lunchtime CrownePlaza (Europa)
Mordante 22, lunchtime 24, lunchtime Bruegel YH
Noyga (together with boucman) 22, 22:10 (train: Bruxelles-Midi) 24, 18:40 (train: Bruxelles-Midi) Hotel Du Congres
PingPangQui 21st, evening 25th, late afternoon Bruegel YH (no bed for 23rd yet)
Rhonda 22, 08:40 (BRU) 24, 19:50 (BRU) NH Brussels City Centre
YogiHH 22, 19:40 (BRU) 24, 20:00 (BRU) Floris Louise



Information about how to reach the FOSDEM is listed at the official transportation subpage.

Short version of how to get there for those that reside in Bruegel YH and Novotel Grand Place:

  • Enter Bus 71 (Debrouckere - Central Station ("Gare Centrale") - Delta) somewhere at 'Central Station'
  • Leave the bus at "ULB" (crossroads Ave. Adolphe Buyl - Sq. Deveze)
  • Walk down Ave. Paul Heger on your right hand.

Wesnoth Hacking Room

Wesnoth seems to not have a room of its own. Instead we will use the "general hacking room" in the building AW1. The room should have the number 115 and is the smaller of the two hacking rooms which is likely to be less crowded (at least this is what I do hope).

Short version:

AW1 - Room 115
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