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An illustrated example of the [find_path] WML tag's results.


Imagine an Elvish Scout standing on the Player 1 start, this unit has 9MP and needs 3MP for each shallow water tile, so it can reach every village without needing a multi-turn move.

If [find_path] is used with a terrain filter that matches villages, each of these villages might be considered to be the "nearest":

  • "lake" is 3 hexes, 7 MP and 4 steps away
  • "spur" is 5 hexes, 5 MP and 6 steps away
  • "u_turn" is 2 hexes, 8 MP and 9 steps away

The hexes is best explained by the U-turn village - although it needs a lot of movement points, the village is only 2 hexes away from Player 1's start.

The steps is the length of the path.step array, which always includes the starting hex.