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A number of external utilities not included in the main Battle for Wesnoth release exist to ease the creation of scenarios, campaigns, and Wesnoth graphics. Most, but not all, are Perl scripts. Herein lie brief descriptions of each utility and relevant links. This page was started as a result of this thread.

Some of these are included in the utils/ directory in the official distribution. Some binary packagers have chosen to leave this directory out of their packages, so get the scripts from the forum or SVN.


by Quensul

Wercator is a Gimp plugin that takes a Battle for Wesnoth map file and generates an "ink on parchment" image in JPEG, PNG, and XCF (Gimp) formats, usable for campaign or tactical map images. A web interface is also available.


by Darth Fool

A Perl script which takes a Wesnoth directory, parses the files in data/scenarios/, and produces a web page that you can use to see which scenarios lead to which other scenarios, including links to the scenario files. In addition, inside of [side] tags is listed, as well as the images of units defined or recruitable in all non-human controlled sides. Note that surprises (like in the Ford of Abez) are not displayed.


by Allefant

Aspires to be the full-fledged but elusive campaign editor. It will allow a user to generate a campaign without knowing WML, making Wesnoth's extensibility accessible to a wider audience.


by ott

dr is a Perl script which generates damage reports in order to allow one to compare damage and resistance types across the different times of day.


by ott

st is a Perl script which generates savefile statistics summaries.


by ott

tagfind is another Perl script, which finds WML tags used in game files, together with their attributes. Mostly useful for maintaining the Wiki page on AlphabeticalWML.

revmaph and revmapv

by ott

revmaph/revmapv are Perl scripts which flip map files horizontally or vertically, respectively.


by dacyn

rotate is a simple C++ program that will take a map and rotate it 60 degrees clockwise. The extra space is filled with shroud.


by Darth Fool

advance.pl is meant as a tool to allow modifying large numbers of units at once to use after max level advancement options.


by ott

Calculates the probabilities that either unit kills the other in a skirmish. More general than the in-game Damage Calculations, which are based on the method used by an earlier version of this script. Includes full documentation; also available in utils/.


by Dave

Perl modules to parse WML, currently only used by some sample scripts to interact with the campaign server. Most of the scripts listed above would be much shorter and simpler if they were modified to use these modules.

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