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This translation was begun in February 2005 and first appeared in wesnoth-0.8.11. All strings in this release were translated.

Current Translation Team



Inactive Translators

  • András Salamon (ott)
  • Eric S. Raymond (esr) [2]
  • Espreon [3]
  • pjr [4]
  • Thomas Hockings (Deusite) [5]


[Unchanged since this localisation fell into neglect, last modified October 2014. I (Wedge009) don't agree with all of this but will follow these established guidelines for the time being. Opinions/suggestions or general feedback on these is appreciated.]

Since 1.9.4, we have begun to use Oxford’s spellings, thus we use -ize instead of -ise where applicable. Just follow the originals when translating.

Use æ and œ when translating. As byspel, encyclopædia instead of encyclopaedia; phœnix instead of phoenix. Note that there are some words that shouldn’t have these ligatures. As byspel, færie is actually wrong, thus faerie should be used. Ask when in doubt.

Also, note that fœtus and foetus are actually incorrect, thus fetus should be used instead.

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