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Faction(s) Rebels
Alignment(s) Neutral
Race tree 1.2; 1.3.18

Compared to humans, elves are somewhat taller, more agile but less sturdy. They have slightly pointy ears, pale skin and usually blond hair. Few differences between humans and elves are more pronounced than the latter’s unusually long life - most, unless claimed by illness, accident or war, live a full two centuries. While some elves possessing a high magical aptitude have been known to live an additional full century, most elves begin to grow physically frail approaching their twentieth decade and pass away within a few decades after. Elves are naturally imbued with magic to a small degree. Though most are unable to channel it directly, its latent presence gives them their keen senses and long life. Many elves have magic-driven talents such as marksmanship or stealth, allowing them to achieve tasks that most normal beings would find astonishing. Those elves that learn to wield this power in more general ways can become truly formidable in its use. Many choose to use their gift to heal others.

Elves spend much of their time honing their talents and skills. Those not adept at the magical arts typically devote their time honing their physical skills. As a result, elves excel at archery, which is perhaps their most important method of warfare. Most elvish troops carry a bow and no other race can rival their archers in speed and accuracy. All elves also share an unexplained affection for unspoiled nature. They often feel uncomfortable in open unvegetated spaces, which leads them to make their homes in the forests of the Great Continent, such as Aethenwood in the southwest and Wesmere in the northwest. Elves are the eldest race of the continent, with the possible exception of trolls. Many of their settlements cannot be reliably dated, undoubtedly having existed for over a millennium.

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