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Welcome to the Battle for Wesnoth downloads page.  The BFW project team only officially releases the source code.  Binary packages are only provided by community volunteers and hosted here.
If the latest binaries are not currently available for your OS, please check back in a few days to see if they have been placed here. Packagers have been informed of the release, please be patient.  In the meantime, read the [[FAQ#A_new_version_is_out.2C_but_where_is_the_download_for_.5BWindows.2C_Mac_OS.2C_etc..5D.3F|FAQ]].
Jump to: [[Download#Stable_.281.0.x_branch.29|Stable Branch]] | [[Download#Development|Development Branch]]
== Development ==
Version 1.1.2a is the latest development version, boasting updated graphics and new exciting features. However, there may be occasional bugs or performance problems in the development versions since heavy changes are taking place all the time. For balanced and stable gaming, it is recommended you use the

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