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== The Forum ==
The [http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/ BFW forum] is a good way to distribute small creations, like single multiplayer maps.  Larger creations, like unit packs or campaigns, should be compressed before uploading them.  Note that you may encounter a size limit on attachments.
Also, there is a [http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2014 legal announcement] that you should read before distributing anything on the forum. Basically, by posting you say that you own the license to what you are posting, and that you are licensing it under the [http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html General Public License].
== The Campaign Server ==
The campaign server is the preferred way to distribute your creations, but it is more suited for larger projects.  It currently lacks advanced organization features such as filtering and reviewing, so adding hundreds of little things makes it harder to find anything.  Basically, the server should not be used to post single maps, units, songs, or artwork, but map packs, campaigns, entire eras, music packs, and unit packs are fine.
Once you are ready to publish, here is how you access the campaign server:
# Open Wesnoth
# Select "Campaign" from the main menu
# Select "Get More Campaigns" (the last entry in the list of campaigns)
# Select "Publish Campaign: ''Your Campaign Name''" (the last entry in the list of campaigns)
Anything you distribute on the server will be upload from and downloaded to the ''userdata''/data/campaigns directory regardless of what it is (units, maps, campaign, etc).  For this reason, you need three things in the campaigns directory to distribute via the server:
# A .cfg file, for example MyCampaign.cfg
# A .pbl file, for example MyCampaign.pbl
# A folder, for example MyCampaign
==== General Reading ====
* [[BuildingCampaignsThePBLFile|General information about the .pbl file]] - It has a campaign flavor, but it is adaptable to any content
* [[PblWML|Syntax reference for the .pbl file]]
==== Content-specific instructions ====
* Campaign - see the [[BuildingCampaigns|Buidling Campaigns Article]]
** [[BuildingCampaignsDistribution|About distributing campaigns]]
* Multiplayer era - see the [[BuildingFactions#Adding_a_whole_new_era_with_its_own_factions_-_modular|MP Era Article]]
* Unit pack - see the [[BuildingUnits#Distributing_your_unit|Units Article]]
* Map pack - see the
* Others?
(If I don't have BFW on the computer I'm working on, but I have it on a different computer, on which I don't Know how to find it's "./wesnoth/userdata" folder, how do I publish my Campaigns?-Drake Raider)
==== License ====
You should note that by uploading anything to the campaign server, you say that you own the license to all content in your upload and that it is under the GPL. Whenever you upload or update your content pack, you will have to say "OK" to this statement: "All campaigns uploaded to this server must be licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). By uploading content to this server, you certify that you have the right to placethe content under the conditions of the GPL, and choose to do so."
== See Also ==
* [[Create]]
* [[BuildingCampaignsDistribution]]
* [[BuildingCampaignsThePBLFile]]
* [[PblWML]]

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