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  • setting up developer SVN access:
  • Keep the commit easy to revert if need be
  • no huge commit (hard to review), so when possible maybe split it in working part with info about where you are going
  • be on #wesnoth-dev IRC channel and coordinate with other developers
  • code should compile and work after commit
  • Don't mess with the art or music without approval from one of the art and music people.
  • clear commit message (can be several lines)
  • mention "bug #1234" in the commit message for automatic cc to that gna bug number
  • don't forget changelog
  • change status of fixed bugs to "Fixed" when committed
  • change status of fixed bugs to "Closed" when released (as stable or devel version)
    • if the bug is svn only (something that was existing as bug in svn but in no release) you can directly close the bug after fixing it
  • register to commit mailing list:
    • or get the list moderator to approve commit messages from you otherwise

  • threading model: SDL threads via src/thread.hpp
    • synchronization model
      • avoid multi-threading code as much as possible
      • if you don't see threading code you probably don't need to learn about it

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