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Legend of the Invincibles - Deadly units

I (User:Ashes) created this wiki page to share tips and tricks for Legend of the Invincibles, and mainly to share deadly units. This campaign has a gameply so different from the standard BfW game that the usual tricks are no more relevant. The start of the campaign is good to help the beginner, but some other things can only be learned later, when playing.

Boss killers

Sometimes, there is a villain with hundreds of hitpoints. One possibility is to carefully organise a long fight that will kill the villain. But in practice it is more efficient to have a boss killer that will kill it in one turn.

Berserker draining dwarf

My (User:Ashes) favourite boss killer. A Dwarvish Battlerager with a Soul Eclipse axe. Unless the enemy resists drain, or the enemy is very difficult to hit, this dwarf is deadly.

I also equipped my Dwarvish Battlerager with a Mithral Armour of Wrath (wrath is very useful for berserkers) and some additional but less important items (a Deadborn cloak to suck 2 health and to have 5% chance to strike a devastating blow; boots of Lightning agility and Lucky Farmer's Amulet to reduce chances of getting hit, gauntlets of Fiery Blood to be able to choose between fire damage and blade damage, ...)

Why is he better: Full fledged berserk means a huge number of attacks - either he dies or the target dies.

Destroyer (Part II equipment)

My (User:dabber) primary solo boss killer. Destroyer with Jawbreaker as his weapon, because that provides Mayhem (target damage drops after each hit). Need AMLAs for Battle Frenzy and its upgrades to give him 30 attacks. Jawbreaker provides only suck 2, but a little bit more suck from other items combined with his natural physical resistances mean he does fine.

Other major upgrades: Mystic Armour of the Untouchable (suck and dodge) Orb of Wrath (wrath) Fencer's Study AMLAs to increase physical resistance

Why is he better: Impact resistance is generally lower than other resistances. Mayhem reduces damage coming back, and means even if the target lives, it isn't so dangerous anymore.

I'm running a Demon Lord hunting group through The Last Crusade (end of chapter 9), with two Celestial Messengers (Legacy of Kings), a Duke, a Swordmaster (for Doom and Trickery via Stormrend) and this guy. With buffs, this guy can immediately kill many Demon Lords.

Lone warriors

Some units are quite good when sent alone behing the enemy lines.

Juggernaut of doom

An Elvish Juggernaut, doing 57-9 melee (blade, slow, disintegrate) and 36-9 ranged (pierce, marksman, slow) or 26-6 ranged (arcane, slow, drain, focused -- useful to drain hitpoints when regenerating is not enough).

Equipped with Doombringer sword, and Stormforce bow, and protected by a Prayer armour, a Gloomy Cloak, a Gloomy Amulet, a Gloomy Ring, Mighty Gauntlets, Elusive Boots and the Dark Helm of Destruction.

A full Dark Dragon Legacy, four AMLA for bow, two AMLA for sword, five AMLA to reduce chance to be hit by 10% and a few AMLA to increase physical resistances.

Icy Dragon Rider of Wrath

A Dragon Rider mainly doing 75-4 wrath (5) melee (ice, charge, slow, horrid, backstab) or 26-6 ranged (ice, slow, cone) and defensively 39-4 melee with drain and slow.

Equipped with a Holy Sword and a Return to the Tribe spear, and protected by a Horrid Ice Armour, a Ring of Iced Veins, Slow Boots, Draingloves, a Mask of Famine, a Leechward amulet and a Cloak of the Assassin Leader.

A full Ice Dragon Legacy, a full Raging/Wrathful Combat Techniques, five AMLA to command the dragon to bite better (and to eat in the process), five AMLA to have a tougher dragon.