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This artist has also been Imported into the unofficial Wesnoth Gallery. If you are the creator of this work and you wish to receive ownership of the album, please contact the admin


lastline_of_defense_464.png human_dark_warrior_110.png human_dark_warrior_portrait_303.png human_dark_warrior_819.png dragon_tounge_shimmerling_160.png jousting_lance_185.png human_jouster_moving_841.png warrior_sword_151.png whipper_the_stallion_167.png axe_mans_oath_855.png undead_mage_psyfeen_114.png undead_human_deaths_emblem_196.png dark_archers_longbow_aka_frenzy_bow_148.png dark_archers_missle_914.png human_dark_archer_495.png human_dark_guard_703.png human_dark_warrior_195.png hobit_theif_357.png undead_human_undead_leader_147.png undead_human_undead_leader_651.png undead_drake_scortch_125.png undead_human_deaths_emblem_160.png

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