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Chat Commands

These commands can be issued when you are connected to a MP server, both from the lobby and from a game. When in a game, enter the chat box(by pressing 'm') to enter commands, in the lobby use the lobby chat field.

All of the commands are prefixed with "/". Any lines starting with this character will be considered commands.
A similar listing is available via the /help command.


List all available commands. Use /help [command] to read a description of a command [command].

/query (or /q)

Send a query to the server. Without arguments the server should tell you the available commands.
You can also view the commands' descriptions here.


Send a message to all server moderators which also gets logged in case none is online. You can use this to report abuse, rule violations, etc.

/me or /emote [text]

Show [text] as an action from you in the chat.

/m [username] [message]
 (or /msg or /whisper)

Send a private message [message] to a player with nickname [username].
You can't send messages to players who control a side in a running game you are in.

/friend [username] [note]

Add a nickname [username] to your friends list, with an optional note attached.

/ignore [username]

Add a nickname [username] to your ignores list.

/remove [username]

Remove a nickname [username] from your friends or ignore list.

/list (or /display)

Print out your ignores and friends list. Only works for 1.12 and earlier.


Display the program's version number.


Drop your nickname. (terminate your nickname registration) (Not used in official servers.)

/info [username]

Request information about a registered nickname [username]: last seen time and registration date (only on the default server)


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