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Chat Commands

These commands can be issued when you are connected to a MP server, both from the lobby and from a game. When in a game, enter the chat box(by pressing 'm') to enter commands, in the lobby use the lobby chat field.

All of the commands are prefixed with "/". Any lines starting with this character will be considered commands.
A similar listing is available via the /help command.


List all available commands. Use /help [command] to read a description of a command [command].

/query (or /q)

Send a query to the server. Without arguments the server should tell you the available commands.
You can also view the commands' descriptions here.


Send a message to all server moderators which also gets logged in case none is online. You can use this to report abuse, rule violations, etc.

/me or /emote [text]

Show [text] as an action from you in the chat.

/m [username] [message]
 (or /msg or /whisper)

Send a private message [message] to a player with nickname [username].
You can't send messages to players who control a side in a running game you are in.

/friend [username] [note]

Add a nickname [username] to your friends list, with an optional note attached.

/ignore [username]

Add a nickname [username] to your ignores list.

/remove [username]

Remove a nickname [username] from your friends or ignore list.

/list (or /display)

Print out your ignores and friends list.


Display the program's version number.


Drop your nickname. (terminate your nickname registration) (Not used in official servers.)

/info [username]

Request information about a registered nickname [username]: last seen time and registration date (only on the default server)


Available but Not yet working

Features tied to these commands are not fully implemented and the commands won't do anything.
/details, join, /list, /part, /register, /room, /rooms /set, 

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