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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Northern Rebirth. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Since the Undead branch is currently not in use, the dialogue will not be shown here.

Death Dialogue


Krash: (Roars in pain)

Tallin: Krash!

Father Morvin: It’s no good, Tallin, he is gone.

Tallin: You wretched monsters! You are going to pay for this!

Camerin: Awww, I liked that guy!


Ro’Sothian: have had enough! Come on brother, let’s get outta here.

Tallin: Dang it! They’re gone, and the creatures they control are leaving too. Without them, this is hopeless.


Ro’Arthian: Dang it! They’re gone, and the creatures they control are leaving too. Without them, this is hopeless.

Tallin: Dang it! They’re gone, and the creatures they control are leaving too. Without them, this is hopeless.


Stalrag: Farewell, my friends. I now go to join my fallen brothers.

Shinsplitter: No, Stalrag! Without you what will become of the Shinsplitters?

Stalrag: Shinsplitters... join Tallin... He is your new... leader... trust... and... serve... him... as... you... have... served... me.

Tallin: Your death shall not go unavenged, brave Stalrag. DEATH TO THE ORCS!!

Shinsplitter: DIE, YOU FOUL SCUM!!


Tallin: Argh! I am finished, but our campaign must... not end... crush... our... enemies... and... save... our... people...

Supporter: No, Tallin, we can’t do it without you!


Eryssa: Alas, you must continue your mission without me!

Have Elenia

Elenia: Eryssa, no! Please don’t die!

Tallin: I am sorry, Elenia, we tried our best. (Sigh) I will never forget you, Eryssa.


Tallin: You wretches are going to pay for this! FORWARD, MEN!

Sister Thera


Sister Thera: Ahhhh! Save me, my husband!

Father Morvin: (Rolls eyes) Dramatic as always.

(It's alive!)

Father Morvin: Thera, when this is all over, you should paint your face and join a theater.

Sister Thera: Hey, don’t you always say that life is nothing but a drama?

Father Morvin: Yes, it may be a drama, but that’s no excuse for overacting!

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Who needs an excuse for overacting?


Sister Thera: Ahhhhhhh!

Father Morvin: You monsters think you are so tough don’t you? Well check this out.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: Whoa! That trick is a bit hard on the constitution.

Father Morvin: Well, be grateful that you are alive.

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Thank you, honey.

Father Morvin Thank the Lords of Light, not me!


Sister Thera: Ahhhhhhh!

Father Morvin: You incompetent fools, you think you can kill us? Good luck!

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: Ouch! That hurts. Let’s try not to do that again, shall we?


Sister Thera; Ack! Stupid slobbering beast!

Father Morvin: Your efforts to destroy us are in vain, you foul creature.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: There we go, payback time!


Sister Thera: Oh no, Morvin! We have failed in our mission to help Tallin!

Father Morvin: Failed? Never! The word failure is not in our dictionary.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: There we go, let’s give this one more shot!

Father Morvin: Just try not to kill yourself again.


Sister Thera: Alas! I am dying! Morvin darling, I wish you were beside me so that I may die in your arms! So that I may feel the kiss of your lips on mine one last time!

Have Morvin

Father Morvin; (Rolls eyes) Thera, do you always have to be so dramatic?

Supporter: Um... Father? Your wife just got killed...


(It's alive!)

Father Morvin: Thera, you should know by now that it is very unclerical to make such a spectacle of yourself.

Sister Thera: Come on, honey! Those were my dying words, after all!

Father Morvin: (Rolls eyes) Women!


Sister Thera: You cruel creature! How dare you use your brute strength against such a frail creature as me.

Father Morvin: Don’t worry, Thera, you will have plenty of opportunities to set him straight.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: That’s darned right!

Father Morvin: Thera! Language like that coming from you! You should really stop hanging around the dwarves so much.

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Sorry.

Father Morvin


Father Morvin: Alas! So... close.

Sister Thera: Hey, that’s not right. The good guys aren’t supposed to die. Oh well, I’ll fix that.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: There we go.

Father Morvin: Ahh yes, that’s better.


Father Morvin: Argh!

Sister Thera: You incompetent fools, you think you can kill us? Good luck!

(It's alive!)

Father Morvin: Ouch! That hurts. Let’s try not to do that again, shall we?


Father Morvin: Argh!

Sister Thera: Oh dear. Did you just go and get yourself killed again, Morvin? Well, I’ll fix that.

(It's alive!)

Have Thera

Sister Thera: Morvin! You bad boy, always getting into trouble.

Father Morvin: Sorry, won’t do it again. Promise!


Father Morvin: The forces of good can never be defeated by the likes of you!

Sister Thera: Yeah, try taking a bath and you might be able to kill him for good (Wink wink). But for the time being, abracadabra!

(It's alive!)

Have Thera

Father Morvin: I heard that, Thera.

Sister Thera: Hey, just trying to give him an incentive to drown himself.


Father Morvin: Argh!

Sister Thera: Stupid troll, maybe next time you should try killing someone who can be killed.

(It's alive!)


Father Morvin: Argh! I’ll just come back and finish you in my next life.

Sister Thera: Which might be sooner than you think.

(It's alive!)

Sister Thera: See?

Father Morvin: Now where did he go?!


Father Morvin: Ack! I have been brained!

Sister Thera: Eew! Gross! Ahh never mind, I’ll get you cleaned up good.

(It's alive!)

Have Thera

Father Morvin: Ahhh, Thera, you would make such a good housewife!

Sister Thera: Yes, if you would ever buy me a house! (Pouty face)

Father Morvin: Thera, don’t you think that this isn’t really a good time to talk about that?

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Sorry!


Elenia: Alas! My wanderings have come to an end.

Tallin: Blast it, we have lost a valuable ally.

Sister Thera: Farewell Elenia. May you find peace in your final journey.


Camerin: What... how can this happen?

Tallin: He was stark raving mad, but I am sure going to miss him.


Tallin: No! Without the dwarvish weapons we have no hope!

Scenario 1: Breaking the Chains

Story Text

Far to the north of Wesnoth, and hard by the dwarven caves of Knalga, there was once a thriving mixed community known as Dwarven Doors. Food, wood, and cloth from all over Wesnoth and many elvish lands as well were brought here to be sold to the dwarves, while ores, metals and worked dwarven manufactures were bought here to be traded throughout the surface nations. Dwarves and humans worked and lived side by side; even the elves who came to trade mingled more with the other kindred races than was common elsewhere. Dwarven Doors grew populous and wealthy.

The dwarves of Knalga, cannily reckoning the gains from trade, built strong fortifications around Dwarven Doors. The people who called it home, dwarven and human alike, knew that the wealth of their city might arouse envy from afar — hence they kept their weapons sharp, and reckoned themselves well able to fight off any bandit gang or petty warlord that could arise in the thinly-settled northlands.

For many years it was indeed so. Dwarven Doors was a peaceful and prosperous place. Until the orcs came...

The raids were mere probes, at first, and the orcs mere rabble. But they grew more numerous, and threatening, and the raiding parties became war-bands and then companies. Then there arose a great warlord among the Bloody Sword tribe, the chieftain called Khazg Black-Tusk; and he raised an army, and besieged Dwarven Doors.

It was a time of doom and great deeds, of fire and blood and slaughter. The men and dwarves of the city fought valiantly. But there were always, it seemed, more orcs to replace the slain, while the defenders could find no succor. Pleas for help went unheeded in other lands, for they were far away and felt unthreatened by the orcs, and were wrapped up in their own affairs and struggles.

After a year and a day of grim battle the city fell. Its streets ran with gore. The dwarves were pushed back into the caverns of Knalga, while the humans of Dwarven Doors who survived the sack were enslaved by the orcs. Cut off from contact with the surface, the dwarves of Knalga fought on, but knew their utter subjugation could not be averted forever.

Dark years passed; human generations grew up in slavery, and came near to forgetting that their ancestors had been free — and might have completely forgotten were it not for a fateful day in 518YW. That day that changed the lives of the people of Dwarven Doors — forever.

It was an early spring day like any other; the humans — joyless beneath the orcish whip — were dispiritedly planting the yearly crop. All at once, the war-drums of the orcs began pounding; harsh war-cries sounded as orcs mustered to gather their weapons and man their posts. Startled, the peasants looked around in alarm, and that was when they saw him.

He came charging out of the woods, his cape streaming in the breeze, his sword flashing quicker than thought, and all around him, the hated orcs fell. To his right fought an elderly mage whose deep voice boomed incantations over the clamor of the battle while the very earth shook with the power of his spells. To his left, glowing with faerie fire, was a great lord of the elves. They were followed closely and supported by a small but powerful elvish army.

Word quickly spread among the humans that this hero was none other than Prince Konrad of Wesnoth, faring to the ruins of Knalga to retrieve the Sceptre of Fire and use it to save his homeland from the rule of a tyrant, and they stood, rooted to their places in awe.

As quickly as it had begun, it was over. Konrad reached the entrance to the tunnels and ushered his men through. Then he turned one last time to face the peasants. Raising his sword in salute and farewell, he called out to them: “Hold fast your hope, for one day you shall be free!” Then he was gone.

After that day, nothing could be the same. Hope rose in their hearts like a flame long-smothered but rekindled. The brightest and boldest of them began to plan and to train in secret. And the orcish masters, grown stupid from their own arrogance, did not see.

There was one among these peasants named Tallin. He had been a little child, barely out of his mother’s arms, when Konrad broke the Orcish host. But he never forgot that day. His father was a weaponsmith, his family used less brutally than most because the orcish masters put more value on that craft. In secret, his mother even taught him letters. As the boy grew to young manhood, he could touch blades, and dream. And he did.

Then one day Al’Tar, the current ‘master’ of Dwarven Doors, was attacked by a neighboring tribe of orcs. Tallin seized his moment. Using knowledge born of years of watching, listening and planning, he managed to steal a few weapons and a small amount of Al’Tar’s gold. He fled to an abandoned ruin in the forest to rally his fellow peasants.

Introductory Dialogue

Tallin: The orcs have gotten careless — look how easily I stole these weapons and this bright gold from them. Now they’re killing each other. This might be the only chance we got to get rid of this scum once and for all. Let’s give it to ’em!

Zlex: Brave words, Tallin, but moon-touched crazy ones. You have weapons for fewer than a dozen men. None of us has any armor, or any training. What are the rest of us going to fight them with, pitchforks?!

Tallin: There’s nothing wrong with pitchforks, I’ll give these orcish weapons to any man among you who wants to take ’em and fight with a pitchfork myself. We easily outnumber the orcs, not to speak of the fact that they are killing each other.

Zlex: But their wolves run faster than we can walk, and their swords are sharper than our farm tools.

Tallin: We must use our strength of numbers. Stay shoulder-to shoulder with the man next to you; never get isolated, especially not on open ground. Swarm them — surround them, five or six to one, and they will go down.

Zlex: But still, Tallin, this is going to be a slaughter.

Tallin: (Sigh) Yes, well I know it. But would you rather live as slaves to the orcs forever?

Zlex: Never! I would rather die!

Tallin: Then it’s time to fight!

Al’Tar: You clod of dung! How dare you step onto my land!

Garrugch: You puny weakling, this land now belongs to my master! Surrender now and he might let you be his slave.

Al’Tar: Pah! Grunts, attack! Whoever brings me the head of Garrugch will get five villages!

Attack Orcs

Orc: Ack! These bloody slaves are always getting in the way. Let’s give them a beating!

Garrugch: Haha! Look boys, that weakling Al’Tar can’t even keep his slaves under control.

Spawn Trolls

Moved Unit: This is one of the entrances to the dwarven caves.

Aaaaah! Trolls! The caves are infested with trolls!

Tallin Dies

Tallin: I die now, you orcish scum, but I die free! More will come after me. We will rise again and again until we work a fitting vengeance on you!

Al’Tar: Pah! Grunts, put the rest of those peasant rabble back in chains.

Al’Tar Dies

Al’Tar: What the...? (Gurgle) Hey! Look... a slave... uprising!

Killer: (Stab)

Al’Tar: Ugh!

Killer: Not a very bright one, was he?

Garrugch Dies

Garrugch: No! I have failed in my mission!

Victory Dialogue

Tallin: Yes! We did it! We are free!

(Khrula appears)

Khrula: Garrugch failed in mission, but Al’tar dead by peasant slaves. Better tell the Master.

Master needs more meat for wolves. Peasants good meat.

Scenario 2: Infested Caves

Story Text

Ill-armed and untrained though they were, the people of Dwarven Doors rose against the Orcs. Although their losses had been tremendous, never once did they break or falter. In the end, the orcish host was smashed and the survivors sent scurrying for their lives.

Grief for the fallen could not suppress the people’s joy in their newfound freedom. They ransacked the orcish storehouses, sang, danced and drank with abandon. New-fledged warriors boasted of their deeds in the battle, while the women and children looked on with awe.

Amidst all the revelry, Tallin alone remained grave. He knew it likely that the orcs would return with a vengeance and slaughter every last one of them. The following morning, he gathered the cooler heads about him so they could set their next course. How might they, untrained in the art of war and without expectation of aid from the prosperous human lands of the south, defend themselves?

The war council’s thoughts quickly turned to the dwarves, close allies in the past. However, nobody knew the state of things in the Knalgan tunnels. The bravest of scouts found in there the spoor of many trolls, and of creatures darker than trolls. It was even rumored that the dwarven dead from the invasion of Knalga had risen in unlife, roaming the tunnels to slay the living. Fighting through all manner of unknown monsters in the mere hope of finding surviving dwarves held but little appeal.

So the matter lay, and the peasants dithered from one suggested plan of action to the next, never arriving at any conclusion. In the meantime, some help, unlooked for, arrived in the form of a small band of woodsrunners — escapees from the orcs, grown wood-wise and crafty, and in contact with larger bands of poachers and outlaws roaming the night. Embassies were sent; agreements made. A handful of experienced fighters, scarred and closemouthed, came to Dwarven Doors to find and train the most willing in their rugged fighting style.

A fortnight after their victory, the town was awakened from slumber in the dead of night by the distant booming of orcish drums. Scouts training with the nightrunners returned to cry the news that a strong orcish company was approaching. Frightened as they had never been before, the folk of Dwarven Doors looked to Tallin for guidance.

Faced with certain destruction at the hands of the orcs, or a fate unknown in the caves of Knalga, Tallin chose the latter. The people quickly gathered together and collected whatever food and weapons they could and plunged into the darkness of the caves.

Introductory Dialogue

Supporter: So here we are...

(Trip) Oof!

Great idea, Tallin, I probably couldn’t even fight a bat down here.

Bat: Neep Neep!

Supporter: Ahhhh!

Tallin: Calm down. Come what may, we’ll handle them. Come on now, let’s find those dwarves!

Find Camerin

Camerin: Prepare to die, you foul orc!

Unit: Hold it! I am no orc, I am a human!

Camerin: A human! Amazing, I haven’t seen a human ever since the orcs attacked.

Unit: How have you managed to survive all this time?

Camerin: By frying every orc, troll or skeleton I come across. Duh! Those monsters desecrated my life’s work, now I shall not rest till I send every last one of them to hell! Oh, and just between me and you, it is actually good fun — more fun anyway than sitting on your backside studying all day...

Unit: ... Uh ok!

Camerin: But silly me, where are my manners? Would you like to come inside for tea?

Unit: Um... err... well actually we are presently busy fighting our way through hordes of trolls and skeletons trying to find the dwarves... if there are any left.

Camerin: Hordes of trolls and skeletons! Where?! Let’s go burn ’em all!

Unit: Er... ok...

Unit: whisper: Is it safe to have this lunatic with us?

Camerin Attacks

Camerin: Burn, you disgusting filth!

Defender: Ahhh! Fire!

Camerin Kills

Camerin: Yeah! Die, scum, die!

Proceed too far into Caves

Unit: This tunnel keeps on going...

Tallin: I think we should finish searching this part of Knalga first before we go deeper into the caves.

See Undead

Supporter: Grim Gods of Darkness, what are those things!

Tallin: Skeletons!

Supporter: Look at the axes they bear. At one time those skeletons must have been dwarves!

Tallin: Stand firm, men. The dwarven defenders of Knalga rise again. Now it remains to be seen whether or not they recognize us as friends.

Undead Attack

Supporter: They are attacking us!

Tallin: Destroy them!

Find Northern/Southern Doors


Unit: Hey look, it’s an ancient door. It seems the trolls were too stupid to find how to open it.


Unit: Hey look, it’s an ancient door. It seems the skeletons were too stupid to find how to open it.


Tallin: Well, let’s see what’s behind it.

Unit: All right. (Grunt… strain…) It’s not moving. It seems to be stuck.

Tallin: Well, just kick it down then.

Unit: … Right.


See Dwarves

Dwarf: Stand where ye be, you... Och! A human!

Tallin: Greetings from the people of Dwarven Doors, friend.

Dwarf: Dwarven Doors? I thought ye surface humans had been enslaved or slain by the orcs years ago.

Tallin: Yes, we were enslaved, but we rose against Al’Tar and defeated his warband. In order to stay free, we seek help and equipment from our old allies, the dwarves.

Dwarf: Och, the dwarves of Knalga are themselves in desperate straits — but we havena’ forgotten the old bonds. Be welcome to our keep. Aye, and have speech with our chieftain, the Lord Hamel.

Tallin: Very well.

Mushroom Farm

Unit: Wow, this place is interesting.

Hamel: This is how we get our food, me lad. Since we are a tad close to the surface here, some sunlight shines down through the cracks in the roof. If we baby the plants, we can usually get enough. They taste unco’ foul but that’s how we ha’ survived all these long years.

Turn 9

Supporter: Tallin, this situation is hopeless — there are endless monsters swarming from all directions!

Tallin: We are in a dire situation indeed — but just see — the trolls and the skeletons are also attacking each other. We must all stay together in one group; let each man support the man next to him. If our ranks are imposing enough the monsters may shy away from us in favor of easier prey.

Supporter: But still, Tallin, we will take losses, and for each one of us, there is no replacement — whereas for every monster we kill, it seems that two more come to take its place!

Tallin: Which is why we must make haste to find the dwarves. Dwarves are hardy creatures and they know their caves backwards and forwards — so I am sure at least some must have survived! Indeed, this is our only hope for otherwise, be it on the surface or be it down here, any way we turn we face certain destruction!

Reach a Keep

Hamel: Well met, Tallin. My men have told me of your victory against Al’Tar.

Tallin: Thank you and well-met indeed, Lord Hamel.

Supporter: Whew, we did it!

Camerin: Awww! Are we done already?

Hamel Dies

Messenger: Tallin, we have just received the news that the dwarvish Lord Hamel has just been slain. We are too late!

Tallin: No! Without the dwarvish weapons we have no hope!

Defeat Enemies

Found Dwarves

Tallin: Good, we managed to clear the caves... for now, anyway. Now let’s get to the dwarven keep and dicker for better weapons.


Tallin: Good, there are no more monsters lurking in these parts of the tunnels. I think I can hear the clamor of dwarves just ahead. Come on men, let’s go meet them.

Victory Without Camerin

Camerin: Hey, what’s going on in here?

Admirer: We are killing lots of trolls and skeletons.

Camerin: Really! Did you save any for me?

Admirer: Uh, not really…

Camerin: Awww!

Admirer: But hey, if you want to join us, I am sure we will be fighting a lot more orcs, trolls and skeletons in the near future.

Camerin: Really! Oh yeah, I am in!

Tallin: That was rather odd. Who is this guy?

Found Dwarves

Hamel: Oh, dinna’ mind him, that’d be Camerin. He used to be yer usual scholarly mage, and he moved awa’ up here to be alone and study. But then when the orcs invaded he went a little loony. My guess is that some roving orcs ransacked his place and burnt his notes or something. Whatever it was, he couldna’ take it and became fey. Ever since he has been roving these caves destroying any manner of monster that he comes across. They all give him a very wide berth by now. So just be polite, give him some room and you’ll find he is relatively harmless...

Scenario 3: To the Mines

Story Dialogue

After reaching the dwarvish keep and tending to their wounded the humans led by Tallin and the dwarves led by Lord Hamel made council.

Hamel: Be welcome to the Southern Tunnels, friends... or at least, what’s left o’ them.

Tallin: Thank you, Lord Hamel. Though Knalga lies in chaos, it is a great relief to see that at least some dwarves have survived.

Hamel: Thank you, human. It is likewise a great relief to see that our allies of old have managed to break their bonds, and live as free men once again.

Tallin: Yes, that touches on the main reason for our visit. We have broken free, but to stay free we need better weapons and armor. Clubs and pitchforks will not carry us through the long run.

Dwarves are known to be the finest metalworkers and weapon-smiths. We were hoping that you would be able to help us.

Hamel: Aye, our craft is great... but we dinna’ ha’ much of weapons and armor ourselves. We’re but a remnant that survived the orcs’ in-taking of these caves. There may be other remnants; but if there are, we dinna’ yet ken of them.

Tallin: If you don’t mind me asking, Lord Hamel, how exactly did you manage to survive the orcish invasion? And since it was the orcs who reduced Knalga to this sorry state — where are they now? From what I have seen, it is mostly trolls and skeletons who lately haunt these caves.

Hamel: Oh, there are orcs enough down here, but ye’ll not likely see them; they hide from us like vermin. You see, lad, in these caves there is no more fearsome a foe then a dwarf. Not only do we move through the caves swiftly, but we know them like the backs of our hands. The orcs did indeed manage to swamp our defenses with their sheer numbers all those long years ago, but not before we surprised and slew their leader — the cursed Khazg Black-Tusk. Since then, although the orcs still foul these caves with their stench, their attacks have been uncoordinated and erratic, wi’ the orcs as likely to attack each other as they are to attack us.

In more recent years, however, I ha’ noticed that there have been fewer orcs and more skeletons around. The orcs seem to fear them and shy away from them whenever possible, but their troll allies are another matter. Yon trolls actually seem to take great pleasure out of crushing the skeletons to the dust and sucking any marrow that remains in their bones...

Tallin: What is the story with those skeletons anyway? They look like they were dwarves when they lived, but now they just seem to be mindless killers, attacking anyone and anything.

Hamel: In truth, we ha’ no idea. They just started appearing one day some years after we were trapped here — by ones and twos in the beginning, and now by the hordes. We were fair frightened when we first encountered them, but we soon discovered they fell to our hammers just as readily as the orcs fell to our axes. So, it is not their existence I fear — for we have faced far worse trials — but their rising numbers gives cause for worry...

Tallin: Well, we are here with you now Lord Hamel, and in exchange for proper weapons, we will gladly assist you in clearing these caves of monsters.

Hamel: That is the problem lad, we ha’ been stranded in these tunnels for years now, almost completely cut off from sources of food or metals or tools. It ha’ been as much as we could do to survive. We’ll get more food again now that we can reach the surface, and tools aplenty there are in the stores where we couldna’ reach while the orcs and trolls held them. But metal will be scarce for a while yet; ore will have to be brought in for smelting, first.

Tallin: So, is there not any source of good ores nearby?

Hamel: Aye, there is. A few miles north of here is the place where we mined many of our raw metals. However, that place also seems to be where all those skeletons are coming from. For all that we have managed to hold the skeletons off in our own keep, I dare not venture right into their lair. To go there would mean certain death.

Tallin: With all respect, my Lord Hamel, we the people from Dwarven Doors have faced certain death many times now. Rising up against the orcs was said to be certain death. Plunging headfirst into these bleak caves was said to be certain death. If our fate is death then so be it. Until that time comes, my people will fight and I will lead them to fight!

Hamel: Och, human though ye be, ye speak very like a dwarf, lad. Form up, men! To the mines! Let the guardsmen stay behind along with the noncombatants — for their safety and to hold the keep.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Hoping to bypass the monsters which seemed to lurk at every corner in the caves, the humans and the dwarves returned to the surface hoping to speedily reach the mines. However, once they left the caves they found that they faced a new threat.

Pruol: Hey look, there is our meat! Come on, boys, lunchtime!

Supporter: I don’t think so, buddy.

Kill Pruol

Pruol: Argh! They are stronger then we thought. Someone go tell the Master...

Supporter: What’s with this ‘Master’ business? It’s starting to make me nervous.

Reach Mines

Tallin: Here is the entrance to the dwarven mines. In we go!

Pruol: Hey, there goes our lunch! Hmmm, they are stronger then we thought, let’s go tell Master.

Supporter: What’s with this whole ‘Master’ business? It’s starting to make me nervous.

Scenario 4: Clearing the Mines

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: When the party finally reached the mines they were not disappointed.

Hamel: Behold! The Dwarven Mines.

Look at yon canal. Dwarves built it to transport mined metals deeper into Knalga. And d’ye ken those two rooms, one to the north-west and the other to the south-east? If we could capture those, we would gain o’ great tactical advantage.

Supporter: Grim gods of darkness! The whole place is swarming with undead! They have raised corpses to do their work.

Tallin: And they seem to have good security, too. Look, most of the fortifications are repaired and they have those nasty skeletons everywhere.

Supporter: Fortunately, this entrance seems to be in disrepair. It doesn’t look like they have noticed us yet.


Hamel: (Wince).

Supporter: Oops, I spoke too soon.

Camerin: Maybe he needs a fireball...


Malifor: Who goes there? Ahhh, more slaves, I see.

Tallin: Others have made that mistake before. Who are you?

Malifor: Who am I? (Cackles wildly) I am Malifor the Great, the master of death! These tunnels, haunted by the ghosts of the dead dwarves of Knalga, are the domain of my power.

Hamel: You dared disturb the rest of those brave dwarves? You shall pay in blood!

Malifor: HAHAHAHA! Your petty temper tantrums are most amusing, you puny dwarf. Soon I will finish the slaughter that the orcs have begun so promisingly, and Knalga will be all mine! From there I will sweep the whole north of all living creatures, and then swoop down upon Wesnoth!

Hamel: Quit your ranting, you wretched bag of bones! Prepare to return to the dust!

Malifor: HAHAHAHA! Such vast threats from one so small? HAHAHA!

But‚Äì My my, what do we have here? — Tallin.

Supporter: He knows your name, Tallin. I don’t like the looks of this.

Malifor: Oh yes, I know you, Tallin. I have been watching you for a long time. You are a perfect candidate to become one of my immortal generals.

Tallin: …!

Malifor: Look around you, Tallin; see all the power, see all of the wealth, the glory, the pleasure that the realm of death has to offer. Think of the great empire of Knalga; it can be yours. Come, share it with me!

Supporter: Tallin! Get hold of yourself!

Malifor: It’s very easy, Tallin... See that little vermin by your side? Take out your knife... cut his throat... feel his hot blood pump over your hands... sacrifice him!

Tallin: (Shakes head) I reject your evil. Attack, men! Let us rid the good green world of this rotting filth!

Hamel: Aye! That’s the way of it, lad! For the murdered dwarves of Knalga! Attack!

Malifor: You fool! You will pay for your folly with your life.

Tallin: Yeah, right, buddy.

Turn 20

Malifor: These little vermin are making progress! This is unacceptable. Rise my minions — gorge on the flesh of these scurrying little rats!

Tallin: Look out everyone, something is coming out of the canals! Already the water is churning and clogging with their filth. Get back and brace yourselves.

Necrophage: Fooood!

Supporter: Lords of Light, what kind of vile creation are those things!

Camerin: Out of all of a necromancer’s creations, I must say those things are the most tortured and vilest. They have an insatiable hunger for flesh and mindlessly shrug of all manner of damage to get it. Even my fire bolts have a slightly lesser effect on them.

Oh, and try to stay away from their claws. If you get even one scratch, and don’t get it treated quickly, you will soon find yourself weak, sick and unable to fight further.

Hamel: Bah! They look like fat slugs to me. Come on boys, let’s chop them to pieces before they can leave the canal.

Malifor Dies

Malifor: HAHAHA, you puny weaklings think you can destroy me? Fools! You will all soon be serving me!

Killer: Oh no, he just... disappeared.

Victory Dialogue

Tallin: We have finally secured the mines. But what should we do about that foul lich? He is a menace to all that lives, and must be ended.

Hamel: Aye! We’ll have to lay both his skeletons and himself to final rest before these caves will be fit for dwarvenkind again.

Tallin: But I’m sore vexed. We need better weapons. Luck and spirit can carry us only so far.

Hamel: Aye. We must do both. I’m thinking it might be best if I muster my folk to start on the weapon-making while you and your followers pursue yon lich. By the time you’ve laid him to final rest and return here, we’ll ha’ made a good start on the work.

Tallin: So it shall be.

Dwarf: With all respect, Lord Hamel, some o’ us would like to fare forth with Tallin. He’s lucky, he is — or he makes his own luck.

Hamel: And so it shall be. You’ve my leave and welcome. Try to keep the lad safe...

Dwarf: Thank you, Lord Hamel.

Scenario 5: The Pursuit

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Leaving most of the dwarves behind, Tallin and the rest of his party set off to pursue the Sorcerer.

Tallin: There he goes! Quick, get him!

Revenant: I don’t think so, you living vermin.

Tallin: We’ll have to kill these revenants to get after him. There are only two of them, so they shouldn’t last long.

Enter First Chamber

Unit: Uh... Which way?

Tallin: Blast it! We lost him.

It makes no difference in the end, because we will hunt him down and crush him to powder. HEAR THAT, YOU OLD SKELETON?

Malifor: (Faint cackle of laughter in the distance)

Camerin: Yeah! This is gonna be fun!

Tallin: Let us proceed with caution. Nobody is to go off by himself. We don’t know what could be lurking in these tunnels.

Side Chamber I


Narrator: The Dungeon

Raise Alarm

Trevor: They are trying to free the prisoners! Stop them!

Tallin: Good luck, my friend.

Free Morvin

Father Morvin: Finally! I am free. Lord Tallin, I am forever in your debt! We will follow you to the end of the world if need be.

Tallin: It’s just ‘Tallin’, no ‘Lord’. And no problem.

Have Thera

Sister Thera: Morvin!

Father Morvin: Thera!

Unit: Please, folks, not now.

Sister Thera: Oh, sorry.


Tallin: Who are you? How did you end up down here?

Father Morvin: I am called Father Morvin. My wife, Thera and I were advisers and healers for the dwarvish nobles. We could not shield them from the wrath of Khazg Black-Tusk, but we survived the orcs and trolls — only to be captured by these skeletons.

Tallin: Funny, why would the bonebag keep you as his prisoners? He doesn’t really seem to be the merciful type.

Father Morvin: He didn’t keep us alive out of mercy, he wanted to study us to see if there was a way to counteract our arcane attacks. His kind are very vulnerable to such attacks.

Tallin: Indeed, that is good to know. But you are now free to go wherever you like. May the Lords of Light guide your path.

Father Morvin: As I have said, Tallin, I am eternally in your debt, and I take my debts seriously. If you have no objection, I will serve you until one of us departs this life.

Tallin: Oh, think nothing of it. Let no talk of debts come between us; rather let us join hands as allies in restoring these Northlands to sanity.

Father Morvin: Thank you, Tallin.

Father Morvin Dies

Tallin: Wow! That’s incredible. Now I understand why the bag of bones kept you guys in jail; he just simply couldn’t kill you!

Sister Thera: (Giggle)

Free Thera

Sister Thera: Freedom at last. Thank you, Lord Tallin.

Tallin: Just ‘Tallin’. I am no Lord, just a humble peasant trying to restore our people to freedom.

Have Morvin

Sister Thera: Morvin!

Father Morvin: Thera!

Unit: Please, folks, not now.

Sister Thera: Oh, sorry.


Tallin: Who are you? How did you end up down here?

Sister Thera: I am called Sister Thera. My husband Morvin and I were advisers and healers for the dwarvish nobles of Knalga. We could not save them from Khazg Black-Tusk’s troops, but we survived the orcs and trolls only to be captured when these skeletons appeared.

Tallin: Funny, why would the bonebag keep you as his prisoners? He didn’t seem to be the merciful type.

Sister Thera: He didn’t keep us alive out of mercy, he wanted to study us to see if there was a way to counteract our arcane attacks. His kind are very vulnerable to such attacks, as I am sure you know by now.

Tallin: Indeed, that is good to know. But you are now free to go wherever you like. May the Lords of Light guide your path.

Sister Thera: If you have no objection, Tallin, we would like to join you. These northlands are hardly safe these days for anyone to be traveling on their own, and we could lend valuable help to your cause.

Tallin: Very well, you are most welcome to join us.

Sister Thera: Thank you, Tallin.

Free Elenia

Unit: Oh my, she is almost dead!

Have Thera

Sister Thera: Here, let me see her.

Tallin: Was that a teleport you just did? Wow, you guys are good!

Father Morvin: (Wink… wink.)

Sister Thera: Here, this will help her.

Elenia: Uh... where... am... I...?

Sister Thera: You are in the dungeons of Malifor. These brave people have just released you.

Elenia: ... Thanks.

Tallin: No problem. Sister Thera, you take care of her. If she wants to join us she would make a powerful ally.

Elenia: Yes, I would... like to join... you Lord Tallin.

Tallin: Just Tallin; I am no lord. But gee, that sure is some powerful spell you used on her, Sister. She is looking better already.

Elenia: And I feel better too. Now let’s get back at that disgusting skeleton.


Tallin; I wish we had some healers with us. Just try to help her the best you can.

Unit: Here, I hope that helps.

Elenia: Uh... where... am... I...?

Unit: You are in the dungeons of Malifor. We have just released you.

Elenia: ... Thanks.

Tallin: No problem. Just take it easy. If you would like to join us your help could mean life or death for a lot of us.

Elenia: Yes, I would... like to join... you Lord Tallin.

Tallin: Just Tallin, I am no lord. And you are looking better already.

Elenia: Oh, just a few tricks I know, otherwise I probably would be dead by now. But let’s get back at that disgusting skeleton.


Tallin: Why did the bag of bones capture you in the first place?

Elenia: Because he thought I was pretty.

Tallin: That old skeleton? Geez, what a nutcase.

Elenia: You’re telling me.

Free Krash

Unit: Holy cow! What did I just let out of that cage! Look out everyone.

Camerin: Oooooh, cool, it’s a drake!

Krash: (Whimper)

Unit: Bright Gods, such a fierce creature whimpering! What the heck have they done to it?

Camerin: The bastards!

Father Morvin: Probably another one of Malifor’s experiments.

Tallin: I don’t know, see if it talks.

Unit: Hey, big guy. We aren’t gonna hurt you. We wanna be your friends.

Krash: ... Not... going... to... hurt... me?

Tallin: Hey, it talks!

Camerin: It’s a ‘he’, and yes, they’re actually very intelligent creatures.

Unit: Hush! I am trying to talk to him. Nope, we’ll never hurt you. But if you want to you can hurt some skeletons.

Krash: Skeletons! GRRRR!!

Unit: Look out! He is ready to go! Hey, is that smoke coming out of his ears?

And look at this, there is some sort of opening in the back of his cell...

Krash: It’s an escape tunnel. The hole wasn’t big enough for me to go through but one you little guys you might fit.

Unit: Hmmm, it is pretty small, let’s see if we can make it bigger.

There we go. Now let’s see where this tunnel leads to.

Krash Attacks


Supporter: Whoa! Maybe he isn’t so friendly after all... or at least to some things.

=See Water in a Tunnel

Unit: (Sigh) Great. More water. And there doesn’t seem to be anything down this tunnel, either friend or foe.

Find Dwarves

Dulcatas: Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?

Unit: Depends. Are you loyal to Malifor?

Dulcatas: Never! If you ha’ been sent by Malifor, then know that we will never yield! Come and meet your death!

Unit: Hold! We aren’t friends of Malifor in the least. Rather, we have come to destroy him.

Dulcatas: Finally! You don’t know how long we have been waiting for this day.

Unit: How did you get here and how long have you been here?

Dulcatas: We were originally prisoners of Malifor, but we tunneled out and escaped. Since then, we have eked out a precarious survival on what we have been able to steal or raid from Malifor.

Unit: By now you have tunnels all through this place.

Dulcatas: Aye. That seemingly blank wall to the south there is actually a hidden entrance to the treasury.

Unit: Awesome, let’s go!

Open Entrance

Unit: Here we go.

Treasury Not Alerted

Treasury Guard: Intruders! Get them!

Unit: Bring it on!

Side Chamber II


Narrator: The Treasury

Unit: The Treasury! Cool, let’s go loot some booty!


Treasury Guard: Intruders! Get them!

Supporter: Bring it on!


Chest I

Unit: Wow! There is at least 1,000 gold in here!

Chest II

Unit: Holy Gods of Light! 500 gold!

Chest III

Unit: 800 gold! We’re rich!!

Chest IV

Unit: What a hoard! 2,000 gold!

Chest V

Unit: 500 gold! Not bad!

Chest VI

Unit: 10,000 gold! Wow! Where is that bag of bones getting all this?

Side Chamber III


Narrator: The Great Chamber

Unit: ‘The Great Chamber’? Hmmm, wonder what that could be.

Spider Ambush

Unit: So this is the Great Chamber eh? Doesn’t look like there is much to see here.

Narrator: (Rumble)

Unit: Perhaps I spoke too soon...

Narrator: (Crash)

Unit: What was that? Oh, woe — two big slabs of rock cutting off our retreat!

Narrator: (Crash)

Giant Spider: Hsssss

Unit: This doesn’t look good.

Supporter: ‘Great Chamber’, my foot! This is a death chamber!

Abhai Finds Rod of Justice

Abhai: The Rod of Justice! What in the world is it doing all the way down here?

Tallin: What do you have there, Abhai?

Abhai: This is the Great Rod of Justice, my boy. It was an ancient artifact even when I was young. They say it was crafted by the Great Gods themselves, and given to the first true Ruler of Men to ensure peace, harmony and above all — justice. For hundreds of years it did just that, for during the time it was wielded by men, the ruling class never became corrupt, the people never lacked justice and neither evil nor wars troubled the land.

Tallin: Well, if you don’t mind me saying — that certainly isn’t the state of affairs now. Knalga lies in ruins, orcs ravage the surface, and these dark and evil creatures haunt the underground passages. In the meantime, Wesnoth is said to be ruled by the wicked and cruel queen Asheviere, while the rightful heir must have long since perished in his vain quest for the Sceptre of Fire.

Abhai: Ahh, with the Rod of Justice down here it is to be expected. Come Tallin, either you or one of your trusted men must wield this staff and bring peace and justice back into this world.

Tallin: Why can’t you wield it, Abhai?

Abhai: I am a creature of the past, and thus my time to wield it is long gone. This is your era, Tallin, and thus it is your responsibility to see to it that your people receive peace, prosperity and justice. Quickly, come forth or send one of your men for time is waning.

Tallin: Very well.

Narrator: Should this unit pick up the Rod of Justice?

Take Rod

Narrator: Take it

Unit: Wow! This thing is... incredible!

I wonder what such a powerful artifact is doing hidden all the way back here...

Camerin: That’s... that’s the Rod of Justice!

Tallin: Do you know anything about it, Camerin?

Camerin: I don’t think there is a person alive who knows anything more solid than rumors and legends. There are very few people who even knows it exists!

Tallin: How did you come to know of it?

Camerin: Some of the most ancient elvish legends make some vague mention of this artifact. But beyond that…

Tallin: Interesting. I wonder who — or what — could have created such a powerful artifact. There must be one heck of a story behind this thing.

Leave Rod

Narrator: Leave it

Side Chamber IV


Narrator: Malifor the Great’s Study

Unit: There we go! This way, guys!

Find Holy Water

Unit: Holy water! For a certainty, those skeletons won’t like us getting our hands on this stuff. But that’s probably why they kept them back here in the first place.

Unit: Oh yeah, holy water!


Narrator: Warning! These bottles contain toxic waste. Causes disintegration on contact.

Unit: Ha ha, for skeletons anyway.

Signpost II

Narrator: Warning! These bottles contain toxic waste. Causes disintegration on contact.

Unit: (Rolls eyes) Oh, the hazardous life of a skeleton.

Find South Door

Unit: A door, and a big, big lock, hmmm...

Sorry folks, this is just too tempting.


Find North Door

Unit: Hmmm, this door sure is locked up pretty tight. I wonder what’s behind it.



Study Guard: They are attacking the master’s study! We must stop them! Call the reserves!

Unit: ‘The master’s study’ eh? I bet we’ll find Malifor there!

Side Chamber V


Narrator: Caution! Tunnel flooded and infested with aquatic monsters. Enter at the risk of your life.

Unit: Interesting. It seems like someone really doesn’t want us going down this tunnel.

Tentacle Monster

Unit: Hey, an underground lake.

Ack! What are those things!

Camerin: Oh yeah, those things. Watch out, they are the arms of some sort of underwater creature. They’ll try to pummel you to death, then drag you under for dinner.

Tallin: Then how do we get past? I can see that the passage continues to both the north and south and we haven’t found Malifor yet…

Camerin: Creatures of that type regenerate over time; it’s doubtful we can destroy it completely. But if we destroy its arms we’ll be relatively safe until they regenerate.

Tallin: Let’s get to it, then.

See Wraith

Unit: Hmm, what is this thing?

Abhai: EEEEEE!

Unit: AHHHH!

Abhai: ... Wait a second, who are you?

Unit: I... I am one of Tallin’s men...

Abhai: Who is this ‘Tallin’?

Tallin: I am.

Abhai: What is your purpose in coming here?

Tallin: We seek the lich Malifor.

Abhai: Malifor...! (Goes a bit paler (if possible)) What business do you have with him?

Tallin: We seek to crush and destroy him.

Abhai: Oh, thank the Gods of Light! Finally there is someone here in force to deal with that menace. You must have been sent by the High Kalian of Hiera’Shirsha?

Tallin: The what?

Camerin: Err, I think we might be in different... uh... time zones, here.

Abhai: I beg your pardon. Say, what year is it anyway?

Tallin: Uh... 534YW...

Abhai: Huh?! Can’t be, the last year I remember it was 14,318AD!

Tallin: ?

Camerin: Different calendars, folks.

Tallin: I see, but say, who are you?

Abhai: What? How can you not know who I am?

Tallin: The times have changed, my friend.

Abhai: Right... sorry about that. My name is Lord Abhai and I am... or was... the ruler of the great kingdom of Garet-Desh.

Tallin: What happened to you? Why are you a ghost?

Abhai: I grew old and died as all men do and entered the land of the dead. I don’t know how long I dwelt there, I was wrenched from my peace and forced into this ectoplasmic body by a terrible power.

Tallin: Let me guess. Malifor?

Abhai: Indeed. He tried to break my spirit into mindless slavery, but I resisted his power and fled. I have been hiding in these flooded tunnels ever since. Some monster that Malifor’s minions greatly fear lives in these waters; they do not molest me here.

Tallin: Would you join us to defeat this evil creature?

Abhai: Wouldn’t miss it. Maybe after he is destroyed me and my kind can live... er... be dead peacefully.

Keep following these flooded tunnels. I think they might lead you directly to Malifor.

Tallin: Great! Forward, men!

The Land of Dead Things

Unit: Ugh, a dead body!

Unit: Here’s another body.

Unit: And another…

Unit: Gee, what’s with all these bodies floating around? Is this river some sort of body disposal?

A Dead End

Unit: Just great, I am cold, wet, and tired and what have we here? Another dead end. This place is starting to get on my nerves!

Sea Serpent

Unit: Ssssh! I hear something.

Cave Serpent: ROOOAAARRR!

Unit: Ahhh!

Find Nagas

Unit: Hold it, people, there is something just ahead!

Naga Warrior: (Sniff) I smell humans.

Naga Fighter: You are just plain deaf. I heard them coming from a mile off.

Naga Warrior: Ahh, shut up. Let’s go kill them.

Doors to Malifor

By Spiders

Unit: Hmmm, another door. Boy, is this one sure locked up.

Tallin: Anything you can’t handle?

Unit: Nope. Should I open it?


Narrator: Go for it!


Unit: There we go.


Narrator: Just wait a sec.

Unit: Very well.

Main Door

Unit: It looks like this is it. Here is the door to Malifor’s study. Are we all ready for this?


Narrator: Yeah, open those doors!


Unit: There we go.


Narrator: Just wait a sec.

Unit: Very well.

Back Door

Unit: Hey, check this out, it looks like some sort of lever.

Tallin: Probably for that door right there.

Unit: Should I throw it?


Narrator: Go for it!

Unit: Here we go!


Nothing. That door is not moving.

Tallin; Why don’t you try ‘knocking’?

Unit: Very well.


Anybody home?



Unit: There we go.


Narrator: Just wait a sec.

Unit: Very well.

Disturb Malifor

Malifor: You wretched vermin, I have had it with you! Guards!

You invaded my kingdom, drove me from my mines, raided my dungeon, and plundered my treasury. Your audacity ends here!

Have a White Mage

Father Morvin: You are wrong, Malifor, for you shall be the one who is destroyed. You are cruel, merciless and a terror to all that lives. The world will be a better place with you gone!

Sister Thera: To feed your greed and hunger you have terrorized all that is good. You have disturbed the rest of the brave defenders of Knalga. Now, your evil reign shall be brought to an end.

Malifor: Fools! Don’t think it’s so easy to kill me. Your corpses shall all soon be serving me. Fall on them, my hordes!

Malifor Killed

By Axe



Malifor: HAHAHAHA!

Tallin: What the...!

Killer: How can it be?! Our axes and hammers are failing.

Tallin: Blast it! Now where did he go? Let’s find him and try something else!

By Blade




Tallin: Oh yes you will! But... how?

Killer: Well, it sure isn’t gonna be done with a blade.

Tallin: And look, he’s gone. Now we gotta find him all over again!

By Pierce




Tallin: Geez, how are we going to kill him?

Killer: Well, obviously clubs and arrows won’t work.

Tallin: Oh darn, he disappeared. Let’s find him and try a different weapon.

By Fire




Camerin: That blasted skeleton! Even fire has no affect on him!

Tallin: Look, he disappeared again. Let’s find him and try using a different weapon on him.




Malifor: HAHAHAHA!

Tallin: What the—

Blast it! Now where did he go? Let’s find him and try something else!

By Mage


Tallin: Good. We finally got him. He is dissolving.

Malifor: Curses on you you blasted mages, curses on you you blasted dwarves, curses on you you blasted humans, and CURSES ON YOU YOU BLASTED TALLIN! MAY YOUR MISERABLE LIVES BE FULL OF TORTURE! MAY YOUR PEOPLE NEVER BE FREE! MAY ALL YOUR NEAR AND DEAR DESERT YOU! MAY A THUNDERBOLT HIT YOUR HEAD! MAY—

Tallin: May you shut your ugly mouth and hurry up and die.


Mage: Finally! He has been reduced to dust.

Tallin: At last! Victory is ours! Good work, men!

Father Morvin: So, where to now, Tallin?

Tallin: Now, let’s get back to the dwarves and see what progress they have made in forging us weapons.

The Mages Realise Something

Father Morvin: I see now. It is impossible to destroy him by ordinary means.

Tallin: Then how are we going to destroy him? Surely there must be a way.

Father Morvin: Yes, I think there is, but only myself or Thera have the means to do it. Come on Thera, let’s destroy that old skeleton.

Sister Thera: Yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on that bastard!

Father Morvin: That was very unladylike of you.

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Sorry.

Scenario 6: Old Friend

Story Dialogue

Laden with gold, and filled with an elation at their victory that was tempered with sadness at the death of their friends, Tallin and his people made their way back to the mines.

As they approached they were met with a most welcome sight: New fortifications, looking very much like the legendary impenetrable dwarvish defenses of old, had sprung up everywhere. All of them were manned by alert and well-armed dwarves who hailed them boisterously. The mines were belching smoke from the furiously working forges. New weapons and armor for humans and dwarves alike lay neatly stacked, and the deafening clang of hammers and picks from the dwarves promised more.

They found Hamel in a forge hammering away at a new axe. He greeted them warmly and arrangements were quickly made for all their food and accommodations, as wall as care for the sick and wounded.

When Tallin’s party had shaken the dust of the road from their clothes, the humans and dwarves once again met in council.

Tallin: It is well, Hamel. Our people prosper.

Hamel: Aye. Word ha’ spread, and dwarves who had been living rough in the wilds for fear of the orcs have been coming to join us. Thanks to you, Tallin, Knalga is rising again!

We have cleared the connecting tunnels to here and to the old keep as well as other parts o’ Knalga.

It is slow and dangerous work, mostly due to the trolls. But it ha’ been made easier by Malifor’s ending.

The lich’s skeletons were fighting the trolls, but when you destroyed him, they all just fell apart. So, there are many tunnels that are now infested with nothing but piles of old bones.

Tallin: Great! How about the weapons and armor?

Hamel: As you can see, Tallin, there are muckle heaps of them, all ready to be borne into battle.

What’s more, some of the dwarves who are expert with the sword, mace and bow, as well as some of yer own men who have grown skilled by experience, can teach others how to wield them.

Tallin: I didn’t know that you dwarves knew swordplay. I thought you all fought with axes, hammers or those thunder weapons.

Hamel: Aye, it’s true we do prefer our axes and hammers, but then again, we make swords. We couldna’ claim to be expert weaponsmiths wi’out kenning how to wield the weapons we make.

There are some dwarves out there that are bonny fighters wi’ a sword as any ye are like to meet. Belike with bows, maces and any other weapons we fashion.

Tallin: That’s great! What is the price of your weapons? We have gathered much booty from Malifor’s treasury and we will be able to pay you generously.

Hamel: Price?! Don’t insult us, Tallin. Ye have done great things to help the dwarves — it’s because of you that we ha’ made a start rebuilding Knalga in the first place. Dinna’ ye speak of price to us.

Tallin: But don’t you need the gold to help rebuild Knalga? And we have plenty.

Hamel: Tallin, Knalga was an extremely rich nation. Malifor’s treasury is hardly a fraction of the riches that we will find, and are finding every day now. So nae! Ye’ll need yon gold to rebuild Dwarven Doors.

Tallin: Thank you, Hamel.

Hamel: Pahhh, thank you!

And Tallin, one more thing, I have been leading our people into battle for many years now. As a young dwarf I was trained in the arts of leadership and war. There are things you will need to know...

I know you’re impressive wi’ a pitchfork, and you are not half bad with a sword when you choose to use one. But there skills beyond swingin’ a weapon that a general must learn.

Tallin: I would be honored, Lord Hamel.

Hamel: Ahhhh, quit with the formality, me lad. Now, first things first. One of the most important things about being a leader is....

The humans rested for many days while they were equipped with new arms and armor and trained by the dwarves.

But the peace was not to last. Early one morning Tallin (sore from head to foot from his training) was startled awake by the blare of trumpets, the pounding of drums and the clash of steel as the humans and dwarves hurried to arm themselves.

He sought out Hamel, who informed him that a massive host of orcs had arrived at the gates of the new Knalga.

It was decided that Tallin’s men should sally forth to meet the orcs, while Hamel’s held open their retreat into the caves.

Introductory Dialogue

Rakshas: So I see you stinky-midgets and human-worms finally mustered up the courage to face me.

Tallin: Who are you, and what do you want?

Rakshas: I am Emperor Rakshas and by the power of my sword, I lead the orcish people. I am here simply finishing the job Khazg Black-Tusk started years ago — the conquest of Knalga.

Tallin: Khazg tried and failed, and if you repeat his folly you will soon join him in the land of the dead!

Rakshas: Pah! I would like to see those cowardly dwarves try their treachery on me as they did on the Black-Tusk! In any case, those dwarves will soon be groveling at my feet and equipping my people with the finest weapons. With the dwarvish weapons, and the wealth of Knalga, nothing will be able to stop us. Even that little backwater that you humans call Wesnoth will be nothing but a burnt out, pillaged wreck before long.

Tallin: Boy, this guy sure has delusions of grandeur.

Supporter: I am not so sure it’s that simple, Tallin. Think back to those orcs at the Dwarven Doors, and those wolves on the way to the mines; they were both saying something about ‘The Master’.

Tallin: Yeah?

Supporter: Well, unless I miss my guess, dreamy fellow would be him.

Tallin: Well, if that is so, then it’s time to end this menace once and for all! Fall on them, boys!

Turn 3

Tallin: Come on, why are we just sitting here in these caves?! Have you forgotten already all these orcs have done to us! Let us spill their foul blood on the ground!

Reach Rakshas

Rakshas: So! Your forces are managing to advance upon me, are they? Very impressive, but it shall do you no good. KNIGHTS!!


Rakshas: CHARGE!!

Tallin: Oh, hell! Form up, men, back to back! Don’t let them penetrate our ranks!

Rakshas: That’s not all, my friends. GENERALS, CALL THE RESERVES!

Drung: Oh yeah!


Drung: You are so dead, you human vermin!

Poul: Oooooooh! Time to start the fun!

Supporter: This doesn’t look good...

Drung Dies

Drung: Argh! I have been slain!

Killer: Killed him! Got his gold too. Lets see, hmmm, about 500 gold pieces. Not bad.

Rakshas: They have killed one of my generals! REINFORCEMENTS!

Poul Dies

Poul: My death will only make the Master’s punishment for you worse, you fools!

Killer: Your death makes your Master’s punishment from us one step closer!

But— my my, what’s in that big pouch? 300 gold! Not bad.

Rakshas: You vermin will pay for that! REINFORCEMENTS!

Rakshas Dies

Rakshas: Ahhhh! Run for your life!

Killer: What the... Hey, where do you think you are running off to, you coward!

Tallin: Stop him!

Killer: It’s too late! I am sorry, Tallin, he got away! We did not expect he would flee like a coward.

Tallin: Damn! We had the opportunity to end the war in one stroke there. Now we will have to go after him, assuming we can break this siege!

Time Ends

Tallin: Geez, we have been fighting them for three whole days and nights now with no end in sight. Now the fourth night is approaching, what should we do?

Father Morvin: It seems hopeless to continue on like this. The orcs’ numbers are unlimited and Rakshas is very well guarded. The only possible outcome to all this is more slaughter.

Sister Thera: I propose that we retreat back into the caves and consult with the dwarves.

Supporter: I agree, Tallin, it is pointless to carry on.

Tallin: Very well. Everyone fall back!

Camerin: Awwwww! Just when I was having the most fun!

Scenario 7: Settling Disputes

Story Dialogue

Tallin and his men made an orderly withdrawal into the caves, the orcs pressing close behind them.

The dwarves were more than ready for them, however, and as soon as the humans got through the defenses the well-prepared dwarves fell on the battle-weary and bloodied orcs.

Wave after wave of orcs crashed onto the dwarven defenses and shattered.

As the battle raged on, Tallin again made council with Hamel.

Hamel: How did ye fare?

Tallin: It was fierce and bloody. We fought them for three days and nights with no end in sight. Every time we killed an orc, it seemed that two more would take his place. We most assuredly cannot win fighting like this.

Hamel: So you withdrew. Rightly done, me lad. Our prepared defenses will be able to hold the orcs off far longer and with less loss then ye could ha’ done in the open field. I see that my training of you hasna’ been for naught.

Tallin: And I am grateful — but what should we do from here? The number of humans and dwarves is limited, unlike the orcs whose numbers seem unlimited.

Hamel: Aye. But we must utterly crush this orcish host if we are to ha’ anything other than a brief respite.

Orcs are fickle; if we negotiated a treaty with them — assuming they would accept — it would just be broken as soon as the next warlord arose among them.

Tallin: Then what shall we do? Can we assassinate this Rakshas fellow and throw them into disarray once more.

Hamel: That will be very difficult. We did that last time and they will no doubt be alert to that threat now. Anyway, it would be but temporary solution. Soon another strong leader would emerge and we’d find oursel’ back in the same coil.

Tallin: Well, back to the drawing board. What should we do?

Hamel: I think we should try to gather more allies. That way we can engage them on many fronts, or divide them into smaller groups, or cut them off from their supplies. The possibilities are endless.

Tallin: Wise words, but who is there in these wild Northlands that might aid us?

Hamel: You can count the Elves out. They are a selfish lot, only interested in themselves. They would only aid us if something drastic happened to them and they needed our help. What about Wesnoth?

Tallin: Wesnoth is too far away, and we have no idea what political state they are in.

The last news we heard of them was years ago when Prince Konrad passed through here. At that time the evil queen Asheviere was ruling, and it was said that she was in alliance with the orcs.

And then that Princess Li’sar was in hot pursuit of Konrad as well. I wonder what became of them.

Hamel: The last time any dwarf set eyes on Konrad was when he set out to the eastern tunnels in search of the Sceptre of Fire, so he could claim his place as ruler.

Tallin: Geez, what a fool’s quest. Everyone in these Northlands knows that the Sceptre is long gone.

But we’re meandering. Where can we find allies in these wild Northlands?

Father Morvin: Tallin, before I was captured by Malifor, I used to be in contact with a powerful magician called Ro’Arthian and his brother Ro’Sothian.

Hamel: Ro’Arthian, bah! Don’t utter that cursed name!

Tallin: Why not, Hamel, have you a grievance with him?

Hamel: I have heard all about him from my good friend Stalrag. He is — or was anyway, haven’t heard from him in years — the chief o’ the villages that lay along Highbrook Pass.

Those foul mages have long terrorized Stalrag and his people.

Father Morvin: Remember, Hamel, there are often two sides to a story like this. Perhaps the mages see your dwarves as invaders. How would you feel if say... the elves decided to come in and level Knalga so they can grow another big forest on top?

Hamel: Those filthy elves! I’ll...

Father Morvin: See?

Hamel: What were you doing keeping contact with mages such as those anyway? Trying to save their souls?

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Something like that.

Father Morvin: (Rolls eyes)

Hamel: Father Morvin, what are you trying to say?

Father Morvin: I propose that we go to Highbrook Pass and see how matters stand for ourselves. If the wizards are still alive, we might be able to persuade them to help us. What’s more, if Stalrag is still around we could use his help too.

Tallin: I don’t see how just two mages could help us very much, Father.

Father Morvin: They are not just any two mages. They have fine control over many creatures of the wild such as ogres, gryphons, and sometimes even trolls! It would be no bad thing to have those on your side for once.

Tallin: That sounds really good. What do you think, Hamel?

Hamel: Hrmph. These are desperate times. If those lunatics of mages will agree to help, I guess we’ll nae have any other choice but to accept.

Tallin: Hey, we have had experiences with crazy mages ourselves. Believe me, they are dangerous! You will feel a lot better with some of them on your side.

Hamel: Ye’ll need to travel light to reach Highbrook Pass before the orcs mount another assault in force. I think ye should take as little gold as you think ye’ll need and leave the rest here. We’ll store it in the tunnels furthest away from the attacking orcs in case they break through.

Tallin: So it shall be. Now how exactly do we get to this mountain pass?

And so Tallin and his party set out to secure the help of the mages.

Introductory Diaogue

Narrator: Upon arriving at the mountain pass it appeared to Tallin and his men that they were just a bit too late.

Ro’Sothian: HAH! I finally have you, you wretched dwarf!

Stalrag: Argh! You blasted mages! How many times do I have to kill you two before you will leave us in peace!

Ro’Sothian: Leave you in peace?! It is your kind that won’t leave us in peace! Ever since you blasted dwarves built that damn road you have harassed us unceasingly! Now, it ends here! After I kill you I will split your carcass and hang it at the mouth of this pass as a warning for any other fools like you! And unlike us you won’t come back.

Stalrag:' You cursed mage! I now go to join all of my men you have killed. But know this, the Shinsplitters will never submit! We will defy you to our last breath!

Tallin: Hold it! What’s going on here?

Father Morvin: Ro’Sothian, is that you?

Ro’Sothian: Not now, Father. I’m a little busy at the moment.

Camerin: Ro’Sothian! How are you doing, my old friend! Boy, you sure look... erm... different!

Ro’Sothian: Camerin! Great Lords of Darkness, I haven’t seen you in ages! Here, let me just finish off this little vermin and I’ll be right over.

Tallin: whisper: Camerin, you know him?

Camerin: whisper: Duh! His brother Ro’Arthian is the one who taught me magic!

Tallin: whisper: Oh…!

Father Morvin: Hang on a sec, Ro’Sothian, you don’t want to kill him.

Ro’Sothian: Huh?! He killed me!

Father Morvin: Oh... I see. But we come on more pressing business. We are in desperate need of your help. Here is Tallin from the community of Dwarven Doors. As you know, the people of Dwarven Doors were enslaved by the orcs for many years. They have broken their chains and together with Lord Hamel from Knalga, they are beginning to reclaim Knalga from the chaos that it was in.

Ro’Sothian: So? What does this have to do with me? And hurry up, my staff is buzzing to blast this little vermin once and for all.

Father Morvin:' Don’t! Please, my friend, listen. The orcs are on the rise again and they are threatening to complete their conquest of Knalga and convert it into an orcish stronghold. We can’t let that happen! That’s why we have come here, to seek yours and your brothers help in defeating the orcs.

Ro’Sothian: Take your begging and shove it, Father! We don’t help no-one. Not even you and especially not any dwarf!

Camerin: Hold a moment, my friend. You won’t believe what a blast it is fighting with these guys. You get to fry skeletons, orcs, trolls, and wolves by the thousands! Come on old pal, be a sport.

Ro’Sothian: Camerin, you were always a little crazy. Now I see you have gone stark raving mad! Do you really think we would help anyone? Especially a bunch of dwarves!

I tire of this; prepare to die, wretched dwarf! And the rest of you, get lost and don’t come back, unless you’re tired of life!

Sister Thera: Uh oh, he is gathering energy for a cold blast.

Father Morvin: Quick, honey, we’ve got to stop him. Let’s go!

Camerin: Hey, are you two going to hog all the fun for yourselves?

Father Morvin: All right, all right, hang on!

Ro’Sothian Dies


Ro’Arthian: (Booming voice coming from all directions) SO YOU MAGES HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ATTACK MY BROTHER! YOU SHALL DIE FOR YOUR FOLLY!

Father Morvin: Ro’Arthian, listen to me. We don’t want to fight with you, we have come here to seek your assistance.

Narrator: (No answer)

Father Morvin: I know you can hear me, Ro’Arthian. Please, the fate of every creature in the north depends on your help.

Narrator: (No answer)

Tallin: Give it up, father, he isn’t answering. I am afraid we may have to use um... more forceful means to convince him.

Father Morvin: (Sigh) Yes, you are right.

Tallin: Put Ro’Sothian into that jail over there until we capture his brother.

Father Morvin: Very well.

Tallin; And someone keep an eye on him. We don’t want him to get away.

Ro’Sothian Escapes

Ro’Sothian: Ha! I am free! Now you foul traitors will pay!

Tallin: Oh no, he got away! Quick, men, we must capture him again!

Ro’Sothian Is Captured

Ro’Sothian: Ahhhh! Not again!

Father Morvin: Come on, Ro’Sothian, we really don’t have to be doing this. Come, join us!

Ro’Sothian: Never!

Tallin: Sigh, we’ll talk later.

Captor: Back to jail, my friend.

Stalrag Dies

Stalrag: Farewell, my friends. I now go to join my fallen brethren.

Tallin: No! If Stalrag dies now none of his men will follow us. We are finished.

Ro’Arthian Dies

Tallin: Ro’Arthian, are you ready to talk yet?

Ro’Arthian: Fine, you trespassers. What do you want?

Tallin: Well... First, why don’t you tell us what you want?

Ro’Arthian: What do I want? I’ll tell you what I want! I want the stinking carcasses of you, all your henchmen and those dwarvish vermin off of my land! And stay off!

Tallin: So basically, you want to be left alone in peace. Right?

Ro’Arthian: Wow! Someone finally figured it out!

Tallin: All right! Listen, then. Right now we have very little power to grant your request. We are simply a band of peasants fighting for the freedom of our homeland.

But when we defeat the orcish host, re-establish Knalga, and bring law and order into these Northlands, we will have gained some authority by right of conquest.

When that time comes, I hereby make a solemn oath: no man or dwarf shall ever set foot on your land without your leave. If any of my men violates this law they shall be punished with death, and I believe I may speak for Hamel in this as well.

In order for that to come about, we must crush the orcish host. But we can’t do that without your help. Will you join us?

Father Morvin; Think of it, Ro’Arthian, it is a fair bargain. If you don’t agree to Tallin’s proposal, the endless war you two wage with the dwarves will never be resolved. You have been haunting these mountains for far too long. It is high time for you and your brother to rest in peace.

Ro’Arthian: Hrmph. What do you think, brother?

Ro’Sothian: (Shrugs) I don’t think we have any other choice left.

Camerin: Come on, guys, it will be great! Those orcs will never know what hit them! Together we’ll rip them to shreds! If you are planning to retire after this, this is the perfect chance for you guys to go out with a bang! You guys will become legends! ‚ÄúThe two terrible mages, risen from the dead to devastate the orcish hordes!‚Äù

Ro’Arthian: Very well, Tallin. We accept under the terms that your people will forever leave us in peace after this.

Tallin: Ro’Arthian, I am not of royal blood, but I am a man of my word. I will uphold the oath I have given even at the cost of my life.

Ro’Arthian: Very well. The orcish hosts shall feel our wrath!

Stalrag: Wait a second, Tallin. Are you saying that we should abandon our homeland to these wretched mages?!

Ro’Arthian: (Snicker)

Tallin: Chief Stalrag, it is said that to save a family, we should be willing to sacrifice one person; to save a town we should be willing to sacrifice a family; and to save a nation we should be willing to sacrifice a town.

Now, Stalrag, it is up to you. Do you want to save Knalga or not?

Well Tallin, if you put it that way... We don’t like it, but if that’s what is needed to save Knalga, we shall do it.

Tallin: Thank you, Stalrag. I am sure that the sacrifice of you and your people will always be remembered.

Stalrag: (Mumbles) Yeah, great compensation...

Ro’Arthian: I have the power to control many creatures, such as Gryphons, Trolls and Ogres. So while I am with you they shall be at your command.

Stalrag: The Shinsplitters will be at your service, Tallin.

Tallin: My thanks, Stalrag and Ro’Arthian. However, I have sufficient forces under my control presently and I think that merging our forces will just create confusion. Your gryphons will be of use, but I think you should retain command of your trolls and ogres, until they are needed.

Ro’Arthian: Very well.

Tallin: Great. Now let’s get back to the caves and start planning the best way teach those orcs a lesson they will never forget!

Scenario 8: Elvish Princess

Story Dialogue

After securing the help of the two lich-mages, the party returned to Knalga.

Hamel: Och, that was a piece o’ good work, lad, getting both the lich-mages and Stalrag on our side. Now let’s plan our way to bringing Rakshas down...

The lich-mages sent forth gryphons to scout out the number, formation and deployment of the orcish forces, and to seek allies as well.

One day a gryphon came screeching into the caves with the news that a large elvish force approached from the east. Messages were quickly dispatched to the elves asking their purpose. The haughty reply was that their purpose was none of any dwarf’s or human’s business, and that all would be well-advised to stay in their holes when the elves passed near.

Before the humans and dwarves could respond to this message, another gryphon arrived with the news that the orcs were holding an elvish sorceress prisoner in the castle of Bitterhold, less than a day’s march distant to the northwest. The castle had attracted notice because it had been recently rebuilt and manned by a unit known to include some of the hardiest and toughest of veteran orcs.

Gryphons and a picked force of human woodsmen were sent out that very night, and less than two days later managed to ambush an orcish messenger on the road out of Bitterhold. The messenger was carrying a ransom demand to the elves — for the sorceress was, in fact, a princess of the highest rank.

The leaders met in council, considering what to do...

Tallin: This kidnapped princess explains a great deal. It is not easy to draw the elves out of their forests.

Hamel: Aye, lad. Her kin will have come either to do battle or pay ransom. By the looks of things, they’ve busked themselves for either.

Ro’Arthian: Pah! Who cares? Let the elves and orcs chop each other into mincemeat. It will just make things easier for us.

Stalrag: Hah! I ken yer brain has rotted awa’ entire. Think on it, skull-head, what would happen if the elves dinna’ fight and pay the ransom instead?

Ro’Arthian: Do you want to die, dwarf?

Father Morvin: Peace, peace! If you two want to kill something, there are plenty of orcs outside.

But you do have a point, Stalrag, That ransom will buy more troops and weapons for the orcs, worse news for us.

Tallin: I think we have a chance to make some new allies here...

Hamel: Allies? I take it we’re to go to them and ask them to join us in return for our help in rescuing their Princess? You heard their message — those elves have got their noses so high in the air they canna’ see over them. They wouldna’ ally themselves with the likes o’ us.

Tallin: Of course we won’t do that. As a matter of fact I think it’s best that we don’t say anything to the elves at all.

Stalrag: Why d’ye say that?

Tallin: Well, suppose we do join up with the elves — assuming they will let us — and we make a combined raid on the fortress, what will the orcs most likely do when the ransom slips from their grasp?

Hamel: Kenning the way of orcs, belike they’d kill the princess, especially if it seems the rescue ha’ any chance of succeeding.

Tallin: Exactly. On the other hand, if we raided the fortress while the orcs were talking ransom with the elves, the orcs might hesitate just long enough.

Hamel: Hmmm... I think you’ve the right of it, lad. Most orcs being thicker than a wood-knot, I’d lay odds on Rakshas giving strict orders that she not be touched without his direct word on the matter.

Tallin: But it would be unwise to trust that the orcs will stay stupid forever. If we do go ahead with this raid, we are going to have to be in and out like lightning.

Stalrag: My Shinsplitters will be invaluable for a job like this. They are fierce and never give ground and will not stop attacking until either they or their opponent lies dead. No fortress can stand long against them.

Ro’Arthian: Ha ha, I like this plan. Once we get our hands on this little sorceress the elves will be forced to do whatever we want them to.

Father Morvin: Remember, Ro’Arthian, we need willing allies rather than resentful lackeys that would turn on us at the first reverse. If we rescue their princess, the elves may yet choose not to help us, but that is a risk we’ll have to take.

Sister Thera: Elves are deeply honor-bound, especially in matters that touch their kin. If we rescue the princess, I am certain the deed will not go without reward.

Tallin: And at the very least, the orcs will not be able to raise troops with ransom money they don’t have.

Ro’Arthian: Bah... weak, soft humans. Have it your way if you must.

Hamel: So it shall be, Tallin, I’ll hold the caves here while you and Stalrag’s Shinsplitters fare to Bitterhold. The orcs still haven’t given up their attack on our southern tunnels.

Tallin: Then to arms, men! For Knalga and the princess!

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Upon emerging from the mouth of a hidden tunnel near the fortress, Tallin and his men surveyed the scene before them.

Tallin: There’s the fortress of Bitterhold. A grim and impressive pile indeed...

Supporter: They have dammed the river to make a moat for their castle.

Ro’Arthian: Are we here to sight-see or to rescue this blasted sorceress? And if you really want to sight-see, then check out that orcish encampment south of us.

Tallin: Just our luck to be here when they’re mustering a field force — probably to attack the caves. Avoid them if you can, kill them if you can’t.


Free Eryssa

Eryssa: I am free! Thank you, my saviors. Who has come to rescue me from vile captivity?

Tallin: Later, princess, first let’s get outta — uh, let us take our leave of this place as swiftly as may be!

Eryssa: Lead; I will follow.

Time Over

Orc: Hey, those intruders are going to free the elf! We can’t let that happen! Kill her! Kill the elf!

Tallin: Darn it! We weren’t fast enough.

Scenario 9: Introductions

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: After rescuing the princess, Tallin and his allies quickly withdrew into the caves.

Eryssa: Now that we are well shot of that dungeon, do you mind telling me who you are?

Have Elenia

Elenia: Sister! Don’t you recognize me?

Eryssa: Gods of Light! Elenia! It’s you! It has been years! What in the world happened to you? We all had thought you dead!

Elenia: Yes, I thought you would think that. What actually happened was that I was captured by that disgusting old bone-bag of a lich.

Eryssa: You mean Malifor?

Elenia: None other. I was his prisoner for many years until these brave people rescued me. It being far too dangerous to travel back to the elvish forests by myself with all these orcs about, and in consideration of the debt I owe to them, I have been with them ever since.

Eryssa: Really, and who are these people?

Elenia: Here we have our leader and hero, Tallin.

Tallin: (Rolls eyes)

Elenia: He is the one who led his people in revolt against the orcs armed with nothing but pitchforks.

Eryssa: Wow!

Elenia: Then they scrounged up bows and cudgels from the dead orcs, and marched into the caves and broke the Dwarves out from their encirclement by the undead and trolls.

Then Tallin and his ragtag band hunted down Malifor and reduced him to dust. Now Tallin is building an alliance of humans, dwarves, dead mages and whatever critters he can find to crush the orcs.

Eryssa: You’re right, Elenia, Tallin is truly a hero.

Tallin: Not at all, Princess. I am no more than a humble peasant trying to free my people from enslavement.

Eryssa: "And a modest one too!

Sister Thera: (Giggle)

Eryssa: Tallin, not only have you freed me and my sister from captivity, but you have defeated Malifor, who has long been a scourge to my people. By defeating him, you have aided the Northern Elves more then you can imagine.

Tallin: Ahh, it was nothing, princess.

Eryssa: No, it was far from nothing, Tallin. The Northern Elves will always be in your debt. Tell me, what can we do to repay you?

Tallin: Princess, as Elenia has said, we are currently locked in a death-struggle with the orcs led by a warlord named Rakshas. You could help us most by joining us in our quest to crush this menace once and for all.

Eryssa: That could hardly count as repayment of our debt to you, Tallin. This Rakshas fellow is an enemy to every Northern Elf as well. Why, it can’t have been more then a few months ago that the orcs attacked our forests and took me prisoner. Helping you defeat them would be serving our own interests as much as yours.

Tallin: Princess, we are not seeking to do business here: “I do this for you and you do this for me.” No, we seek to build everlasting friendships which will forever ensure the peace and prosperity of these northlands. Therefore, let there be no talk of debts and repayments between us.

Eryssa: Well and nobly spoken, Tallin. Very well, I shall join you in your quest to crush this orcish menace. Let gryphons immediately be sent to our people; I shall use all the influence I have, or can induce our father to use, to raise elvish troops for the battles ahead.

Elenia: Er, Eryssa... there is a large elvish force moving this direction. By now they cannot be more then two days’ march from here. It seems that our father sent them to either free you or bargain for your release.

Eryssa: Why did you not speak of this before? Let us immediately send out the gryphons with my personal seal telling them that I shall be taking command of the force. Tell them to come straight to Knalga and meet me there.

Tallin: Sounds good— I mean, let it be so.


Tallin: Not at all. I am Tallin, from the human town of Dwarven Doors. Together with the Dwarvish Lord Hamel and the mage Ro’Arthian and his brother, we are attempting to restore peace and freedom to Knalga.

Eryssa: Uh huh. Good for you.

Tallin: The only problem — or the major one, anyway — is these blasted orcs. They all have united under the leadership of this guy called Rakshas and are determined to make Knalga into an orcish stronghold — enslaving or killing any humans, dwarves or anything else along the way.

Eryssa: So what does this have to do with me?

Tallin: There is a large elvish force not far from here who — we believe anyway — has been sent to free you. We were hoping if we could secure your release you guys would help us crush the orcish host.

Eryssa: Pff, foolish human. What in the world gave you that idea.

Ro’Arthian: Ungrateful minx! I’m sorely tempted to break your neck!

Eryssa: Make one move towards me, lich, and you’ll find yourself dangling off the end of a vine.

Stalrag: Leave her alone, lich! Rescuing her was a fool’s quest to begin with and attacking her won’t make the situation better. Especially an attack from an incompetent like you!

Father Morvin: Peace! Peace!

Tallin: Well, what about the orcs then, princess? Don’t you wish to be rid of them?

Eryssa: How we deal with the orcs is none of your concern!

Camerin: What a little priss. She makes me want to fry her!

Eryssa: Mind your betters, mage!

Camerin: Mind your tongue, elf!

Father Morvin: Frankly, princess, I am disappointed. I was always under the impression that elves were an honorable lot who took their debts seriously.

Eryssa: Who said that I wasn’t going to repay you? When I get back to the elves, we will give you five thousand gold for your trouble.

Supporter: We already have a hoard of gold! We don’t need more!

Eryssa: That is your concern, not mine, human.

Tallin: (Sigh) Oh well. It isn’t as if we weren’t expecting this.

Ro’Arthian: See, I told you so!

Tallin: I know, you were right. I am sorry, Ro’Arthian. I should have listened to you.

Well, it’s pointless to linger here. Let’s get back to Knalga.

Move to Signpost

Tallin: I can see the dwarvish defenses just ahead. Lets go!

See Trolls

Unit: Hey look, it’s a troll!

Tallin; A troll? What in the world are trolls doing this close to Knalga? Something is up, men, let’s hurry up and get back.

Scenario 10: Stolen Gold

Story Dialogue

Puzzled by the presence of trolls so close to the dwarvish defenses, the party quickly made their way back to Knalga.

Upon arriving there something seemed to be wrong. Instead of being hailed boisterously by the Dwarves as they usually were, they were met by silent guards with downcast eyes.

Fearing the worst, Tallin rushed to find Hamel who also couldn’t bear to meet his eyes.

Tallin: Hamel, what is wrong?! Why is everyone acting so strangely?

Hamel: We are deeply ashamed of ourselves, Tallin. We ha’ failed the trust that ye gave us.

Tallin: What do you mean?

Hamel: Yer gold, Tallin, we ha’ failed to protect it.

Tallin: My gold!? Why, what happened? Start from the beginning.

Hamel: No sooner had ye left then the orcs once again launched a massive assault.

Such a massive and fierce assault it was that we had to call upon all our reserves. When that proved insufficient, we had nae other choice then to call some men off the other defenses.

It was a ploy. Nae sooner ha’ we thinned the ranks of the northern defenders then a small, hardened group of trolls smashed through the defenses and made their way straight for your gold.

We beat them back, but not before they made off with your entire stock of gold.

I am sorry, Tallin, we did all that we could. I would we could ha’ done more.

Tallin: Oh no! Rakshas will raise many troops with that gold!

Hamel: Aye. Well I ken it, Tallin.

Eryssa Alive and Friendly

Tallin: Were you able to pursue them?

Hamel: Och, we tried, Tallin, but with the orcs still pressing our southern defenses and other groups of trolls trying to break through everywhere, we simply ha’ not the manpower.

Tallin: How long ago did the trolls make off with the gold?

Hamel: It couldna’ been more then a day now.

Tallin: Then we shall pursue them. Even if we don’t catch them, we might be able to hit Rakshas before he has had a chance to put all that gold to good use.

Hamel, rally the dwarves and prepare to mount an all-out offensive against the orcs. It’s time to give them some of their own.

We will follow the trail of the trolls; it should lead us back to Rakshas.

Eryssa, what news of the elves?

Eryssa: Our gryphons have reached them. They are no more then a few days march from us.

I will send another message to them asking them to send out scouts to locate the trolls who took your gold. Mayhap the elves will be able to get between the trolls and their allies.

Tallin: So it shall be. Hamel, when I make contact with the orcs I’ll send you a message. When you get it, come at all speed. It is near time for the battle that will decide all.

Hamel: The axes and hammers o’ every dwarf thirst for the blood of the orcs!

Tallin: All right, let’s move out, people!

Thus the party set off to the northern tunnels to pursue the trolls.

They met but light resistance all along the trail of the trolls, which they quickly overcame.

Soon, the trail began to lead east, and then south. A few hours later the party emerged from the tunnels into dawn’s early light.

Eryssa Dead or Hostile

Tallin: This isn’t looking good. Not only do we fail to get the princess but now we lost all of our gold! Seriously Hamel, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it.

Hamel: Don’t give in to despair, Tallin. At least you prevented the orcs from getting the ransom money.

Tallin: Yeah, they ran off with all the rest of our gold instead.

Hamel: Snap out of it Tallin! We are not in control of fate. We will do all we can to the best of our ability and leave the results to the gods.

Tallin: You’re right, Hamel, sorry. Were you able to pursue the trolls?

Hamel: We tried, Tallin, but with the orcs still pressing our southern defenses and other groups of trolls trying to break through everywhere, we simply didna’ ha’ the manpower.

Tallin: How long ago did the trolls make off with the gold?

Hamel: It couldna’ ha’ been more then a day now.

Tallin: Then we shall pursue them. Even if we don’t catch them then we might be able to hit Rakshas before he has had a chance to put all that gold to good use.

Hamel, rally the dwarves and prepare to mount an all-out offensive against the orcs. It’s time to give them some of their own.

We will follow the trail of the trolls; that should lead us to Rakshas.

Hamel: It is well thought. May the Bright Gods be with you.

Tallin: All right people, let’s move out!

Thus the party set off to the northern tunnels to pursue the trolls.

They met but light resistance all along the trail of the trolls, which they quickly overcame.

Soon, the trail began to lead east, and then south. A few hours later the party emerged from the tunnels into dawn’s early light.

Eryssa Hostile

Eryssa: See, you wretched human! At least now you will appreciate the generosity of the elves.

Ro’Arthian: Shut up, you little snot! If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have lost our gold in the first place!

Eryssa: I wasn’t talking to you, lich! Learn to keep your mouth shut.

Hamel: Who is this annoying chit?

Tallin: This is the famous and benevolent princess Eryssa, in whose rescue we sacrificed many lives and much gold.

Eryssa: That’s it! I have had enough from you worthless rabble. I will soon send a rider with the promised gold, and in the meantime, I’m leaving!

Ro’Arthian: Begone and good riddance, brat!

Tallin: Back to the issue of the stolen gold, were you able to pursue the trolls?

Hamel: We tried, Tallin, but with the orcs still pressing our southern defenses and other groups of trolls trying to break through everywhere, we simply didna’ ha’ the manpower.

Tallin: How long ago did the trolls make off with the gold?

Hamel: It couldna’ ha’ been more then a day now.

Tallin: Then we shall pursue them. Even if we don’t catch them then we might be able to hit Rakshas before he has had a chance to put all that gold to good use.

Hamel, rally the dwarves and prepare to make an all-out offensive against the orcs. It’s time to give them some of their own.

We will follow the trail of the trolls, which, lead us back to Rakshas...

Hamel: It is well thought. The axes and hammers of every dwarf thirst for the blood of the orcs!

Tallin: All right, let’s move out people!

Thus the party set off to the northern tunnels to pursue the trolls.

They met but light resistance all along the trail of the trolls, which they quickly overcame.

Soon, the trail began to lead east, and then south. A few hours later the party emerged from the tunnels into dawn’s early light.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Upon emerging from the tunnels, the party found themselves surrounded.

Tor: Haha, suckers! We got you now!

Bor: Hahaha! They walked right into our trap.

Glu: And we have already sent the gold ahead to the Master!

Oof: Now let’s make mush out of these puny creatures!

Supporter: Oh no, we are surrounded!

Tallin: Courage shall be the harder, heart the keener, and our spirit greater as our strength lessens. Kill them all!

Camerin: Yeeahhh! I like it!

Turn 2 (Have Krash)

Krash: (Sniff sniff)

Camerin: What’s up big guy?

Krash: (Flap flap flap)

Supporter: Hey! Where is he going?

Camerin: Krash man, you are gonna miss all the fun!

Father Morvin: I think he has decided that it is time for him to part ways with us.

Tallin: Such a fierce yet gentle creature. He will be sorely missed.

Sister Thera: Farewell, Krash, may the Lords of Light guide your path.

Turn 7(Have Krash)

Sister Thera: Hey! Look who’s back!

Supporter: And look, he brought his friends too!

Bak’man: GRRRR!


Krash: Hurry, friends, let’s set up camp!

Camerin: Yeah, man! I knew we could count on you!

Father Morvin: Hmmm, he must have smelled the scent of other drakes and gone to them to convince them to help us.

Sister Thera: Awww, what a darling!

Supporter: Tell that to the trolls.

Oof: What?! Drakes?! Fire! Aagghh!

Glu: Shut your mouth, you coward!

Turn 18

Eryssa Friendly

Hidel: Princess! We have finally found you!

Eryssa: Good work, Hidel! How do your forces march?

Hidel: They are all here, princess! Hand picked by your father — the finest and bravest elvish troops in the entire Northlands. We will follow you to the end of the world if need be.

Eryssa: Very good. Our first task is to give brave Tallin here full support in defeating these trolls.

Hidel: With pleasure, Princess! Quickly men, set up a base!

Oof: Oh no! Those blasted elves have just joined forces with the humans! This is hopeless! Flee! Flee!

Tallin: Hmmm, should we let the trolls run away or should we finish them now?

Make Them Stay

Tallin: Hey! Stand your ground, you cowards!

Bor: You are a fool, human! We shall crush and destroy you!


Tallin: Haha! Look at them run!

Eryssa Hostile

Himadrin: Which one of you rabble is Tallin?

Tallin: I am.

Himadrin; Princess Eryssa sends you this gold along with the order to stay clear of any Northern Elf if you know what’s good for you.

Tallin: Why? What did I ever do to the Northern Elves?

Himadrin: The ill treatment that she received while in your care is an insult to every Northern Elf. Consequently if you, or any of your henchmen show your face around us ever again, you will be shot on sight.

Tallin: Tell the princess to get off her high horse and stop acting like such a priss!

Himadrin: You dare insult our princess!

Ro’Arthian: You better get lost, elf, before we kill you.

Himadrin; This insult will forever be remembered by the Northern Elves! The day will soon come when your race shall regret your folly!

Camerin: Pff, elves. What a bunch of stuck-up snots!

Oof: Oh no! The elves have just given the humans a hoard of gold! This is hopeless! Flee! Flee!

Tallin: Hmmm, should we let the trolls run away or should we finish them now?

Make Them Stay

Tallin: Hey! Stand your ground, you cowards!

Bor: You are a fool, human! We shall crush and destroy you!


Tallin: Haha! Look at them run!

Victory Dialogue

Before Turn 17

Have Eryssa

Tallin: Phew, they are defeated at last.

Eryssa: Hidel, let me introduce to you my savior: Tallin.

Hidel: It is an honor to meet you, Tallin.

Tallin: The honor is mine, sir.

Hidel: We have heard much of your intelligence and courage. The number of humans over the centuries who have earned the respect and admiration of the Northern Elves are extremely few, but let it be known that you are one of them.

Tallin: I am honored, sir, and I hope that I will live up to the trust that the Northern Elves have bestowed upon me.

Hidel: I am sure you will, Tallin. The trust of the elves is seldom misplaced.

Ro’Arthian: If you guys are quite finished exchanging pleasantries...

Ro’Sothian: (Snicker)

Ro’Arthian: ... the road ahead is clear and I am eager to blast some more orcs. Shall we proceed?

Tallin: Right. Onward men!

Hidel: Princess! We have finally found you! Thank the Bright Gods you are free! Your father had originally sent us to rescue you.

Eryssa: Yes, or so I have heard. You honor me, but this brave man reached the mark before you.

Hidel: You must be the famous Tallin.

Tallin: At your service.

Hidel: We have heard much of your intelligence and courage. The number of humans over the centuries who have earned the respect and admiration of the Northern Elves are extremely few, but you are one of them.

Tallin: I am honored, sir, and I hope that I will live up to the trust that the Northern Elves have bestowed upon me.

Hidel: I am sure you will, Tallin. The trust of the elves is seldom misplaced. Also know that the Northern Enclaves will always be open to you.

Tallin: Thank you, sir.

Eryssa: What is the status of our troops, Hidel?

Hidel: They are all here, princess! Hand picked by your father — the finest and bravest elvish troops in the entire Northlands.

Eryssa: Excellent! We shall assist Tallin to the fullest in crushing the orcish host. Not only are we in debt to him but by doing so we will be serving our cause as well as we serve his.

Hidel: As you wish, princess.

Tallin; Very well, people. The road ahead is clear, onward to victory!

Eryssa Hostile

Himadrin: Which one of you rabble is Tallin?

Tallin: I am.

Himadrin; Princess Eryssa sends you this gold along with the order to stay clear of any Northern Elf if you know what’s good for you.

Tallin: Why? What did I ever do to the Northern Elves?

Himadrin: The ill treatment that she received while in your care is an insult to every Northern Elf. Consequently if you, or any of your henchmen show your face around us ever again, you will be shot on sight.

Tallin: Tell the princess to get off her high horse and stop acting like such a priss!

Himadrin: You dare insult our princess!

Ro’Arthian: You better get lost, elf, before we kill you.

Himadrin; This insult will forever be remembered by the Northern Elves! The day will soon come when your race shall regret your folly!

Camerin: Pff, elves. What a bunch of stuck-up snots!

Scenario 11: The Eastern Flank

Story Text

After breaking out of their encirclement, the party continued in pursuit of the trolls.

Following the bank of a river, they soon entered a valley. At the mouth of the valley there loomed the massive orcish fortress of Angthurim.

Introductory Dialogue

Tallin: Gods of Light! Look at that fortress. The castle Angthurim is even grimmer than its reputation.

Have Eryssa

Eryssa: I was not idle in my captivity; I watched, and listened, and learned. The hints I got from my guards’ boastings and foul jests have been confirmed by our scouts; Angthurim is the linchpin of their entire eastern flank. If we could reduce it, their defense would be near to collapse.


Ro’Arthian: Fitting. My gryphons tell me Angthurim is the keystone of their entire eastern flank. If we can reduce it their defense will be near to collapse.


Supporter: Hey, look who is here!

Rakshas: Where is my gold?!

Tallin; It’s Rakshas!

Gore: Right here, Master.

Rakshas: Ahhhhh, very good, my loyal servant. You will be richly rewarded for this! Tell me, what news do you have on that human vermin that has so persistently evaded my clutches?

Gore: We trapped him and his pitiful band of followers. By now they will have been mashed to paste and fed to the whelps.

Rakshas: Hahahaha! Very g—

Tallin: RAKSHAS!!


Tallin; Foul one, the only one who will be dying here is you and anyone who comes between us. Stand and fight!

Rakshas: Bah! I have better things to do then stamp out your insignificant life. Generals, kill him and bring me his head!

Have Eryssa

Tallin: Blast it! The coward has fled. Eryssa, your elves are good at moving quickly through the forests. Do you think they can overtake and pin him down while we deal with this fortress?

Eryssa: Hidel?

Hidel: Easily, princess. We shall move unseen through the trees, overtake him, and put an end to his flight.

Eryssa: Then do it. I shall stay with Tallin and... um... because he could use my assistance.

Tallin: (Blushes slightly)

Sister Thera: (Wink wink)

Hidel: (Raises eyebrow) Very well, princess.


Tallin: Blast it. The coward has fled. Quickly men, we must storm this fortress before he can spend that gold.

Stalrag: Aye! Down wi’ the orcs!


Tallin: Ro’Arthian, send a message to Hamel. Tell him it’s time.

Ro’Arthian: It’s done.

Tallin; Very well. Forward! Victory or death!

Krash: Come on boys, let’s give it to ’em!

Turn 2

Gore: Move, you stupid orcs! I am trying to recruit here!

Rash: Suit yourself, you dumb troll!

Sister Thera: Awww, aren’t they the most loving, sharing bunch of orcs you have ever seen?

Eryssa: (Snicker)

Victory Dialogue

Tallin: We have torn the heart from their eastern defenses.

Have Eryssa

Tallin: Now let us make haste to rescue Hidel. I am uneasy for him; some of those bodyguards Rakshas keeps are fell fighters.


Tallin: Now to settle scores with Rakshas once and for all!

Scenario 12: Get the Gold

Story Dialogue

After reducing Castle Angthurim, the party set off after Rakshas, hoping that Hidel’s elves had been able to hold him.

Orcs are heavy-footed creatures; Rakshas’s trail was readily followed. But an ominous silence, broken only by the cawing of ravens, brooded over the road he had taken.

Soon they encountered the wrack of a great battle. Bodies of elves and orcs lay everywhere. Broken weapons and smashed armor were strewn about in profusion. Elvish arrows and orcish crossbow bolts bristled from the nearby trees. The ground was splotched red with blood.

They paused for scant minutes to bind the wounds of a few surviving elves and leave them a small guard. Then they pressed onward to rescue Hidel — and they found him.

Scattered around Hidel were the bodies of at least three orcish warlords, and nearly a score of grunts, warriors and crossbowmen. His weapons were notched and broken; his armor dented and smashed. It was clear to all that his fall had been an epic of valor and glory, worthy to be remembered in the songs of all the kindred races until the end of days.

With tears streaming down her face, Eryssa approached the fallen hero and cradled his head in her lap. As she stroked his face, his eyes fluttered open.

Hidel: I am sorry, princess... We held him for... as long as we could... but his bodyguards... were... just too many and powerful... And then... the orcish... reinforcements arrived...

Her face streaked with tears, Eryssa gazed imploringly at Father Morvin and Sister Thera. They simply sighed and shook their heads. It was too late to save Hidel. In a broken voice Eryssa addressed him:

Eryssa: Hidel, I am sorry. I have sent you to your death, and I grieve.

Hidel: ... Don’t tax yourself... princess... I have died... a warrior’s death... You should be proud...

... But... there is... one thing... we... could do. We... managed to... recover the gold... Sisal... took it and... retreated south...

I held out as... long as... I could... but they... defeated us... Rakshas went... east and the... rest... went... after... Sisal...

Now... uphold the honor... of the Northern... Elves... Recover... the gold... slay this monster... and bring peace and... prosperity... back to the... Northlands... Tallin?

At Hidel’s call Tallin approached and knelt beside Hidel, bowing his head in respect.

Tallin: At your service, sir.

Hidel: Eryssa has been... my charge ever... since she was born... I now return... to the earth... from which... I sprang... Please take care... of her.

Tallin; Rest assured, sir, I will place myself between Eryssa and any ill that strength or love may counter.

Hidel: Thank you... Tallin... Now I may rest... in... peace... May you... be victorious...

With these words Hidel closed his eyes and breathed his last. As Eryssa wept with Hidel’s head in her lap, Tallin approached her, hesitating, and then wrapped her gently in his arms.

Sobbing against Tallin’s chest, Eryssa told him of the many ways Hidel had cherished and warded her since the hour of her birth. How he had comforted her childhood hurts; how in later years, he had guided her in the green paths of the forest, and taught her the deep mysteries of Elven-kind.

A torrent of childhood memories and the depth of her grief left her unable to speak. She and Tallin sat together silently holding each-other for some time.

As Tallin comforted Eryssa, the rest of the party spread out and rallied the scattered elves, and tending to the wounded. This being done, they once again came before Tallin and Eryssa.

Father Morvin: Princess... it is a hard thing, I know, but you must put your grief behind you. Or at least, put it aside for a little while. We must go quickly to the aid of Sisal and recover our gold.

Ro’Arthian: Forge your sorrow into rage, girl, and visit it on the slayers of your kinsmen. Teach them what happens to those who make an enemy of an elf.

At these words, Eryssa arose and wiped away her tears. She took command of the surviving elvish forces, for all knew she was a princess of high rank and looked to Hidel’s ward as their leader by right. Scarcely a face among them was less grim than her own as they took arms and started down Rakshas’s back-trail.

Moments later a gryphon swooped down from overhead and reported battle in a forest just a few leagues south of their position. The remainder of the elvish forces had been espied fighting a desperate battle with the orcs.

It seemed to the gryphon that the elves were sore beset. The party quickly turned south and plunged into the forest.

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: After making haste through the forest for most of a watch, the party arrived at the battle scene.

Eryssa: Sisal, how do you fare?

Sisal: Princess! You are here! How fares Hidel?

Eryssa: (Sheds a tear)

Tallin: Hidel... died a hero’s death, one worthy to be sung forever.

Sisal: The dung-spawned bastards! Verily, Tallin, had it not been for Hidel we would all be dead and Rakshas would be gleefully counting his gold.

Hidel and a handful of elves held off the orcs for more than an hour. That was enough time for us to make off with the gold and rally here at these ruins.

Tallin; So you have the gold?

Sisal: We have the gold, and now we shall have the blood of these orcs! IN HIDEL’S NAME!

Ha’Tuil: Grrr, Ha’Tuil has never failed in his mission. I will soon lay your severed heads at the feet of the Master!

Sisal: You will eat cold steel and whimper your way to hell, foul wretch of an orc!

Ha’Tuil Dies

Ha’Tuil: Argh! I have failed!

Sisal: Cheer up — you won’t have to live with your failure for long... (Snicker)

Sisal Dies

Sisal: Ahhhh! Farewell, friends. I now go to join Hidel.

Eryssa: Sisal! Noooo!

Killer: Haha! We got the gold now!

Ha’Tuil: Hahaha! Mission accomplished, men! Now let’s crush the rest of this scum and report back to the Master.

Eryssa: I don’t think so, you bastard orcs! That gold belongs to us. Besides, we now have a few scores to settle with you. Take them, troops — I want no orc left alive!

Victory Dialogue

Have Sisal

Tallin: Thanks to Hidel and the elves, we have recovered our gold. Now let’s run down Rakshas and settle up with him once and for all.


Tallin: Hidel’s death was a grievous loss; our thirst for vengeance must do what the stolen gold cannot. Now let’s run down Rakshas and settle up with him once and for all.

Scenario 13: Showdown

Story Text

The party once again took up Rakshas’s trail. They soon received a report from a scouting gryphon that in an enormous fortress a few leagues west from them, Rakshas was assembling a massive orcish force, clearly intending to crush their revolt once and for all.

The gryphon further reported that a few more leagues west was a large force of dwarvish veterans, advancing steadily on the orcish fortress.

Battle plans were quickly made; the party split into three groups. Two of the groups immediately set off northwest and southwest respectively while the third group rested for an hour and then set off directly west.

The idea was to completely surround Rakshas on all sides, cutting off any chance of escape or reinforcements.

Introductory Dialogue

Have Krash

Narrator: The group that went to the north was led by Krash and his drake friends.


Narrator: The group that went to the north was led by Ro’Arthian and was composed of trolls, ogres and some selected mages.

Have Eryssa

Narrator: Eryssa and the remaining elves, eager to avenge Hidel, went south, while Tallin himself led the western group.


Narrator: Ro’Arthian’s brother, Ro’Sothian went south with another crew of trolls, ogres and mages. Tallin himself led the western group.


Narrator: A few short hours later all the groups converged on the fortress.

Tallin: Rakshas! You have evaded me for the last time. Now come out and die like a man!

Rakshas: What the...? How did he get here?

Have Eryssa

We have crushed and scattered your entire eastern flank, and now it’s your turn!

Rakshas: You slimy little elf! So you have joined hands with these humans, have you? Very well, both of you shall soon be dead!

Eryssa: Good luck, you monster. You are cut off and surrounded. We shall kill you and feed your carcass to the vultures and wild beasts.

Rakshas: Hahahahah! You fools, do you not see that you are right in the heart of orcish territory, surrounded yourselves! Why, at this very moment my entire western army is marching this way. They will soon be here and will scatter your forces like straw!


Ro’Arthian: We have crushed and scattered your entire eastern flank, buddy, and now it’s your turn!

Rakshas: Argh, you frustrating little vermin! I am going to pluck your eyeballs out and...

Ro’Arthian: We don’t have any eyeballs, you idiot!

Rakshas: PAH! You fools, know that you shall soon be outnumbered and surrounded. At this very moment my entire western army is marching this way. They will soon be here and will scatter your puny forces like straw!


Hamel: Will they, now?

Rakshas; What?!

Hamel: Your western army has been slaughtered, Rakshas, and you will soon join them!

Rakshas: But... but... how can this be?

Hamel: It’s called ‘The End’, foul orc. Forward! FOR KNALGA!!


Ro’Arthian: FOR PEACE!!

Camerin: FOR FUN!

Eryssa: FOR HIDEL!!



Turn 5

Tallin: Sweet gods, look at all those orcs pouring out of that fortress.

Hamel: Aye, and not just any orcs either, those are all hardened veterans!

Tallin: Yeah. Obviously this is going to take some time. If necessary we can sit tight in our fortifications and besiege them until they starve!

Hamel Dies

Hamel: Argh!

Tallin: Hamel! Blast it, without the dwarves to hold the western flank we are as good as defeated.

Sisal Dies

Sisal: Ahhhh! Farewell, friends. I now go to join Hidel.

Eryssa: Sisal! Noooo! Not you too!

Rakshas Dies

Tallin: Die, you murderous beast! No longer shall you terrorize the people of the North.

Hamel: Learn the fate of one who offends the Dwarves of Knalga.

Eryssa: Or the elves of the Northern Forests.

Supporter: Or the humans of Dwarven Doors.

Rakshas: (Gurgle) No...! This... cannot... be... happening... to... me...

Sister Thera: Such were the last words of Rakshas the great!

Ro’Sothian: (Snicker)

Victory Dialogue

Tallin; At last! Rakshas has been slain, and the orcish host has been crushed. Peace and prosperity will come to the Northlands once again!

Narrator: At these words all the allied forces gave out a combined and thunderous cheer. Their long ordeal was finally over.

Camerin: (Small voice lost in the uproar) Awww, is it over already?

Scenario 14: Epilogue

Story Text

The dead and wounded having been cared for, and after the party had wound down, everyone gathered in the conquered castle to decide on their course of action.

Introductory Dialogue

Tallin: So, Rakshas has been defeated and all the armies that he had gathered have been crushed. This relieves a blight on our land — but if we do not address the causes of the blight, we could be in for trouble later.

Eryssa: How is that, Tallin?

Tallin; Rakshas was but a symptom. The ill is the nature of the orcs themselves.

The orcs are exceedingly numerous and warlike. While they squabble among themselves, their warlike nature turns upon itself and they are no threat; but when a strong warlord like Rakshas arises among them, their battle-lust becomes a plague upon their neighbors.

Eryssa/Supporter: Our challenge is to ensure that the orcs do not unite under one strong, warlike leader in the future.

Tallin: Exactly.

Hamel: Aye. And we dinna’ just want to keep the orcs from ruling the Northlands; we want to make the Northlands a safe place for all the kindred races to trade, travel and live in peace. We must also ensure that no isolated bands of orcs, trolls, ogres or any other creatures will be roving around preying on innocent people.

Tallin: A worthy and difficult task. Does anybody have any ideas?

Father Morvin: I do have a suggestion.

The orcs are too hardy and fast-breeding to be exterminated, even if we could bring ourselves to stomach an attempt at slaughtering them all. Therefore, we must find a way to make them part of our solution.

I propose the creation of a neutral council of warders, composed of humans, dwarves, elves, drakes, trolls or anyone else who wishes to join, no matter what race they come from — even orcs.

This body would not claim sovereignty over any peoples or lands, but exist only to suppress warfare and raiding in the lands south and east of the Great Ocean, north of Wesnoth and west of the Elvish Forests.

The first task of the warders would be to go to each orcish tribe and make a treaty with them that they will not be attacked if they refrain from attacking others.

The orcs have just experienced a crushing defeat; it shouldn’t be too hard to get them to agree. In the future, if they should renege on their treaties, and threaten the peace and prosperity of the North, then the army maintained by the warders would crush them.

That is the basic outline of my proposal. Shall the Council of Warders declare itself?

Narrator: Hearing the words of the wise mage, the whole assembly erupted with cries of approval.

Stalrag: Fitting!

Supporter: Great!

Elenia: Smart!

Camerin: Sounds like fun.

Narrator: Rising to his feet, Hamel raised his hands and waited for the clamor to die down.

Hamel: Over time, Tallin has proved himself to be a wise, courageous and capable leader. He is respected by humans, elves and dwarves alike. I therefore propose that Tallin be made the first head of the Council of Warders.

Narrator: Once again, all assembled erupted into thunderous approval. The tumult lasted for some time and at long last Tallin rose to his feet and held up his hands for quiet.

Tallin: I thank everyone for the love and honor bestowed upon me. In honor of that love I accept this responsibility.

No one leader will make the Warders a success; we will need the help of all of you.

Father Morvin, this whole plan is your idea. Would you and your wife be willing to stand by my side and support me?

Father Morvin: Gladly, Tallin. We will stand with the Warders till the end of days if need be.

Have Stalrag

Tallin: Stalrag?

Stalrag: I am yours to command, my lord Tallin.

Tallin: ‘Lord’? Oh no!

Sister Thera: (Giggle) Better get used to it.

Stalrag: You have led myself and the Shinsplitters wisely. We will uphold the Council of Warders.

Have Camerin

Tallin: Camerin?

Camerin: Heck, yeah! It has been a total blast being with you. I wouldn’t even think of leaving now!

Have Elenia

Tallin: Elenia?

Elenia: Tallin, as you know, I have been separated from my race and kinsmen — well, except Eryssa — for many years now. I wish to go back to the elvish forests and live among my kinsmen again. Perhaps I will return someday.

Have Eryssa

Eryssa: Knowing you and your spirit of adventure, Elenia, I am certain that you are gonna be back sooner or later.

Elenia: (Smiles) It is not unlikely...

Have Krash

Tallin: Krash?

Krash: I am sorry, Tallin but me and my friends had better be getting back to our people.

Tallin: No need to apologize, Krash, for you and the valiant drakes of your band have been of invaluable help to us. The entire Northlands are in your debt.

Krash: As you said once before Tallin, let not talk of debts come between us. I will spread the word among my people and if anyone wishes to join your Council they will be free to. In addition to gaining the respect of the elves and the dwarves you have also earned the respect of the drakes. I am sure many will come to join your cause.

If you are ever in desperate need of help then come to us. The gryphons will show you the way.

Tallin: Thanks, friend.

Have Abhai

Tallin; Abhai, your assistance has also been a great help to us.

Abhai: Pah, think nothing of it. It will sure make an interesting story to tell the folks back home.

Tallin: So you would like to return to your home?

Abhai: Yes. The dead should stay in the land of the dead. It is against the laws of nature for it to be otherwise. There is just one problem; Malifor forced me into this body and I don’t know how to get out of it.

Father Morvin; I believe Thera and I can help you with that, Abhai. Have no worries, you shall soon be home.

Abhai: Thank you father, and thank you again, Tallin for all that you have done, both for the world of the living and the dead.

Tallin: My thanks to you as well, Abhai. May you rest in peace.


Tallin; Ro’Arthian and Ro’Sothian, you two have also been of staunch allies. As per our agreement, you may return to Highbrook Pass, and I will see to it that guards are posted at both ends barring any who seek to enter without your leave, on pain of death.

Ro’Arthian: Thank you, Tallin. Our old bones are weary of being animated long past their time. Now we will finally be able to rest in peace. However, as we have fought hard for this respite, we shall not allow our effort go to waste. When the Northlands are in direst need of us, we shall rise once again.

Have Stalrag

Ro’Arthian: Stalrag, for years now we have fought each other, but recent events have made us allies. I go now to eternal sleep; may we part as friends.

Stalrag: May your rest be peaceful and undisturbed, Ro’Arthian.

Have Eryssa

Tallin: And Eryssa... I may be rash and bold to ask this but... (Goes to his knees in front of Eryssa and takes her hand) Will you marry me?

Eryssa: (Struck speechless)

Hamel: Tallin, are you sure? Elves have a very long lifespan compared to humans. She will live for at least another century and a half while you have hardly seventy years ahead of you... at most.

Tallin; (Eyes on Eryssa) I know, Hamel. Then may the coming seventy years be the most happiest and fulfilling years in our lives. Should we deny ourselves happiness out of the fear of loss?

Father Morvin: Well spoken!

Eryssa: I may be foolish to say this, Tallin, but... yes.

Narrator: The joy of the multitude could not be contained, and the ensuing celebration lasted for a full five days. At that time Tallin and Eryssa were duly married by Father Morvin and Sister Thera.

After the wedding, Tallin and Eryssa went back to Dwarven Doors where they founded the Council of Warders of the Northern Alliance, a body dedicated to ensuring peace and justice in the Northlands. It was soon settled that the main headquarters of the Northern Alliance would be the new city of Dwarven Doors.

On Father Morvin’s advice, the Council approached all the different orcish tribes and made treaties with them. If a chieftain refused to cooperate with the Alliance, he was forcibly removed from his post and another more favorably disposed put in his place.

Although Tallin faced many challenges as the head of the Northern Alliance, his marriage with Eryssa was serene and filled with happiness. Together they had one son, about whom were written many legends.

Don’t Have Eryssa

Tallin: Once again I thank all of you. For those of you who are leaving, may the Lords of Light — or Darkness — guide you on your path. For those of you who are staying — come, we have much to do.

Narrator: Thus, Tallin and his friends went back to Dwarven Doors where they founded the Council of Warders of the Northern Alliance, a body dedicated to ensuring peace and justice in the Northlands. It was soon settled that the main headquarters of the Northern Alliance would be the new city of Dwarven Doors.

On Father Morvin’s advice, the Council approached all the different orcish tribes and made treaties with them. If a chieftain refused to cooperate with the Alliance, he was forcibly removed from his post and another more favorably disposed put in his place.


Narrator: In time, Knalga’s caverns were refurbished, becoming a busy and prosperous home to many dwarves. Under the protection of the Northern Alliance, people of all races began coming, as they did before, from all corners of the known — and unknown — world to trade with the Dwarves of Knalga.

Thus, from a small, enslaved community, the people of Dwarven Doors — by their fortitude, valor, and wisdom — brought the Northlands out of the darkness and restored them to their former glory.

NR-Specific Descriptions

Generic Unit

Cave Serpent: Lvl 2

The Water Serpent is a foe dire enough when encountered in the rivers and seas of the sunlit world, but his rare cave-dwelling kin are yet more terrible. Though their eyes are of little use in the stygian darkness of the deep caves where they dwell, they have become sensitive to even the tiniest sound that might indicate unwary prey in their domain, and will home in on it with remorseless efficiency.


Rod of Justice

This is a magical staff of tremendous power and unknown origin. Although the full extent of its power has not been fathomed, there are a few features about it that will be obvious to any master of lore. The wielder of this staff gains a dramatic increase in strength, speed and intelligence, and is granted the ability to fire devastating lightning bolts at at his opponents. Only a person who is good at heart and who is willing to sacrifice his life on the path of justice can wield this staff.

NR's Specified Unit Names


  • Tallin (Peasant/Lieutenant)
  • Zlex (Peasant)
  • Camerin (Arch Mage)
  • Father Morvin (White Mage)
  • Sister Thera (White Mage)


  • Al’Tar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Garrugch (Orcish Warlord)
  • Khrula (Orcish Grunt)
  • Pruol (Direwolf Rider)
  • Rakshas (Orcish Sovereign)
  • Drung (Orcish Warlord)
  • Poul (Orcish Warlord)
  • Atul (Orcish Warlord)
  • Carron (Orcish Warlord)
  • Rash (Orcish Warlord)
  • Al’Mar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Ha’Tang (Orcish Warlord)
  • Ha’Tuil (Orcish Warlord)
  • Ar’Muff (Orcish Warlord)
  • Calter (Orcish Warlord)
  • Halter (Orcish Warlord)


  • Knash (Troll)
  • Krog (Troll)
  • Thung (Troll Warrior)
  • Tor (Troll Warrior)
  • Bor (Troll Warrior)
  • Oof (Troll Warrior)
  • Glu (Troll Warrior)
  • Gore (Troll Warrior)


  • Hamel (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Dulcatas (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Antolos (Dwarvish Thunderguard)
  • Varem (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Stalrag (Dwarvish Lord)


  • Malifor (Ancient Lich)
  • Thorin (Draug)
  • Herlin (Draug)
  • Fervin (Draug)
  • Hellian (Draug)
  • Hettel (Death Knight)
  • Thor (Death Knight)
  • Trevor (Death Knight)
  • Author (Death Knight)
  • Samlan (Death Knight)
  • Boblin (Death Knight)
  • Antrasis (Death Knight)
  • Abhai (Wraith)
  • Ro’Arthian (Ancient Lich)
  • Ro'Sothian (Lich)


  • Elenia (Elvish Druid)
  • Eryssa (Elvish Sorceress)
  • Hidel (Elvish Marshal)
  • Himadrin (Elvish Outrider)
  • Sisal (Elvish Avenger)


  • Krash (Drake Burner)
  • Singe (Drake Burner)
  • Bak’man (Drake Fighter)