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"A noble by birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest generals and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a great combatant and leader. The units of lower level around the Princess will fight better due to her presence. The Princess is also nimble and dextrous, having skills like that of a thief."

Battle princess

"A noble by birth, the Princess has learnt swordplay with the greatest generals, and battle tactics with the greatest sages, making her both a great combatant and leader. Now battle-hardened and strong of will, she can now aid those around her in the art of combat."


"Young and brash, Fighters attack with a sword, and are vulnerable to more seasoned enemies. However they have the potential to become great warriors one day."


"The rank of Commander is held by those who lead battle groups into combat. Possessing leadership skills, they give lower-level units in adjacent hexes improved performance in combat. Commanders are best skilled with the sword, although they also carry a bow to use when necessary. If the Commander is lost, so is the battle."


"The noble leaders of many troops, Lords are especially strong in melee combat, and also possess skill with the bow. Like Commanders, Lords possess leadership skills, and improve the fighting ability of all adjacent lower-level units."

Sea Orc

"While often viewed as inferior to their land-loving counterparts, Sea Orcs represent a great leap for all goblins as they have adapted to aquatic environments. With their curved swords they are competent fighters, although their lack of a ranged attack and poor defense on land do represent strategic weaknesses."

Dark Queen

"The evil queen mother Asheviere has terrorized Wesnoth for many years. Her knowledge of magic makes her a worthy foe in combat, although her power is mostly derived from those she commands."


The elves bedeiged:

General Text:

Narrator: "Sixteen years into her rule, Asheviere turned her attention to the wood elves living in the great forest southwest of Wesnoth, whom she despised. Orcish mercenaries were hired and dispatched to bring about their ruin." Konrad: "Master Delfador! Look, there are orcs coming from all directions! What shall we do?" Delfador: "There are too many to fight, far too many. We must escape!" Konrad: "But to where? This is the only home we have! What about the elves?" Galdrad:"We will fight them, but you must escape, Konrad. It is imperative that you escape!" Delfador: "We will go north. Perhaps we can reach the Isle of Alduin. If we can make it there, surely we will be safe. Konrad, we must recruit some elves to help us, and then you must make it to the sign post in the north-west. I will protect you!" Konrad: "Very well, let us hurry!" Urug-Telfar: "Attack the elves, my grunts, and take their villages. Let us claim this land for the Queen!" Knafa-Tan: "Remember, it is rumored that the filthy mage and one that he protects are in these parts. They are the ones we want!" or "Ha ha! We will rip the filthy elves to pieces!" Galdrad: "Let them come. We will fight them with all we have!" Chantal:"Be careful, Konrad! Guard him well, Delfador!" Delfador: "And so it has begun!"


Konrad: "Very well, we have made it this far! But where do we go next?" Delfador: "We must travel north, and try to make it to the Isle of Alduin. Hopefully we will find refuge there." Konrad:"Of course you are right, Delfador. But what will become of the elves here?" Delfador: "The elves will fight. They may even prevail. But I fear things do not bode well for them. Let us not speak of it now. Onward!" Chantal:"Good luck, Konrad! Don't worry about us, we will fight as best we can!"


Konrad: "I... I don't think I can make it anymore." Delfador: "Prince... you must keep fighting! Nooooooo!" Konrad:"It is over. I am doomed..."

Delfador: "I have... have failed in my duty to protect the prince! I am defeated." Konrad: "Don't die, Delfador! Please, you have to stay alive!"


Delfador: "Oh, no! We have run out of time, they have arrived with reinforcements..."


Konrad: "Die, villain, die!"

Delfador: "Only the foolish oppose me!"

Galdrad: "I am Galdrad. You will have to fight me to get any further!"

Delfador: "Only a fool would dare to attack me!"

Delfador: "I am Delfador the Great. Prepare to die!"

Konrad: "Let me through, you rogue!"


Konrad: "Oh no! They are destroying our home!" Delfador: "There can be no looking back. We must go quickly!"

Blackwater Port


Delfador:"We should be able to board a ship at Blackwater Port, but it seems the orcs are heading there too. Rebels who hate Asheviere and are loyal to the memory of the king desperately hold the port, as it is one of the only places where they can ship supplies and weapons." Konrad:"Delfador, some orcs are following us! We must make haste!" Kaylan:"Delfador, my old friend! We had heard of your coming, and of the attacks on the elves. It is good to see you again, although I would prefer it were not in such sad times." Delfador:"Konrad, this is Kaylan, one of the mightiest of the horse lords, and one of the few who is willing to oppose the Dark Crown. Rumor has it that his lance has slain fifty men and a hundred orcs." Kaylan:"It seems the orcs have come here too, to try to wrest this port from our hands. Our defenses are still weak, but reinforcements will arrive soon!" Konrad:"We will help you fight them off until the reinforcements arrive." Kaylan:"With your help, we have hope we can fend them off. But you must not tarry here long, for your survival is even more important to our cause than the strength of the port. A ship is due here in two days, surely it will be able to take you to safety." Konrad:"And the ship will take us to Alduin?" Delfador:"Yes, we will sail to the Isle of Alduin, my home Konrad, and the home of many magi." Kaylan:"I will send one of my horsemen to serve under you. I offer you my support, Konrad, and the support of my men - from now on you will be able to recruit horsemen." Konrad:"Thank you, sir. But how shall I best use these horsemen? How do they differ from elves?" Kaylan:"Elves are a powerful race, Konrad, more powerful than my own people usually acknowledge. But horsemen are powerful in a different way. They have no long range attack, but can charge into combat, inflicting double normal damage, though taking double damage in return. They are also lawful, meaning they fight better by day, and worse at night. Horsemen are unmatched on open land, though elves will serve you better in forests or rugged terrain." or "Elves may be the lords of the forest, but horsemen are powerful as well. On the plains under the midday sun they can fell the toughest foes with sharp spears and under heavy hoofs!" Delfador:"Recruit troops wisely, Konrad, and remember that you can recall experienced units from past battles to help you fight again." 'Haldeil:"Greetings, young master. I pledge myself to your service." Delfador:"Konrad, note that Haldiel does not seek gold upkeep; as a loyal unit he fights for us solely out of loyalty to our cause. Such units are extremely valuable. Take care to use them cautiously in battle, lest they fall."

Reinforcements/time end

Kaylan:"Reinforcements have arrived! Forward, men! I expect each of you to bring me back the head of an orc!"

Mokolo Qimur:"So many foul humans riding on horses! There is no way we can defeat them. Quick, we must make our escape!"

Kaylan:"Reinforcements have arrived, but lo! Our allies have already destroyed the orcish army menacing our fair port. In honor, I must reward your valor."

Kaylan:"You have risked your life to defend our city. In return, I place one of my city's finest defenders in your service. Simyr, step forward. I place your lance in the service of young prince Konrad here. May you help him restore order to the country."

Simyr:"It is my pleasure and honor to serve, my liege."