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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Delfador's Memoirs. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Delfador: No! So young...


Delfador: No! Without Lionel's help, I am as good as defeated!


Delfador: Chantal! No - you can't be dead! I have no hope of returning to Wesnoth now...


Qgthun: Invincible Zorlan is dead? Quick, run for your lives!

Kalenz: You will terrorize Wesnoth no more!


Kalenz: I have been defeated!

Garard II

Delfador: No! All is now lost...


Kalenz: No! it's all over!

Scenario 1: Overture

Story Text

This is the true story of Delfador the Great from his humble beginnings; the tale of how he became the most famous and powerful of all the mages of Wesnoth.

It begins on the Isle of Alduin, at the Academy which trains mages from throughout the Great Continent.

After ten years of training, two tests stand between that apprentice and attainment of the degree of Mage:

The New Mage Ceremony


The Name Journey

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Academy of Magic, Isle of Alduin.

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

Marshal: Come, O aspirant. The Oracles await you.

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

First Oracle: The time of peace is passing. Chaos is rising; evil is rooted in the land's very heart. Darkness is coming soon. The world will be changed. And you will be among the champions of our brotherhood of mages. I give you the first syllable of power, the beginning of your name: DEL

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

Second Oracle: You will not be least among those champions. Nay; you will be called 'The Great' before your days are through. I give you the second syllable of power, the second part of your name: FA

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

Third Oracle: Yes. Peace is broken, but hope is not extinguished. There is always hope. And you will be the father of it. I call the power of the Bright Gods into the second part of your name. FA

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

Fourth Oracle: After the battle, peace. After the darkness, dawn. From death springs new life. I give you the last part of your name, the final syllable of power. DOR

Narrator (lit brazier): ...thorum restro targa thorum...

Marshal: DELFADOR, open your eyes. And open them again!

Delfador: . .

Delfador: o o

Delfador: O O

Delfador: The light fills me!

First Oracle: It is well.

Second Oracle: It is well.

Third Oracle: It is well.

Fourth Oracle: It is well.

Marshal: Now, go forth!

Marshal: Your name journey begins. Methor will lead you from this place.

Methor: But I will not see you to its end, for that is yours alone.

Methor: Dangers and trials await us. When you have truly claimed the name you have been given, I will depart.

Delfador: I am ready.

Scenario 2: This Valley Belongs To Me

Story Text

Delfador's wandering time with Methor took them to many strange places, both within and beyond the lands of men. They studied and practiced, applying magecraft to aid those they traveled among and to deepen their understanding of the hidden currents and powers of the world.

But the elder mage's health was taxed by the rigors of the journey. A year after the two left Alduin, Methor settled in a tranquil valley at the edge of the Dulatus Hills, not far southeast of the capitol at Weldyn. He opened a small school of his own, and with Delfador assisting him he began training a handful of youths who might in time be worthy to enter the great Academy on Alduin.

Introductory Dialogue

Methor: Delfador, your time as my apprentice is now almost over. You are a fully-trained mage, and may choose your own path in life. I hope, however, that you will take my advice, and enroll yourself in the service of King Garard. I have many contacts at the court and...

Grogor-Tuk: Listen, humans! This valley belongs to me now. I require all your houses and your possessions! Hand them over quietly and I may permit you to live on as my slaves...

Methor: Arrogant creature! We have little enough, and we will not suffer you to take it from us by force.

Grogor-Tuk: That's where you are wrong, puny mage. War is coming, humans... War! Take their villages, and spare no-one!

Wolf Rider Captures Village: First Time

Capturing Unit: Grooar! Burn! Burn! Ahahaha...

Methor Dies

Delfador: No! Methor... Don't die!

Methor: Heed my last words, Delfador! Journey northeast to Weldyn, and seek out my friend Leollyn. He will help you.


Methor Is Alive

Methor: Well done, Delfador! I see I have trained you well, and you are truly ready to seek your fortune. My traveling days are done, but it is time for you to journey northeast to Weldyn, and seek out my friend Leollyn. He will help you.

Methor Is Dead

Delfador: I will grieve for master Methor... I must take his advice and seek out Leollyn.

Dialogue Continues

Delfador: And it is no good news I will bring him. Orcs, so far south and so near the capital? This is a dire sign; things are gravely amiss in Wesnoth.

Scenario 3: Road To Weldyn

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Delfador followed Methor's advice, and headed over the hills towards Weldyn. But the roads were more dangerous than he had expected...

Derrin: Beware, stranger! I come to warn you - a party of orcs have moved into the Great Valley to the north, and have been raiding the lands around. If you press on westward, you will have to fight them.

Delfador: I cannot turn back now... If I fight these orcs, will your villagers help me?

Derrin: You see me armed for war because we were mustering to aid our kin. We can help each other - and you'll not be sorry to fight beside us, for this region trains the best bowmen in Wesnoth.

First Bowman Attack

Attacking Unit: Take this, you slimy invader!

Turn 4

"Bowman Advisor": Beware! Night is falling - that's when the orcs tend to attack!


Note: Bowman Advisor is a role. In the unlikely event that the player manages to win and at that moment also not have any bowmen, this dialogue would be broken.

"Bowman Advisor": Thank you, Delfador, for helping to rid our land of those pestilent orcs. Your magic was more help than we looked for, and we are in your debt.

Delfador: You are welcome...but I am wondering what orcs were doing so deep inside the borders of Wesnoth.

"Bowman Advisor": Perhaps some of our lads had better go with you as far as Weldyn. These lands are not safe for a lone traveler, and we may learn what drew the orcs so far south.

Scenario 4: Leollyn

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: Methor told me that I could find Leollyn in his tower in the Royal Forest outside the city. It should be near here...

Hagha-Tan: Ah, another human is approaching... yes... more meat for my war-band...

Leollyn: Hail, strangers to the west! I crave your aid; hurry, for we are sorely besieged!

Delfador: Well met, Leollyn! My friends and I will roust this barbarian for you. We're getting used to such work by now - I did not expect to have so much trouble getting here!

Leollyn: Then you have not heard... but there will be time enough for talking. If you can distract those vile creatures, I will try to organize a counterattack.

Leollyn Dies

Delfador: Leollyn is slain! This is terrible... I had best give up and return home.

First Orcish Assassin Attack

Hagha-Tan: Yes... yes... slay them, my assassins!

Attacked Unit: Uh oh... I don't like the look of this...

First Orcish Assassin Death

Delfador: Their blood sheds as readily as any man's.

Leollyn: You are a brave fighter, young friend.

First Orcish Assassin/Slayer Kill

Leollyn: I've told you, all of you have to be extra careful!

Delfador: Kill them all! For our murdered friends.


Leollyn: Well now, you arrived just in the nick of time. A fellow mage, too, I see. Now what did you say your name was?

Methor Lived

Delfador: Delfador, sir. Actually, I came seeking you - you see, I was a student of Methor's. He said that you might find me employment in Weldyn.

Leollyn: Ah, one of Methor's, eh? Good, good... Well, young Garard certainly needs all the hands he can muster right now. Especially those who know their magic!

Methor Died

Delfador: Delfador, sir. But I bring you ill news... Methor, my teacher, is dead.

Leollyn: That is ill news indeed... these are dark times. I think you had best return with me to Weldyn. Garard too, must hear your news.

Dialogue Continues

Delfador: Is that Garard, King of Wesnoth, you refer to?!

Leollyn: Of course - do you know any other kings by that name? I was one of his father's most trusted advisors until he passed away earlier this year, and I still have the son's ear, though being young he listens perhaps less well than he should.

Scenario 5: Council In Weldyn

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Delfador and Leollyn met no more opposition in returning to Weldyn. As they entered the city, Delfador was amazed by its size, its grand walls and impressive citadel. After a night's rest, Leollyn invited him to attend a meeting with the king himself. Garard, it seemed, was anxious to hear news from the borders of Wesnoth.

Garard: Ah, now the last of my council is here. Lionel, what tidings from the north?

Lionel: Bad news, my liege. The orcs mass in great numbers on the north shore of the river, near to the Ford of Abez. We have been cut off from the dwarves of Knalga - the rumor is that the orcs plan to overrun them, then turn their attention to Wesnoth. The good people of our northern provinces flee, and the land there falls into anarchy. We were attacked more than once by thugs and bandits, and by evil creatures that roamed the night in the shapes of men.

Leollyn: Worse news - the orcs are already here, sire. I myself was set upon within the royal forest. Were it not for this young fellow here...

Garard: Then there is no time to be lost! I will ride to the Ford of Abez with an army. As bold as the orcs may be to cross our borders in secret and prey on the defenseless, they are disorganized and cowardly in the face of a foe worth their mettle. They need reminding that Wesnoth is too hot for them. Gurcyn, you have been to the west - will the Elves lend their archers to help us?

Gurcyn: The elves will not fight; they hate the orcs, but spoke darkly of human greed and foolishness. I have never seen them so unfriendly. There is something they know of and fear, but they would not tell me what it is.

Delfador: Your majesty... may I join your army? I mean, I came to Weldyn to seek your employ. And if it's archers you need, might not a mage be of help?

Garard: Ah, young Delfador... you speak well, and Leollyn has already told me of your bravery. I accept your offer of service with gratitude, but this is a task for warriors, not magic-makers. You shall stay here with Leollyn and myself, and be Leollyn's right hand as he is mine.

The following two lines are commented out of the text for unknown reasons.

Leollyn: It is a pity King Garard did not accept your offer to ride with him, Delfador. More than swords and arrows will be needed to return peace to the kingdom. I am troubled by the news that the elves fear to be involved.

Delfador: A pity indeed... I had longed to see the great city, but now I am strangely disappointed. I would so have loved to travel through the north in the king's service...

Leollyn: Delfador, I may have a task for you... Lionel's talk of evil night creatures troubles me. Such stories have reached me before. There are a few places where the spirit world comes close to the earth we know, and there a trained mage may communicate with the spirits of the dead through meditation. The nearest lies to the northwest, on a small island in the Great River just south of the Ford of Abez. If the dead are restless, they may tell us why. I had thought to undertake such a mission myself... but now I must remain in Weldyn... perhaps you could go in my place?

Delfador: I'm honored that you would entrust me with such a task... but I too stay in Weldyn, by the king's order!

Leollyn: Hmmm... King Garard placed you under my command, and I may command you to travel north, if you wish to; he will not interfere with a mission of magery as he might with one of war. But you must be sure you are ready for such a grave task. Dealings with the spirit world are dangerous even for the most powerful mages. Allow only your mind to enter the land of the dead - should your body follow, there is no return! Do you still wish to go?

Delfador: If that is how I may best serve, I will do it right willingly.

Leollyn: Then you shall! Lionel and his men will accompany you, for you will need more than magic for protection on the road...especially where you'll be going, into the wild country north of Tath. It is a chancy place at the best of times, and orcs may already be raiding south of the Ford.

Scenario 6: Swamps Of Illuven

Introductory Dialogue

Lionel: These are the swamps of Illuven - lesser kin of the Swamp of Dread north of the Great River, but noxious enough in their own fashion. Our way lies west and north across them to the Ford of Abez. The western road around the other edge of the Brown Hills would have been safer, but...

Delfador: ...I insisted on the most direct possible route. I know; let us both hope the choice was not folly. Who made those villages in the swamps? Orcs?

Lionel: No, men of Wesnoth... but those who dwell here are a lawless lot.

Garrath: Greetings, strangers! This swamp is dangerous... You wanna cross it, you'll need protection - cost you only $fee gold!

Option 1

Delfador: Thanks very much. Here's the gold...

Garrath: It's been a pleasure doing business with you... Bye!

Delfador: Where did he go?

Harold: Haw haw haw! Suckers!

Lionel: Well, at least we only have to deal with one of them now...

Option 2

Delfador: No thanks - we'll manage by ourselves...

Garrath: You'll regret it!

Harold: They certainly will! Haw haw haw!

Move To Garrath's Chest

Moved Unit: This chest contains all the money that rogue has taken from unwary travelers!

Scenario 7: Night In The Swamp

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: These swamps seem to go on forever!

Lionel: One more day's travel, I think. We should camp for the night now - we should be out of it by tomorrow evening.

Move Onto A Generator

Moved Unit: Mage

Moved Unit: I call upon all that is holy to break the power of this evil stone!

Moved Unit: Not Mage

Moved Unit: Evil emanates from this stone, but I have not the power to destroy it.

First Attack Of HI Line Against Skellies

Attacking Unit: This'll splinter your bones, you vile monstrosity!

First New Turn

Delfador: Those standing stones - they summon evil creatures!

Lionel: I saw this kind of thing in the north... These abominations are not much affected by swords, but they fear the light of day. We must hold them off as best we can.

Delfador: Hmmm... if I could get nearer to the stones, I could perhaps break their power...

New Turn: Enemy Has No Units

Delfador: I think that's all of them! Let's move on - the less time we spend in this swamp the better.

Turn 13

Enemy Has Units

Delfador: At least, morning is here... And the skeletons are disappearing!

Enemy Has No Units

Delfador: At last, morning is here!

Dialogue Continues

Lionel: I hope I never see another night like that! Let's leave this evil place as quickly as possible - I want to get us out of Illuven before dusk.

Scenario 8: Ur Thorodor

Introductory Dialogue

Lionel: We have arrived. And there is the island Leollyn spoke of. But what are those strange shapes moving among the trees?

Delfador: I believe that they are woses - tree guardians. I have heard of them, but thought they were gone from Wesnoth forever. They are not evil, it is said, but yet they may be hostile to us. We had best be careful.

Ur-Thorodor: I am Ur-Thorodor, eldest of the forest. Who are you human-creatures? You may not trespass on our island.

Delfador: Ur-Thorodor, please let us pass! We are on a vital mission for King Garard, in the interests of all living things in Wesnoth.

Ur-Thorodor: We care nothing for your kings, human-creatures. It is centuries since your kind have been here, and only now are our roots destroying the last of your accursed stonework. Now I will speak no more. Leave us, or suffer our wrath!

Lionel: This Ur-Thorodor should not speak of King Garard that way! 'Suffer our wrath' indeed... I'll show him wrath!

Delfador: It seems there is no alternative - we must get onto that island! Perhaps if we can get close to Ur-Thorodor, and speak with him again, he will understand.

Ur-Thorodor Attacked First Time

Ur-Thorodor: Hruuuarrgh! The vile human-creatures hew at me...

Delfador: Ur-Thorodor, you must listen to us! A great evil power threatens all living things in Wesnoth - we must fight against it together, or all life here will perish.

Ur-Thorodor: I trust no humans! Drive them out, my children!

Ur-Thorodor Dies

Ur-Thorodor: I am defeated... My children: hear my last words! Destroy the humans, and never let them set foot on our island again!

Delfador: This is hopeless! If carrying out my mission means killing these noble creatures, then I cannot continue.

Delfador Moves To Ur-Thorodor's Castle

Delfador: Ur-Thorodor, listen to me! We are not here to take your island. If you will let just me remain here, then I promise you, on behalf of King Garard, that no Wesnothian will set foot on your island without your permission again. As a token of good faith, I command my army to return to the mainland.

Lionel: Are you sure that's wise?

Delfador: It's the only way! Lionel, lead our soldiers back to the mainland. I will rejoin you when I have carried out my mission, and determined what is amiss in the world of the dead.

Ur-Thorodor: I see I had misjudged you, human. You are not like those who came before. I accept your offer!

Narrator: As the Wesnothians withdrew from the island, the woses melted away into the trees. Delfador began the meditation that would place him in contact with the spirit world.

But as Delfador's meditation deepened, and the woses sank into their timeless dreams of earth and trees, something else stirred on the island - for a few orcish scouts had indeed crossed the Ford of Abez...

Delfador: Ommmmmmm....

Pruark: A human mage... is it dead?

Gurbash: Easy to find out... thump it and see if it wakes up!

Narrator: THUMP!

Scenario 9: Houses Of The Dead

Story Text

It was one of those moments that altered the destiny of the world. The orc warrior held many possibilities in his hand. He could simply have taken Delfador's head. Had that occurred, the orcs might have overrun the whole of Wesnoth and ruled it for ages. But what he chose, thinking it rare sport to abuse one of the hated human mages, was to strike Delfador with his gauntleted fist.

The blow interrupted Delfador's meditation. He began to topple over to the ground, but before his head reached it he vanished as though he had never been there at all.

Introductory Text

Narrator: Delfador opens his eyes and realizes he is alone in the dark.

Delfador: This is surely the land of the dead... and it seems I am still alive. But then, as Leollyn warned, I can never return! I suppose I may as well explore.

Sight Rorthin

Rorthin: A living man... so it is as Iliah-Malal says...

Delfador: Speak again, spirit! Tell me of yourself. Who is this Iliah-Malal?

Rorthin: My name is Rorthin. I died long ago, in a great battle... I have almost forgotten... Iliah-Malal is a living man, like you, who walks among the dead. He promises life to all those who follow him.

Delfador: I would very much like to meet Iliah-Malal. Where can I find him?

Rorthin: Follow the dry river, then the road to the signpost in the north. I will guide you. Enter the houses of the dead as you pass, for others here may help you.

Penella's House

Penella: Do not fear me, Delfador. It is my doom to appear as you see me. I was a serf of a cruel lord. He demanded great taxes to fight many wars... then plague came... my family were starving, and we were forced to eat the flesh of those who had died.

Roddry's House

Roddry: Have you encountered the skeletons? Their castle lies north of here. It is difficult to attack, but there is a secret entrance in the valley beyond Sythan's village.

Nameless's House

Nameless: I died a long time ago. I have forgotten my name.

Melinna's House

Melinna: Iliah-Malal says that he can open a portal to the world of the living. Those who follow him will walk the earth as they did in life.

Delfador: Why are the dead so restless? This should be a place of rest and peace for you.

Melinna: Once, I was happy here, but Iliah-Malal made me see this land as the eyes of the living see it... a place of rock and dust.

Sythan's House

Sythan: I was once a great lord... I commanded armies! Iliah-Malal promised I would lead again.

Hereld's House

Hereld: Beware the skeletons! They are not the spirits of dead men, but the creations of evil magic.

Delfador: What else do you know of the skeletons?

Hereld: It is said that they guard a powerful magical artifact. Roddry knows more than I do; he lives to the west.

Move To Abandoned Mine

Delfador: A secret passage... I wonder where it leads...

Move Near Skeleton Base

Delfador: Something does not feel right about those villages...

Move To Skeleton Village 1

Bones: Iliah-Malal commands your death!

Move To Skeleton Village 2

Rattles: Do you serve Iliah-Malal, living man?

Option 1

Delfador: Yes, I serve him.

Rattles: Then you will not mind if we kill you! Hahahahah!

Option 2

Delfador: No, I do not.

Rattles: Then you will die forever!

Move To Skeleton Castle

Arakar: Destroy the intruder, my minions!

Enter Tomb Area


Delfador: I...I am Delfador, a mage of Wesnoth.

Tomb Guardian: I am the will of An-Usrukhar, greatest of mages, he who bestrode Irdya in the morning of time, who sleeps now in a death beyond death until the unmaking of the world.

Delfador: I am only a man, a living man seeking a way home from the house of the dead.

Tomb Guardian: Living? ...I see that it is so. Your breath stirs dust that has lain untouched since the Primal Aeon. And it was foretold that one like you would come.

Delfador: Foretold?

Tomb Guardian: Foretold in the Primal Aeon, years past beyond your counting. An-Usrukhar the Great, he of whom I am but the tiniest shade and fragment, foresaw in the Mirror of Evanescent Time that a living man would come here to be tested. AND I AM THE TEST!

Delfador: I have felt the coils of prophecy on me before. I am beginning to dislike them.

Tomb Guardian: It is only given to the small not to feel the hand of fate on their shoulder; the great must suffer its weight whether they will or no. Delfador, mage of Wesnoth, ARE YOU A SERVANT OF THE LIGHT?

Delfador: I serve my king and my kingdom.

Tomb Guardian: Your king will die in an eyeblink and your kingdom in the drawing of a breath. Delfador, I ask you again, ARE YOU A SERVANT OF THE LIGHT?

Delfador: I serve my people and my land.

Tomb Guardian: Peoples vanish and lands wither under the pitiless gaze of eternity; the true matter of the world is deeper. Delfador, I ask you a third time, and on your answer hangs your life: ARE YOU A SERVANT OF THE LIGHT?

Delfador: I...I serve life against death. Love against fear. Light against darkness.

Tomb Guardian: IT IS WELL. Take up, O servant of light, the Staff of An-Usrukhar. The trials before you will be great. So is its power.

Move To Signpost Without Staff

Delfador: I must find that artifact of which the ghost spoke; it sounds too powerful a thing to be left in Iliah-Malal's hands. Note: This displays even if you haven't talked to any ghosts. Unlikely but could happen.

Scenario 10: The Gate Between Worlds

Introductory Dialogue

Iliah-Malal: So, this is the one my minions told me of... the living man who walks here among the dead. You have come in time to see my greatest achievement - an end to death itself!

Delfador: That's impossible! You must be insane!

Iliah-Malal: Have not you yourself traveled between the realms of life and death? Behold!

An Undead Unit You Brought From The Last Scenario: Iliah-Malal has created a portal to the land of the living! How I long to go through it and see the sun again...

Iliah-Malal: Now, my living followers, I summon you! See that death is nothing, and fear not to fight for me!

Delfador: This is a great evil. The dead will not find peace by passing through your gateway, Iliah-Malal, for you cannot give them life again. You have not brought an end to death, but to life itself!

Iliah-Malal: You will see things differently at the point of a sword, my friend. Minions! Kill the unbeliever... he will join us then.

Iliah-Malal Dies

Narrator: Iliah-Malal's body lay still for a moment, then stirred!

Iliah-Malal: Follow me if you dare...

Delfador: This portal Iliah-Malal has created is a great and terrible work of magic. I must catch him, and somehow force him to close it!

Scenario 11: Wasteland

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: As Delfador followed Iliah-Malal into the portal, a freezing wind sprung up and the air became thick with ghosts pouring through into the land of the living. The ground became icy underfoot, and soon Delfador was following the necromancer's footsteps in a thick layer of snow. Eventually, even these became indistinct.

Delfador: It's hopeless, I've lost all track of Iliah-Malal... and I shall freeze unless I find shelter soon. Perhaps in that forest to the north...

Elf Sighted

Sighted Unit: What are you doing in our forests, stranger?

Delfador: It's a long story... but I wonder whether I might first ask for your hospitality? I'm lost, and freezing to death here!

Sighted Unit: I suppose there can be little harm in one half-frozen human... Our nearest post is to the northeast; I'll lead you there. But we must not tarry! There are deadlier foes than the weather abroad.

Chantal Sighted

Chantal: Welcome, Delfador!

Delfador: Er, hello... you know my name, then...?

Chantal: Yes. I am Chantal, and I know many things. I know you come from the great human kingdom of the south, and are a master of magic. You have faced great adversity, and visited a place from where few hope to return, and from where none before have returned unchanged. Fate is heavy upon you, and you deserve our help.

Delfador: Oh... well... very nice of you, but I don't feel very fated. In fact, I've been positively blundering! I was just trying to defend my master Methor's school against the orcs, and then to find out the source of the undead activity... and I have failed at both.

Chantal: But you have not failed. The southlands have not yet fallen to the orcish army, and have you not learned more about the undead than any man alive? It is he who fears death above all things who deceives the spirits into believing they can live again, and blinds them to the peace and rest of their own domain.

Delfador: You mean Iliah-Malal?

Chantal: Yes, that is who I mean.

Delfador: If I might ask, where am I? And what of Lionel, and King Garard? What has befallen them?

Chantal: You are among the North Elves, in the Lintanir Forest. Our arts hold back the winter cold within these woods. To the south and west of here lies a wasteland inhabited only by barbarians and orcs. To the south again, the Great River, and your home. Of your friends, I know nothing.

Delfador: I am deeply grateful for your aid, Chantal. I see now what I must do... I have lost Iliah-Malal, but I must at least try to report back to the King or to Leollyn. I will set out for the south!

Chantal: It will not be easy. The orcish army lies between here and your destination. We are under attack even here, by an orcish warband encamped in the mountains to the southwest.

Delfador: Attacked by orcs? Then I might perhaps help you to defeat them, and repay your assistance and kindness!


Chantal: With your help, Delfador, we have overrun the orcish warlord of this area, and our forests are secure. Secure enough that I can even join you in your journey south... at least as far as the Great River.

Scenario 12: Terror At The Ford Of Parthyn

Historical Background (Comments)

  1. Historical background: Parthyn appears as the home town
  2. of Malin Keshar from Descent Into Darkness; he is exiled
  3. sometime in 389-390 YW. Garard I ends the civil war in
  4. 417 YW; Parthyn is strongly garrisoned within the next
  5. few years. It is now 470 YW and Garard I died a few months
  6. previously. Garard II, the new King, is 30 years old.

Introductory Dialogue

Chantal: This is the nearest human garrison, Delfador. Here is the only place to cross the river. Soon after the last King of Wesnoth began his reign, he put a strong garrison not far south of here in the town of Parthyn, and orcs have not been able to cross into Wesnoth over this part of the river since.

Delfador: This mist is unusual, though, even if we are close to the river. I have never seen it so thick before.

Turn 2

Chantal: There should be no orcs this far south. But I do not like the feel of this mist.

Delfador: Stay close. I don't like the feel of it either.

First Move Close To An Ambushing Village

Moved Unit: Be wary. Something does not feel right about that village...

Sight Undead

Sighting Unit: What in the wide green world is this abomination?

Delfador: One of Iliah-Malal's creatures. So it has begun!

Sight Orcs

Sighting Unit: Orcs! Orcs at the Ford!

Delfador: Prepare to fight them! We must clear the Ford!

Sight Loyalist Fort

Niktor: Halt! Who goes there?

Delfador: I am Delfador, a court mage of Wesnoth and the legate of Arch-Mage Leollyn; with me is Chantal, a great lady of the Lintanir Elves. Quickly, I must speak with your commander; death treads upon our very heels.

Niktor: I command here, but we have lost the north shore. Uncanny creatures stalk the night; our weapons scarcely seem to scathe them. I fear we cannot hold against an attack in strength.

Delfador: I have fought these before. Be of heart: impact weapons and magic can defeat them. Do I recall aright that there is a school of mages not far from here?

Niktor: Yes, close by the southeast wall of our fort across the the Ford. But they are jealous of their privileges and hold aloof from us.

Delfador: That shall soon end. Send to them in my name and the Arch-Mage Leollyn's; nay, tell them that in this matter I speak with the King's voice!

Niktor: I heed the King's voice. My men are at your command.

Narrator: To wake up the mages, move a unit that is currently out of sight of their tower to within visual range of it.

Wake The Mages

Arpus: What are you doing here, disturbing our peace and concentration?

Sighting Unit: Undead are attacking the fort on the north shore. We need your help!

Arpus: I have told the commander of that garrison that we take orders from none other than the Chief Mage of the High Council, Master Leollyn!

Sighting Unit: Leollyn's emissary, Delfador, requests your help. He bears Leollyn's token, which is not lightly given.

Arpus: I recognize it. Very well; we shall join battle.

Move To Burned House One

Theorin: Please, spare me...

Delfador: Spare you from whom, soldier? What has happened here?

Theorin: They come at night... and leave no one alive...

Delfador: Get hold of yourself, soldier! Who is 'they'?

Theorin: I do not know. No one has seen their faces and lived. All I could hear is my comrades' screams as they were being slaughtered.

Move To Burned House Two

Moved Unit: What is going on here? This village has been burned to the ground!

Chantal: Maybe there are survivors? We should check.

Move To Burned House Three

Moved Unit: Another village burned. Nobody to be seen!

Move Near An Ambush House

Moved Unit: Be wary. Something does not feel right about that village...

Ambush House One

Moved Unit: This village seems unharmed. Anyone here?

Angedd: Surprise, surprise...

Bled: We have not waited all this time for nothing!

Ambush House Two

Moved Unit: There are signs of a battle, but nobody seems to be here...

Crum: Wrong!

Move To Burned Keep House

Ulfter: Is the enemy gone?

Delfador: He will be, if you help. Now follow me into battle!

Move To Keep House One

Donc: It's time to stand up and fight...What's this?

Moved Unit: Friends, soldiers. Why were you hiding?

Stanis: Our post was overrun. Very few of us survived.

Delfador: Your orders from the King are to fight. Just stay close to me.

Move To Keep House Two

Adran: Long live the King! Wait, you are not...

Delfador: ... the enemy? Yes, we're one your side.

Delfador: Soldiers of Wesnoth, rise to fight for your King!

Move To Keep House Three

Moved Unit: Anyone here?

Dreadred: Master said more would come!

Turn 7

Delfador: They have unleashed a second wave. Soldiers, stand firm and send these abominations back to the darkness!

Death Of Upgar

Upgar: You may have defeated me, but the great Zorlan will have revenge! I have done my duty attacking the Wesnoth perimeter, so that no Wesnoth forces can come to the aid of your doomed army. It will be a glorious massacre!

Death Of Dirator

Dirator: Master will avenge me!


Delfador: We have much less time than I thought. Iliah-Malal's offensive has begun. I must close his portal before it's too late, and I have no idea how to do that. And we must also defeat those that have already escaped the Land of the Dead.

Delfador: But there is something else those orcs said that deeply worries me in a different way. I have wondered why the orcs have been attacking in concert all along the frontier; they do not coordinate well. If that orc was telling the truth and a paramount chief strong enough to marshal their entire host has arisen among them, the King may be walking into a lethal trap at the Ford of Abez.

Chantal: Word had just arrived when I left Lintanir that the High Lord Kalenz was mustering an elvish army against the orcs, but he is not aware of the King's movements or of any trap in wait for him. And he certainly does not know of the undead menace.

Delfador: Maybe we can warn the King in time. Lionel should be back in Weldyn by now; I shall send one of the garrison's message-riders to him, but I cannot spare the time to go south myself. I will gather as many troops as I can move quickly through these wildlands and head west from here.

Delfador: Will you join me? Elves know these northern paths better than any human.

Chantal: It is not to be, Delfador. I must return to Lintanir as swiftly as I may; the Northern Elves must be informed immediately - and mayhap I can find High Lord Kalenz or get a message to him.

Delfador: My King does not command him...but if elves and humans do not stand together in this, I fear we will fall separately.

Chantal: I do not doubt it. Go to your King, Delfador, and have faith in yourself; for I sense that you hold the fate of Wesnoth in your hands, and will need all the strength you have. I think we will meet again.

Time Over

Delfador: This is hopeless. Many more enemies are coming, while our numbers are limited.

Scenario 13: The Return Of Trouble

Story Text

While Delfador was still at the Academy, major events were taking place throughout Wesnoth. After centuries of squabbling, a warlord emerged to unite the Orcs. This was ill tidings for men and elves alike.

There was an elf named Kalenz who had already in Delfador's time been a legend among his people for centuries; his is the tale called the 'Legend of Wesmere'. Prolonged in life by a necromantic potion, he put aside the High Lordship of the Elves after the death of his beloved wife Cleodil, and wandered the Great Continent in errantry.

But Kalenz half-knew and half-feared he would be needed again, and the day he had long foreseen finally arrived. Report came to him of large orcish forces attacking the outskirts of elvish forests, including Lintanir itself. Kalenz quickly gathered a small troop of picked guards. War had returned to the land of the elves.

Introductory Dialogue

Tan-drul: Kill these filthy elves! All warlords will then accept our leader, Zorlan, as king and he will reward you all!

Kalenz: This is what we have been training for! Now we drive these beasts back!


Chantal is a Shyde

Kalenz: The orcs are retreating! And...what is this? A shyde flying towards us as if hell were on her heels...

Chantal is a Druid

Kalenz: The orcs are retreating! And...what is this? a druid running to meet us as though hell were on her heels...

Dialogue Continues

Chantal: My lord Kalenz, at last I have found you!

Kalenz: Chantal! Granddaughter! What are you doing here? You were not attacked, I hope.

Chantal: We were, but the enemy was vanquished. There are much more serious matters that require your attention.

Chantal: A paramount chief of all the Orcs has arisen, and he is setting a trap for the humans at the Ford of Abez. I think we must aid the humans, lest we be defeated separately once they are crushed.

Chantal: There is more ill news. Evil has been unleashed. A portal has been opened from the Land of the Dead. An army of undead is being raised as we speak.

Kalenz: This is very serious. Have you informed the elvish settlements?

Chantal: Yes. And I have prepared holy water for our warriors. They should be able to hold against the undead in our forests, at least for now.

Kalenz: Holy water? What is this? Have you been dabbling where you should not, in the Book of Crelanu?

Chantal: No. But Cleodil gave some of the Book's least dangerous secrets to her daughters, and so I had them from my mother. And I think I have found the one we have been awaiting since Cleodil accepted the guardianship of the Book. You know of what I speak.

Kalenz: I never thought to see such a human, not even in all the years I have lived. Who is this person?

Chantal: Delfador, a mage trusted of their King. He has survived a passage through the Land of the Dead not merely alive but uncorrupted. He helped us defeat the orcs when they threatened Lintanir, and I fought undead with him at Parthyn Ford. I have come north partly because I am thinking to fetch the Book of Crelanu so I can take it to him.

Kalenz: He is uncorrupted? You are sure of this?

Chantal: I have bent my healing senses upon him. I am as sure as I can be.

Kalenz: Then we must aid him, and I must meet him. The King of Wesnoth is just a king; it is inner strength such as you describe that will turn back the darkness, if anything can. West, to the Ford of Abez!

Scenario 14: Shadows

Story Text

Kalenz and his troops fared swiftly south and then westward along the north bank of the Great River. They successfully evaded the orcs, but would soon find there were grimmer foes awaiting them.

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: This forest looks quiet - too quiet. Proceed carefully, I don't like this at all.

Turn 2

Barth-Malal: Living... Soon, you'll be more troops for my master!

Kalenz: Undead! Where did they come from?

Chantal: We should try to go west. I sense things are worse on the eastern front.

Turn 8

Rudimil: We have more help!

Turn 11

Rudimil: And now even more help!

Turn 12

Delfador: Foul creatures, it is time for your final rest!

Chantal: That is Delfador. Do you see, now?

Kalenz: I do. He is a like a blazing fire to my inner eye. I think you have chosen well, granddaughter; he is indeed the one to whom the Book of Crelanu should pass.

Chantal: If I were human, I think I would be in love with him.

Kalenz: If you were human, you would be quite right to be. Strange...they are such surly children in the main, short-lived and crude and quarrelsome. And yet, even our greatest mystics do not shine so brightly as this one.

Chantal: I hope the Book does not destroy him.

Kalenz: You speak my thought, granddaughter. May it be so.


Before Turn 12

Delfador: I arrive too late for the entertainment, it would seem.

Dialogue Continues=

Kalenz: Well met, Delfador. Chantal has told me of you. I am Kalenz, High Lord of the Elves, and we are in your debt today.

Delfador: It is my honor to meet you. And it relieves my mind to know Chantal is safe and with her kin again.

Chantal: I am not sure there is safety for anyone in these days, but we all travel the same road and face the same foes.

Kalenz: Yes. We will follow you to the Ford of Abez, Delfador. Let us hope we are not too late to prevent an orcish victory there.

Scenario 15: Save The King

Story Text

Following Delfador, the elves moved to unite with the Wesnothian forces and meet Zorlan head-on...

but the King was in an unenviable position...

Introductory Dialogue

Delfador: It appears we have arrived just in time! The King stands at bay, surrounded by the enemy.

Chantal: I fear we may be too late. This new warlord must have united every orcish tribe north of the Great River. Look at their army, it is vast!

Zorlan: Elves! I heard you have been looking for me! But you will save neither the human prince, nor yourselves.

Kalenz: We must destroy this warlord now, before his power grows any greater!

Enemy Draws Near Garard

Garard II: The enemy is drawing near. My personal guards must join the fight. We can only hope help arrives soon.

Adamar: For the King!


Kalenz: Victory!

Garard II: Delfador! And you, elvish friends! The kingdom of Wesnoth is in your debt today!

Delfador: My King, this is Kalenz, High Lord of the Elves.

Garard II: You will be forever welcome in the court of Wesnoth.

Kalenz: We look forward to fighting beside you to defeat those threats that remain.

Delfador: Your Majesty, we have more urgent matters. Leollyn sent me on a mission to find out why the dead are restless. A foul necromancer has opened a portal to the land of the dead. It must be closed at all costs, and I am afraid my skills may be insufficient for that task.

Kalenz: Delfador, our weapons are weak against the undead, but perhaps we have other help to give you. Centuries ago the great mage Crelanu entrusted to us a book of lore, powerful knowledge, perilous secrets that it took Crelanu all his life to gather.

Kalenz: Crelanu charged us to guard his book until someone worthy of it appeared. We believe you are that one, Delfador. The book may help you find a way to close that portal.

Delfador: Friends, your words do me perhaps greater honor than I deserve. I am not sure I am worthy of this charge.

Kalenz: Chantal and I are sure of your quality. But be warned: there is a curse on this book. Crelanu fairly warned us that his arts would bring much woe down upon us. And so it proved, though at the time we had no other choice. The victories you win with it may cost you as dearly.

Delfador: Curse or no, we must close that portal soon, or else we are all doomed.

Kalenz: This is a decision you will have to make. If we fight the undead without the book's help, it will be an honor to fight by your side, no matter what the outcome.

Delfador: I think I, too, have no choice but to accept the book. I cannot allow the sure death of many humans and elves for fear of the curse.

Chantal: Then here it is, Delfador. May it help you bring a swift end to the undead menace. And may it cost you less than it has cost us...

Delfador: Thank you, friends. May we meet again in happier times. Now I must make haste, for I need to study the book and prepare for the battle with the undead.

Scenario 16: Dark Sky Over Weldyn

Story Text

Kalenz and Chantal and their troops departed to ride against the remnants of the orcish Great Horde. Delfador returned to Weldyn with the King and his gift from the elves, the Book of Crelanu. However, despite the victory, Delfador was deeply worried by the undead menace. On the way back they met with Lionel who was arriving with reinforcements, and were deeply saddened to learn that Leollyn had died under very suspicious circumstances.

King Garard
We have assembled here with good and bad news: The good news is that the orcs have been defeated decisively. Their Great Chief is dead and their army has been scattered. We owe much of this great victory to Delfador.

I did very little, sire. It was actually the elves who saved us on that day.

We owe the elves nothing, sire. They refused to send their archers when we needed them!

King Garard
Peace, Lionel. The elves fought well and have earned Our respect. But this council is here to address an alarming matter. Young master Delfador here reports of an undead threat. He was able to fight them off at Parthyn Ford, but more are coming.

With your permission, sire, I will take some picked men north and crush these abominations.

Your majesty, these are no stray undead; This lunatic, Iliah-Malal, has opened a portal to the Land of the Dead. Unless we close this portal soon, the relatively small numbers of enemy troops he now commands will swell into an endless steam of undead. And our army, having equipped and trained primarily to fight raiding orcs, is not well suited to fight even the forces he fields now. Mages, in combination with heavy infantry are most effective against them.

I think our young and inexperienced friend overestimates the powers of the enemy. I'm sure they'll be no match for Wesnothian troops.

I have fought these things, and I know what I am talking about. This is a deadly serious threat.

Are you saying Master Sagus speaks idly? Somebody needs to teach you respect!

You have proven your bravery, young Delfador, but I think you underestimate the might of our army.

Sire, may I lead some part of your army to crush the undead?

No, Lionel. This should be too simple a task for my best general. I will send Dudpon, instead with most of my army.

What are my orders, then?

As a reward for Delfador's bravery, I am temporarily appointing you and your men to be his personal guard. Make sure nothing untoward happens to him, as the circumstances of Leollyn's death are not fully clear.

As you command, sire!

And so it was that the Wesnothian army left Weldyn to seek out and crush Iliah-Malal's forces. But the campaign proved a disaster. Less than a handful of terrified soldiers returned. The Wesnoth army had been destroyed, with the few survivors fleeing in terror. Nothing stood now between Iliah-Malal's army and Weldyn....

King Garard
This is a disaster. I should have led the army myself and died with them. And I should have listened to you, Delfador.

We will fight till the last man, my King.

My Lord, things are very grave indeed, but all is not yet lost. There is still hope if we do not falter.

King Garard
Yes, Delfador. This time we will follow your advice.

There are three things we must do. First, we must organize our defenses as best we can. Second, we need to ask the elves to create a diversion, to distract and delay Iliah-Malal. The elves will not be able to fight the undead head on on the field, but they can harass them by striking from forests where the undead dare not follow. And last, I have been studying and I think I now know how to close Iliah-Malal's portal to the Land of the Dead. I will need a small escort, but this must be done immediately.

My Lord, I can arrange the defenses around the city.

King Garard
Very well, Lionel, take command.

These are only the first steps. If we are to defeat the undead, we need to use and train the army differently than we have. First, you must recall every mage in Wesnoth, from Alduin and elsewhere. And you must prepare more heavy infantry.

But heavy infantry is too slow! And mages in the army? Who can command these know-it-alls?

King Garard
Delfador could. You will command the heavy infantry. Make sure to shield the mages in battle, for they are precious. Now, go, close the portal and come back soon!

Scenario 17: A New Ally

Historical Notes (Comments)

  1. This scenario makes a reference to HttT: Relgorn is a young
  2. dwarf now, but the dwarf leader in HttT's Plunging into the darkness
  3. scenario - where he says he met Delf when he was young. In
  4. addition history is that both elves and dwarves bought Wesnoth time
  5. We could have had a Weldyn siege, but Turin already has done this
  6. once in EI...

Story Text

Delfador took a small escort to the north in order to attempt to close the portal. But with Iliah-Malal's army at large north of the Great River, this was a perilous road. Delfador was constrained to avoid well-trodden paths. This meant a detour ...

Introductory Dialogue

Gruv-Malal: Attack, my loyal soldiers; the more we slay, the more troops for our master!

Ulrek: Keep fighting them sacks o' bones.

Relgorn: Ulrek, more enemies approach from the south... Wait, these are humans!

Delfador: Dwarves, attacked by undead. We must help them.

Gruv-Malal: Then your corpses will also serve my master.

Delfador: Your master's days are numbered. Yours will end this day!

Delfador's First Kill

Delfador: I am Delfador. And you are dust!

Death Of Gruv-Malal

Delfador: Now we shall rid Wesnoth of the rest of your unholy spawn!

Ulrek: We are in your debt.

Death Of Ulrek

Delfador: With their leader slain we cannot count on dwarvish help to reach Iliah-Malal's portal! All is lost!

Death Of Relgorn

Ulrek: Relgorn fell! Quickly, run for yer lives!


Ulrek: Human, ye ha' fought well. I am Ulrek, chieftain o' the clan of Norlund. My house is in yer debt today. But who are ye and what do ye do in these lands?

Delfador: I am Delfador. Friends, a great evil has been unleashed. A portal has been opened to the land of the dead near the northernmost extent of these hills, nearly under the eaves of Lintanir Forest. I must close it, or else we are all doomed.

Ulrek: We ha' seen those undead walking, aye, and fought them too. And no one will ever say my kin ha' been ungrateful for yer help. I will place my best warriors at yer service. Relgorn, my son, ye will lead the women and children to Knalga. They will be safe there among the rest of my kin. But can ye really close that thing?

Relgorn: Father, did ye not see these thunderbolts! This was awesome. Even our thundersticks do not strike so powerfully!

Delfador: My friends, I am in your debt for your kind offer. But we have no time to waste!

Ulrek: Delfador, the surface path to the north ye'd need to have ta'en, along the Listra, is too dangerous. That valley is swarming with orcs now. We'll take ye by a safer route, through tunnels under these hills.

Scenario 18: The Portal Of Doom

Story Text

The dwarves led Delfador through a veritable maze of tunnels. Delfador was amazed at the speed with which the dwarves could move through their tunnels. Far sooner than he would have believed possible they reached their destination, undetected by Iliah-Malal.

Introductory Dialogue

Prepolur: Living men and dwarves are nearing. Rise, Portal Guard and slay those intruders!

Delfador: The portal must be closed at any cost. You must allow me to get close to it, so I can seal it.

Ulrek: Ye all heard! Naught will ever say dwarves ever feared anyone. Attack!

Delfador's First Kill

Delfador: Out of my way, foul creatures!

Iliah-Malal's Arrival

Turn 9 or Move Delfador To Portal

Iliah-Malal: What's going on here? Is this Delfador? Welcome to your doom, Delfador!

Delfador: They have reinforcements. Hurry, we must close the portal before we are overrun!

Iliah-Malal: Slay them all!

Move Delfador To Portal

Delfador: Earth, rise and shut this gate of evil for good!

Iliah-Malal: Portal, reopen! No! What have you done?

Delfador: Your portal is shut. And you cannot open another one.

Iliah-Malal: Delfador, you have proven your skill. I have an offer for you. Join me and you will live as my right hand. Together our magic skills will be unmatched and irresistible.

Delfador: Join you?

Iliah-Malal: Or, fight me and die. I will then resurrect you as my slave.

Delfador: My path is set. Your path must end. I will not dishonor my oaths, and will not abandon friends and country.

Iliah-Malal: Then you shall perish. After I finish with these pesky elves and dwarves, Weldyn will be mine. Wesnoth has no army to resist me.

Delfador: (to the dwarves). Quickly, back in the tunnel. I will stay last to seal the entrance.

Iliah-Malal Dies

Iliah-Malal: Fool! You could not kill me in the land of the dead, nor can you in the land of the living! I transcend both death and life, and I will return to destroy you!

Move Delfador Back To Cave Entrance

Other Units Still On Field

Delfador: Hurry up!

Delfador Only Remaining Unit

Delfador: We're in. Now: Earth, seal this entrance!

Scenario 19: Showdown In The Northern Swamp

Story Text

With the portal closed, Iliah-Malal was weakened. He retreated into the Swamp of Dread to recover his strength and attempt another conjuration. Delfador's troop, hurrying west by secret Dwarvish ways and stealthily crossing the Listra by night, found the necromancer there, on the brink of raising another army amidst the fetid reek.

Using dwarvish and elvish messengers, Delfador was able to communicate the news to the King and ask for help. Mustering all the troops he could find, Lionel marched north to join Delfador for the battle that would decide the fate of Wesnoth.

Introductory Dialogue

Iliah-Malal: So we meet again, Delfador. You were a fool to turn down my offer. None of your allies will save you now.

Delfador: You have ravaged your own soul with your corrupt arts, and your words are empty wind; I fear them not.

Iliah-Malal: Is he not amusing, my creatures? He puffs himself up as though he were Delfador the Mighty, Delfador the Powerful, Delfador the Great...rather than a jumped-up hedge wizard I shall shortly crush beneath my heel.

Delfador: Delfador the Great, eh? And so it comes to pass as the four Oracles foretold. I accept your name-gift, Iliah-Malal.

Iliah-Malal: Oracles? What nonsense you babble...after you die, I will raise your corpse and compel you to tell me how to reopen my portal!

Delfador: One of us will find a final death here. I do not think it will be me.

If Have Undead Veterans

Narrator: In this scenario only, you may recall your veterans from the Land of the Dead. The killing blow against Iliah-Malal can only be struck by one of them

Recall First Undead Veteran

Lionel: raise undead?!?

Delfador: No. I did not raise them from our dead; I offered some who fought beside me in the otherworld a way here, and they come to us of their own will. Today they fight for the living.

Turn 2

Delfador: I have prepared some holy water. Sprinkle it on your impact weapon and smash those foul creatures into dust!

Iliah-Malal: Powers of darkness, enshroud this field!

Turn 3

Delfador: Darkness shall be dispelled!

Iliah-Malal: No!

Delfador: Let the light shine forth!

Iliah-Malal: Your sorcery matters little. Your army will fall like wheat to the sickle before my undead legions.

Delfador: Your mindless minions will be no match for the spirit and fire of the living.

Lionel: Delfador, as the King ordered I place all troops under your command. They will follow you to death, if necessary, and so will I!

Delfador: Lionel, it is an honor to go into battle beside you. Now let us fight for life over death!

If Undead Veterans

Delfador: Remember one of our undead must strike the final blow, for Iliah-Malal's un-life can only be ended by the touch of un-life.

If No Undead Veterans

Delfador: Remember that I must strike the final blow, for Iliah-Malal's un-life must be ended by a spell I have specially crafted to the task.

Iliah-Malal Dies

Killing Unit Is Undead

Delfador: Now your days are ended!

Iliah-Malal: The power of death is mine! When you strike me down I arise stronger than before!

Delfador: Not this time. For I have gazed upon the dark heart of necromancy in the Book of Crelanu, and found there your final doom at the hands of the dead themselves.

No Undead, Killing Unit Is Delfador

Delfador: Now your days are ended!

Iliah-Malal: The power of death is mine! When you strike me down I arise stronger than before!

Delfador: Not this time. For I have gazed upon the dark heart of necromancy in the Book of Crelanu, AND I REMAIN OF THE LIGHT!

=Inappropriate Killing Unit

Iliah-Malal: The power of death is mine! When you strike me down I arise stronger than before!


Delfador: Evil has been vanquished on this day. May this victory bring lasting peace.

Kalenz/Role-chosen Admirer: You have earned the name the accursed one gave you...Delfador the Great.

=If Undead Veterans Alive

Delfador: You who fought beside me in the Land of the Dead and chose the side of the living on this day, return now to your peace and rest.

Dialogue Continues

Lionel: And the portal, it is sealed for good?

Delfador: Yes, it is. But it was too great a work of magic to be entirely undone; there is a flaw still remaining, a trace of Iliah-Malal's way between worlds. Raising undead will be a little easier in the future than it has been before. Those who come after us will have to be vigilant against the corruption of the dark arts, and show themselves worthy of the land they live in.

Scenario 20: Prince Of Wesnoth

Story Text

Following the alliance's victory and the peace treaty came a period of calm that lasted a generation. The new King had learned to trust Delfador at the battle of Abez Ford, and it was no surprise that Delfador became Garard II's most valued advisor.

The elves knew that with Delfador close to the King, Wesnoth would be a reliable ally. And it was for a while.

But Delfador was not alone in having the King's ear; there was one yet closer to him. The Queen's power was rising...

One day reports came of Wesnothian forces seizing elvish land on the border. Kalenz gathered a small force and hurried to the disputed country.

Introductory Dialogue

Kalenz: Generals of Wesnoth: you have attacked defenseless elvish land. You must leave immediately. I am Kalenz, High Lord of the Elves. Delfador the Great will confirm the treaty between us.

Eldred: This is elvish land no more. I, Eldred, prince of Wesnoth and heir to the throne, claim it for Wesnoth and Queen Asheviere. Delfador does not rule in Wesnoth!

Kalenz: I did not want to spill human blood, but this arrogant prince leaves me no other choice.

Eldred Is Defeated

Delfador: Peace, friends! I have been riding nonstop for days to prevent this madness! Eldred, I have direct orders from the King to take you back to the Palace, where you will be reprimanded for your inexcusable actions. Kalenz, the King offers his deepest apologies for these events and promises to do anything in his power to make amends.

Kalenz: Delfador! I am glad to see you. We have no demands on the King, but I believe he should be very careful, for he does not seem to be the only ruler in Wesnoth!

Chantal: Kalenz, I am very worried. There is a cloud of evil swirling around the Royal Palace, and it has more centers than the prince alone. I see dark days ahead...

Kalenz: I wonder if the Book of Crelanu is not behind this. The Book is not evil in itself, but the power it gives tends to magnify any evil in the reader's soul. Delfador, has anyone but you opened its covers since you got it from us?

Delfador: I do not think so. But...Asheviere, Garard's queen and Eldred's mother, seemed to be hinting some months ago that I should teach her magery. She ceased all such talk when I did not respond, and I thought it merely the momentary whim of a proud and willful woman.

Chantal: I wonder if we have not dangerously misjudged her...

Delfador: It may be so. Now that I think on it, I think I had best return to the Palace more swiftly than I came here, even if I have to kill three horses under me to do it.

Time Over

Kalenz: We are too late! All is lost!

Scenario 21: Clash At The Manor

Story Text

Sparing Eldred's life proved to be a very costly mistake. Eldred betrayed his father and took the throne, only to be slain in turn by Delfador, who then fled to the Aethenwood with the infant child Konrad. What followed is told in the tale called 'Heir to the Throne'.

Commented Out: Delfador's suddenly-awakened suspicions were justified. Asheviere, frustrated in her ambitions, had suborned one of the mage's servants and gained access to the Book of Crelanu. Alas for the Kingdom that she came of a family in which the talent for magic ran strong, and that her early experiments did not consume her before she mastered the perilous secrets of the Book and fell entirely into evil.

Upon his return Delfador found out that the queen had left with a strong escort to visit her family's demesne and her ailing parents. Lionel, the King's most loyal general, had been sent at Asheviere's request on an errand to Knalga to retrieve the scepter of fire. That mission would cost Lionel his life; and neither Lionel nor Delfador knew that Lionel's mission had been compromised from the start.

Although the King did reprimand Eldred for his actions, Delfador could sense that the military commanders were solidly behind Eldred and his mother. Asheviere had flattered them and beguiled them with promises of glory and plunder in a coming war.

Delfador was granted an audience with the King and expressed his concerns about the Book, but the King suggested that everything would be clear when Asheviere returned to Weldyn. And for once, Delfador knew he could not obey the King's order.

Since he could not ask even his personal guard to go against the King's wishes, he turned to Kalenz and the elves. Traveling by night to remain unseen they reached Asheviere's demesne, only to find that Asheviere was in fact staying at her father's manor, outside her demesne, and had left on a trip north. The Book was within their grasp.

Scenario 22: Face Of The Enemy

Scenario 23: Epilogue

DM-Specific Descriptions

Staff of Lightning

A wizard's staff of power. This allows the bearer to summon powerful lightning bolts which strike their enemies, even at close range.

Cannot use message: Only a powerful mage can wield this.


Journeyman Mage: Lvl 1

A mage who has just finished his or her apprenticeship is known as a journeyman. Journeyman mages travel far in search of employment and experience.

Mage Leader: Lvl 2

This mage has gained some experience leading others into battle. As a result, level 1 units fight more effectively when they are adjacent to him.

Mage Commander: Lvl 3

This mage has gained much experience leading others into battle. As a result, level 1 and 2 units fight more effectively when they are adjacent to him. He also has the power to heal others during combat.

Mage Magister: Lvl 4

A Mage Magister, though equivalent in degree to a Great Mage, has special abilities of command and healing derived from extensive experience of battle.


King of Wesnoth: Lvl 5

Under the feudal system, all authority ultimately rested with the sovereign. His lords held their property only with his agreement, and had to pay him tribute. In return, the king would defend the realm against invaders, and redistribute wealth in times of need.

Unknown Unit B

Crown Prince of Wesnoth: Lvl 4

A Crown Prince is the presumptive Heir to the throne, and may act with very nearly the authority of the King himself.

Generic Unit

Wose Shaman: Lvl 2

These woses are able to command forest plants such as vines and creepers to hinder their enemies.

DM: Specified Unit Names


  • Kalenz (Elvish High Lord)
  • Chantal (Elvish Druid)
  • Istelimir (Elvish Ranger)
  • Atellas (Elvish Ranger)
  • Clartakis (Elvish Captain)



  • Delfador (Elder Mage)
  • Methor (Mage of Light)
  • Theorsten (White Mage)
  • Igler (White Mage)
  • Larsin (White Mage)
  • Aldrin (White Mage)
  • First Oracle (Great Mage)
  • Second Oracle (Great Mage)
  • Third Oracle (Great Mage)
  • Fourth Oracle (Great Mage)
  • Marshal (Mage of Light)
  • Leollyn (Arch Mage)
  • Arpus (White Mage)
  • Sagus (???)
  • Artuman (Red Mage)

  • Iliah-Malal (Necromancer)
  • Roth-Malal (Necromancer)
  • Barth-Malal (Necromancer)
  • Gruv-Malal (Necromancer)
  • Maldun (Necromancer)
  • Tur (Dark Adept)
  • Unuvim (Dark Adept)


  • Garard (King of Wesnoth) also Garard II
  • Eldred (General)
  • Lowel (General)
  • Lionel (General)
  • Clogrin (Royal Guard)
  • Gren (Shock Trooper)
  • Droni (Shock Trooper)
  • Artor (Shock Trooper)
  • Derrin (Bowman)
  • Feorth (Horseman)
  • Gar (Horseman)
  • Gurcyn (Cavalryman)
  • Garrath (Rogue)
  • Harold (Bandit)
  • Vobryn (Thug)
  • Meorraent (Thug)
  • Niktor (Lieutenant)
  • Theorin (Spearman)
  • Donc (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Stanis (Halberdier)
  • Zagar (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Brox (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Adran (Longbowman)
  • Axios (Heavy Infantryman)
  • Ulfter (Spearman)
  • Ogdal (Bowman)
  • Adamar (Royal Guard)
  • Mitbreen (Royal Guard)
  • Ronduger (Iron Mauler)
  • Pilafman (General)


  • Ulrek (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Relgorn (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Udrin (Dwarvish Fighter)


  • Ur-Thorodor (Ancient Wose)


  • Trgrau (Great Troll)


  • Zorlan (Orcish Warlord)
  • Grogor-Tuk (Goblin Pillager)
  • Urthaka-Tan (Orcish Warrior)
  • Hagha-Tan (Orcish Slayer)
  • Tan-Garthak (Orcish Warrior)
  • Gurbash (Goblin Knight)
  • Pruark (Orcish Warrior)
  • Tish Golub (Orcish Warlord)
  • Upgar (Orcish Warlord)
  • Crum (Orcish Warrior)
  • Smalg (Orcish Grunt)
  • Grubar (Orcish Archer)
  • Ulkar (Orcish Assassin)
  • Knafa-ord (Orcish Warlord)
  • Tan-drul (Orcish Warlord)
  • Krardul (Orcish Warlord)
  • T'bhan (Orcish Warrior)
  • Qgthun (Orcish Warrior)


  • Arakar (Death Knight)
  • Rorthin (Ghost)
  • Rattles (Skeleton)
  • Bones (Skeleton)
  • Penella (Ghoul)
  • Roddry (Ghost)
  • Nameless (Ghost,Spectre)
  • Melinna (Ghost)
  • Sythan (Ghost)
  • Hereld (Ghost)
  • Dirator (Death Knight)
  • Axhamr (Draug)
  • Horfir (Spectre)
  • Backu (Nightgaunt)
  • Camdun (Chocobone)
  • Drapug (Wraith)
  • Kalip (Ghost)
  • Abmin (Deathblade)
  • Bled (Deathblade)
  • Crod (Ghost)
  • Angedd (Wraith)
  • Dreadred (Draug)
  • Rudimil (Death Knight)
  • Hraul (Spectre)
  • Atrag (Draug)
  • Horr (Banebow)
  • Nfrigt (Nightgaunt)
  • Rkrin (Revenant)
  • Haunt (Spectre)
  • Gdal (Spectre)
  • Oltr (Draug)
  • Orbl (Deathblade)
  • Nifigt (Nightgaunt)
  • Dert (Deathblade)
  • Krumful (Draug)
  • Unhul (Spectre)
  • Prepolur (Death Knight)
  • Samun (Draug)
  • Skoogal (Banebow)
  • Skulrag (Deathblade)
  • Idthom (Nightgaunt)
  • Hyvrun (Chocobone)
  • Blud (Blood Bat)
  • Alderoth (Death Knight)

Places (labels)

  • The Great Valley
  • Fort Brell
  • Fort Miryen