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On the frontiers of Wesnoth, all able-bodied men and women must be able to defend the town at need. While the men are most often trained in the use of sword or bow, the women learn the use of staff and sling. The most proficient are more than a match for any orcs foolish enough to engage them in combat.
On the frontiers of Wesnoth, all able-bodied men and women must be able to defend the town at need. While the men are most often trained in the use of sword or bow, the women learn the use of staff and sling. The most proficient are more than a match for any orcs foolish enough to engage them in combat.
====Ghast: Lvl 3 (disabled for lack of art)====
====Ghast: Lvl 3 (unused)====
The ghast is a creature taken from humankind's most primal nightmares. Unlike their lesser cousins, ghouls and necrophages, ghasts are not patient enough to wait for their victim to die from poison before consuming the body. They attack directly with their enormous mouths, trying to rip the flesh straight from their foes. Once their enemy is defeated, they eat the rest of the body, gaining strength in the process.
The ghast is a creature taken from humankind's most primal nightmares. Unlike their lesser cousins, ghouls and necrophages, ghasts are not patient enough to wait for their victim to die from poison before consuming the body. They attack directly with their enormous mouths, trying to rip the flesh straight from their foes. Once their enemy is defeated, they eat the rest of the body, gaining strength in the process.

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This is a transcription of all dialogue from Descent into Darkness. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue

Malin Keshar

Malin Keshar: I'm not ready to die...

Mal Keshar

Mal Keshar: Then my battle against the orcs is lost!

Darken Volk

Darken Volk: Fool boy! You have allowed my death, and now none in this world will aid you.

Darken Volk: No! I will not fall this close to achieving the goal of so many years!


Drogan: Who will be left to defend Parthyn?

Time Over

Darken Volk: Your incompetence at this simple task is appalling. You will never grow strong enough to be of use to me.

Scenario 1: Saving Parthyn

Story Text

Malin Keshar was born ten years after the death of Haldric IV. He grew up in the northern border town of Parthyn, the second child and eldest son of the baron of the city. Every summer when the mountain passes became clear, orcs came down from the north to prove themselves in battle. Every year Parthyn's guards repelled the raids, though some of the townsfolk were always lost. Malin's father led raiding parties to disrupt the orc encampments and send the orcs back to the north.

When Malin was 10, a mage who passed through the town sensed strong magical abilities in the boy. His parents, seeing a chance for him to live away from the constant battles with the orcs, arranged for him to be sent to the mage community on the Isle of Alduin. There he studied for eight years, while back at home the orc raids increased in their frequency and ferocity. Before Malin could finish his training, however, he was expelled.

Malin returned to Parthyn just as summer began only to encounter more misfortune. Even as he arrived, an early, unexpected orc raid was being conducted against Parthyn. Malin watched as his father took an arrow in the chest and fell lifeless to the ground.

Shaken by the loss of their commander, the human defense began to falter. As the orcs roared in anticipation of victory, skeleton warriors poured out of the woods to the orcs' rear. The soldiers watched in amazement as the skeletons cut down orc after orc and then melted back into the forest.

Shortly a man dressed in the robes of a necromancer emerged from the trees. 'Allow me to introduce myself. I am Darken Volk. While I know your kingdom does not love my kind, I think it vital that we put aside our differences for the moment. The orc menace grows in the North, and I misdoubt any of the border towns can stand without some assistance. For now, I ask only to rest in your town for a few days.'

Drogan, the captain of the guard, replied, 'Surely you know that the penalty for necromancy is death. For your aid we will promise you rest and safety. Upon your departure, however, you are banished from these lands, not to return on pain of death. We thank you for your help, but need no alliances with those who deal only in dark magic.'

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Malin, troubled by his father's death, argues to no avail that Darken Volk be allowed to stay to help defend the town. The necromancer leaves Parthyn without incident.

Several weeks pass...

Drogan: Although I dislike sending a raiding party out so early, they should clear out the orc encampments and leave us a relatively quiet summer.

Malin Keshar: So much for quiet, Drogan. Orcs mass north of the river!

Drogan: Curse them! You must hold the river fort, Malin, or they shall surely overrun the town. I will bring what soldiers remain to your aid. The raiding party is due to return in two days, and the orcs will not dare fight with such a force attacking from behind.

Recruit a Walking Corpse

Drogan: What in blazes is that thing? Has the necromancer returned?

Malin Keshar: No, Drogan. I raised this corpse with the skills Darken Volk taught to me before he left. While I have no love for it, without the help of the dead we consign ourselves and our families to orcish stewpots! Surely you can see that!

Drogan: No benefit is worth the price of defiling the bodies of our dead! You have been very close-mouthed about why the mages sent you home from Alduin; if it was for dabbling in such arts, it is no wonder they cast you out!

Malin Keshar: No! No...it was nothing like that...but I will not stand by and allow the orcs to destroy my home while I have the skills to prevent it!


Narrator: Welcome to Parthyn

South Signpost

Narrator: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Orcs Reach Parthyn

Drogan: The orcs have broken through our line. Parthyn is open to attack!

Victory Dialogue


Drogan: By all rights, I should have you executed on the spot, Malin. I certainly should have not given the necromancer the chance to corrupt you. Since I showed him mercy, however, I will give the same to you. You are hereby banished from Parthyn and all the Kingdom of Wesnoth.

Malin Keshar: Would you rather have let the orcs overrun the town and seen us both dead?

Drogan: Aye, better that than to even dabble in dark magic. People would have rebuilt the town, just as they always have in the past. Would that the mages had taught you more sense.

Malin: The mages taught me enough. You won't truly banish me, will you, Drogan?

Drogan: Begone, now. I've no wish to be forced to send the soldiers after you. Your father would be ashamed to see the end to which you've come.

No Necromancy

(as if that's possible)

Drogan: That was bravely done, lad, holding the orcs off by yourself. The mages taught you well. But there is grave news from the village; your sister Dela was wounded in the attack. Healers attend her, but she may not live out the hour.

Malin Keshar: Orcs. Foul, pestilent creatures. The wide green world would be a better place with them all dead. Dead!

Drogan: Perhaps, but if kings and great mages have not abolished them neither you nor I are ever likely to.

Malin Keshar: Perhaps I cannot kill them all...but I see the back-trail of this band we defeated, and there will be more orcs at the other end of it. I shall pursue them.

Drogan: And leave your sister?

Malin Keshar: My hands were never apt for healing. But revenge I can give her.

Drogan: No! We need every man who can fight here, not lost in doomed attempt to harry the orcs in their own country!

Malin Keshar: I am resolved.

Drogan: You'll go without my blessing or my men, then. I won't spare any on such an errand.

Time Over (Victory)

Narrator: The raiding party returns, and the orcs flee in the face of a superior force.

Orcs Defeated

Narrator: The orcs are broken, dead or fled.

Scenario 2: Peaceful Valley

Story Text

Fighting tears and rage, Malin follows the back-trail of the orcish band. He curses the elder mages for sending him from the Isle of Alduin half-prepared, only to be thrust into conflict. He curses Drogan for lacking the courage to see what must be done. Most fiercely, he curses the orcs for ravaging his family and home through their ceaseless attacks.

Three days' travel outside Parthyn, Malin meets Darken Volk, the same necromancer who had saved Parthyn and taught Malin to raise the dead not long ago. The necromancer takes pity on Malin in his friendless state, and asks Malin to travel with him. As the weeks pass, he teaches Malin more dark magic.

Introductory Dialogue

Darken Volk: In truth, I share your hatred for the orcs. The northlands have been my... home... for many years, and the orcs have been a growing infestation in them. They despoil the beauty of the land wherever they go. If you are interested, I would be happy to take you on as my apprentice so that you can... aid me in the fight against them.

Malin Keshar: Yes! I thirst for revenge on those creatures!

Darken Volk: Who knows? Perhaps removing the threat of orc raids will persuade the people of Parthyn to... welcome you home.

Malin Keshar: Perhaps. Even Drogan would have to be thankful for a summer without orc raids.

Darken Volk: A goblin village lies in this valley, just ahead. They are a bastard race born of the orcs, and help them in their wars against humans and dwarves. These do not know of our coming. Subduing them will give us souls upon which to call in our fight against the orcs.

It will be a worthwhile test of your new skills.

First Village Captured

Darken Volk: Beware the goblin guards in the villages.

Swamp is Seen

Darken Volk: Ahhh... I did not realize there was a swamp near this village. Malin, I believe it would be beneficial for your training if you and I were to investigate the swamp.

Enter the Swamp

Darken Volk: Rise, rise from the realms of death and decay!

Malin Keshar: What are those things?

Darken Volk: They are ghouls. Once, they were... evil men... murderers and outlaws. Through magic they have been transformed so their outsides match the spirits within. Those that outlive their masters gravitate towards the swamps and bogs, drawn by the natural decay there.

Malin Keshar: It seems cruel to turn men into such a hideous form.

Darken Volk: In their present form they can best serve the greater good. Even now they will aid you in defeating this goblin rabble. Besides, as I said, these were men of great evil. No punishment is too great for their kind.

Malin Keshar: I suppose so...

Walking Corpse in the Northern Village

Ed: Any zombies out there?

Shaun: Don't say that!

Ed: What?

Shaun: That!

Ed: What?

Shaun: The 'zed' word. Don't say it!

Ed: Why not?

Shaun: Because it's ridiculous!

Ed: Well... are there any?

Shaun: I don't see any. Maybe it's not as bad as all that.

Oh, no, wait, there they are.

Victory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: Sacking goblin villages is all well and good, but walking corpses and bats won't stand up to full orcish warriors.

Darken Volk: Your training is just beginning, Malin. With the souls from these goblins now available for our use, you will see your forces grow quickly.

Malin Keshar: Excellent. I'm eager to move on to the real foes.

Scenario 3: A Haunting in Winter

Story Text

Malin and Darken Volk spend the summer and fall traveling up and down the lower Northlands. They attack small goblin villages and orc camps when they find them. Malin's power grows considerably under the constant tutelage of the necromancer.

Introductory Dialogue

Darken Volk: Winter comes on fast, and we need a sheltered place to spend it. This cave looks promising, but from the tracks in and out several bands of outlaws already inhabit it. You should clear them out so we may use it safely.

Recruit a Ghost

Darken Volk: Be careful when imprisoning a soul and use all your might to retain control over it or it might attempt to break free and destroy you!

Malin Keshar: I... I will try.

Dwarves are Seen

Malin Keshar: Dwarves! They have often been our allies against the orc hordes. Surely they will allow us to winter with them.

Sighted Unit: Two necromancers are at the cave entrance! Up yer axes, boys, if ye dinna' want tae be a walking pile o' bones.

Malin Keshar: Or not. Why do they hate us so much?

Darken Volk: People fear that which they don't understand, and death, after all, is the greatest mystery. Those who dare to investigate that mystery are bound to invoke fear and distrust. Worry not, your people will again warm to you once you deal with the orc threat at its source. For now, the cave-dwellers give us no choice.

A Ghost is Freed

Freed Unit: Free! Your foul spells cannot enslave me any longer, Malin the Damned. You shall pay for keeping me from my final rest!

Darken Volk: Fool boy! Your will must be stronger or you will never be able to control your soldiers well enough to face the orcs. Many are the young necromancers who have died when their servants turned on them. He will attack you relentlessly.

Malin Keshar: But why are they attacking me? And what should I do?!?

Darken Volk: Destroy the rebel quickly and all will be well. Wait, and he will begin to turn the rest of your forces against you.

Rebels Ghost is Defeated

Malin Keshar: I think I've got the rest of them under control now. That was a close call.

Scenario 4: Beginning of the Revenge

Story Text

Burning inside with a desire to take his revenge against the orcs and push them further north, Malin spends the winter learning as much from Darken Volk as he can. His years of study with the mages serve him well, and his power grows quickly.

When spring comes, the two head north to a mountain pass known to Darken Volk. In the higher reaches the snow is just beginning to melt, making the passage treacherous. The elder necromancer insists that they press on. He says that he hopes to catch the orc fighters unprepared by arriving early in the year, thereby inflicting as much damage as possible.

Introductory Dialogue

Darken Volk: Orcs block the way out of the mountain pass. Destroy them, and we will move on to bigger targets.

Malin Keshar: With the might of the undead at my command, many orcs will die this day. They shall pay for getting me banished from Parthyn.

An Orc Dies

Malin Keshar: Feel my wrath, vile creature!

Move to the Ice

Malin Keshar: The ice doesn't look very thick...

Ice Breaks

Narrator: The weak ice gives way beneath the undead creature, who becomes mired in the thick mud at the lake's bottom.

Narrator: The weak ice gives way beneath the heavy warrior, who drowns in the frigid mountain waters.

Scenario 5: Orc War

Story Text

All through the summer and fall, the necromancer and his apprentice travel through orc-held lands. At night, they cause skeletons and ghosts to emerge from the forests to terrorize and kill entire camps of orcs and their goblin minions. Word spreads among the orcish towns, which begin to post guards and leave torches burning all night. These measures do little to help them.

Word spreads to the south as well, of the many battles won against the orc tribes, as Darken Volk tells Malin. As spring rolls around, a number of dark adepts, eager to aid in the fight, travel northwards and join the pair. 'They are quite useful in battle,' the necromancer says to Malin, 'but none of them have even a tenth of your potential power.'

The damage inflicted by Malin and Darken Volk over the past year forces the usually fractious local chieftains to unite in opposition. Eventually, at a narrow place in the river men call the Longlier and Elves call the Arkan-thoria, they manage to surround the humans and force a fight.

Introductory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: Since the very founding of Wesnoth you have hounded humans at every turn. You have raided my home at every opportunity. You have trampled our fields, slaughtered our livestock. You have brought war to a place of peace, and death to a place of life. You have killed without remorse, and despoiled that which was once beautiful. You have murdered my father and caused endless trouble to me. Now I shall have my revenge on you. Expect no mercy from me, because you have long since lost the right to it. I will crush you into the dust. The attacks on Parthyn will stop here and now. When I bring word of your demise the town will cheer my triumphant return.

Borth: Stop your silly talk, foul necromancer. You have caused enough trouble. It is time for you to die.

P'Gareth: Ummm... unless... you are already dead, like the skeletons?

K'Vark: Then, it will be time for you to die again!

Victory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: The last chieftain... he's escaping! The coward!

Darken Volk: Coward, yes. You must hunt him down before he can take word to the orcish council. A single chieftain, even after he gathers the survivors from this battle, should pose no problem for you, even on your own.

Malin Keshar: On my own? Is my apprenticeship over?

Darken Volk: ... Almost. The growth of your power has been truly impressive to watch. There is, however, a small favor I will ask of you. That will constitute the last part of your training. Now there are merely some... tasks... to which I must attend. They need not concern you. I will meet up with you to the west in a few weeks. In the meantime, do not let the last chieftain escape justice.

Scenario 6: Return to Parthyn

Story Text

Two days travel south of the previous battle, Malin loses the trail of the regrouped orcish warriors, but soon picks it up again. The trail moves unfailingly south for several days. As soon as it crosses the Great River it immediately turns west.

Within a few days, Malin recognizes some familiar surroundings...

Introductory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: I bring word of a great victory against the orcs, Drogan.

Drogan: I had hoped you would never return, Malin. You have been banished, and now return. You give me no choice but to order my soldiers to attack you.

Advisor: Master, do not listen to the lies he tells. There is always a choice, and he chooses to attack you. He jeopardizes the safety of Parthyn!

Malin Keshar: Silence from you.

I have eliminated two orc chieftains. I doubt that we will see any orc raids this summer. The beasts will be too busy trying to regroup.

Dela Keshar: You are mistaken, brother. Even now the orcs camp north of the river.

Malin Keshar: I have been tracking that band since they fled the field at my great victory! But how did they get north of the river? Let my forces be and I will deal with them.

Drogan: A nice story. I find it more likely that you brought your orcish allies here with you to take your revenge upon the city. If we stand down your undead will no doubt kill us where we stand. Watching you grow up, I never could have believed you would turn into a traitor.

Advisor: Master, he threatens the safety of the city by standing in your way.

Malin Keshar: Then you are the traitor, Drogan, for preventing me from protecting the city. I will defend Parthyn, and if you stand in my way I will cut you down for the treason you commit.


Narrator: Welcome to Parthyn

Dela Keshar is Defeated

Dela Keshar: I am defeated but not dead, foul thing that was once my brother. Watch your back, because I will be coming for you...

Kill a Regular Villager

Malin Keshar: Now the people of Parthyn will never accept me back!

Drogan Dies

Malin Keshar: See what your traitorous ways have won you, Drogan?

Dela Keshar: You will pay for Drogan's death. Now that I have seen the true evil to which you have come, I will commit every guardsman to your demise. It pains me to think that you were once my brother.

Malin Keshar: Even with my new power, I cannot fight the entire town as well as the orcs. I must flee to the west to find Darken Volk!

Malin Escapes

Dela Keshar: While our forces must stay here to fight off your pet orcs, when we are done I shall come after you. You are my brother no longer.

Malin Keshar: Gods of Darkness, how did it come to this? My own sister determined on my death. Nothing has gone right since...since that day the fat toad Zephrin mocked my up-country accent and I lost my temper and cursed him with boils. 'A life curse goes beyond a joke,' they said. 'Poor judgment,' they said, and expelled me from the Academy.

Now the only being who still wants to keep me alive is a necromancer. Curse them all! Live or die, I'll have my revenge on those that have wronged me.

Kill a Villager, Drogan is Dead

Malin Keshar: See how you die when you spurn the help of Malin Keshar!

Scenario 7: A Small Favor

Story Text

Fleeing from the city of his birth, Malin heads to the west. Soon he reunites with his teacher.

'For your final test as my apprentice, you will aid me in retrieving a book,' the necromancer says. 'The book was... stolen from me long ago. Since it has personal value to me, think of the task as a small favor. I should warn you that it will require you to act against your countrymen of Wesnoth, since it was one of them who stole it from me.'

Malin replies, 'They are no longer countrymen of mine, since they have rejected me twice now.'

Darken Volk continues, 'Excellent. We travel, then, to the city of Tath. There is a lord of that city by the name of Karres. He was trained as a mage in his youth, and now uses his wealth to support a large number of mages in their studies. Among his library is the book we seek. We will need to break into his manor and seek the book inside.'

Introductory Dialogue

Darken Volk: The stolen book lies within Lord Karres's manor on the north end of the city. We cannot defeat the entire city guard, so we must stay hidden as long as possible. The cover of the night and this fog will aid us. Once we are seen by the night watchmen, we will have to make a run for it. Our forces are not strong enough to take the whole city.

Narrator: Note: Only the units you recruit now will be available to you once inside.

Undead are Seen

Sighting Unit: Sir! Undead creatures are coming out of the forest! Wake the guard immediately!

Taylor: To arms, men!

Attack of the Holy Water!

Moved Unit: Ooouuuh! It burns... burrrrnnns...

Malin Keshar: What in the name of all demons of hell was this thing?

Darken Volk: This was the impact of what is known as holy water among common people. It is brewed in a complicated and mysterious procedure only known to a few priests and often used to fight resurrected creatures.

Necromancer Moves to the Manor

Moved Unit: Here is the entrance! Hurry!

Scenario 8: A Small Favor - Part 2

Introductory Dialogue

Narrator: Malin and Darken Volk enter the mage lord's manor, quickly closing the heavy gates behind them.

Malin Keshar: That gate won't hold back the soldiers for more than a few hours. We'd better hurry.

Lord Karres Dies

Darken Volk: I feel the breaking of an illusion spell. The book must be in the great hall, in the northwest corner of the manor. Let us move quickly now!

Victory Dialogue

Moved Unit: I think I have found the passage to the great hall. Follow me quickly!

Time Over

Narrator: As dawn breaks, the city guards force their way into the manor and capture the two necromancers.

Scenario 9: A Small Favor - Part 3

Introductory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: I feel the book is very close, somewhere to the northwest.

Malin Gets the Book

Malin Keshar: We've got the book, but now how do we get out of here?

Darken Volk: There's a small tunnel in the cellar to the northeast. It will lead us far enough out of the city that we can escape pursuit.


Malin Keshar: Phew! Let's get out of here

Darken Volk Gets the Book

Malin Keshar: We've got the book, but now how do we get out of here?

Wait, you aren't leaving me behind, are you?


Malin Keshar: Phew! Let's get out of here.


Darken Volk: You have served me well, my apprentice.

Narrator: As he heads into the tunnel Darken Volk collapses its entrance, leaving Malin to be captured and executed by the city guards.

Time Over

Narrator: As dawn breaks, the city guards force their way into the manor and capture the two necromancers.

Scenario 10: Alone at Last

Story Text

As he enters the tunnel underneath Lord Karres's manor, Darken Volk turns and, with a word and gesture causes the entrance to collapse. The two necromancers turn and begin walking down the pitch-black tunnel, temporarily safe from pursuit.

They continue walking through the damp, cold air all through the morning and day, finally emerging as the last rays of sun sink below the horizon.

Introductory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: Well, we made it out. We got your precious book. What's in it, anyway? And what do we do now?

Darken Volk: We? WE do nothing. You are no longer my apprentice.

Malin Has the Book

Darken Volk: Now give the book to me.

Narrator: Darken Volk grabs the mysterious book from Malin's hands and stalks away.

Malin Keshar: You can't just leave me here!

Darken Volk Has the Book

Darken Volk: Now go your own way, and I will go mine.

Malin Keshar: You can't just leave me here!

Dialogue Continues

Advisor: Master, do you not see? He has merely been using you to get that book!

Malin Keshar: What do you mean?

Advisor: He cares not about your noble quest to push back the orcs. He needed your help to fight the mages! The book is rightfully yours!

Malin Keshar: Wait!

All of the training you gave me, that was just so I would help you get that book! Return it to me now, or I will take it by force.

Darken Volk: You are even more of a fool than I thought.

Attack Darken Volk's Side

Malin Keshar: You let me believe Parthyn would accept me back so when they didn't I would be willing to attack my own countrymen!

Darken Volk: What you let yourself believe is no fault of mine. Cease your foolish prattle. I gave you more power than you could have possibly dreamed. Use it to fight the orcs that annoy you so, not me.

Malin Keshar: So it is true! You took my home away from me. You took Drogan away. Now that all of that is gone, I will at least keep the fruits of my labors.

Darken Volk: Hardly. I will crush you easily.

Malin Keshar: Perhaps, but I have nothing left to lose.

Attack Darken Volk

Malin Keshar: Now you shall pay for what you have done to me.

Darken Volk: Done? I have done nothing but give you an opportunity. You have chosen your own path. Now leave me alone!

Paladins Attack!

Sir Caddaeus: Your travels in this region have not gone unnoticed, foul necromancers! We have been tracking you for weeks, with our purpose renewed this morning upon hearing of the disaster you wreaked upon the goodly city of Tath.

Do not even think of running away - my horsemen can easily catch you. Yes, on this day you shall have to answer for your innumerable crimes.

Darken Volk: We'll see how well your pompous words protect you from the blades of the undead once I have finished this upstart.

Dela Joins in the Fun!

Dela Keshar: I told you, Malin, that I would find you again, and I have kept my word. I will not suffer you to bring any further harm to my people, and so you will not live to see another sunset.

Malin Keshar: You wrong me, sister. I have only tried to help. Have you not seen fewer orcs this past summer?

Dela Keshar: I will not listen to any more of your lies. Men, attack!

Darken Volk Dies

Darken Volk: With my dying breath I curse you, Malin the Damned!

Malin Keshar: Now I've just got to get that book out of the battleground!

Narrator: Pick up the book by moving a unit onto it. Bats and ghosts cannot carry the book.

Get the Book

Moved Unit: I have the book.

Moved Unit: I am sorry master, that is too heavy for me.

Victory Dialogue

Malin Keshar: The paladins will not be able to pursue me through the mountains, and Dela will not dare take the soldiers too far from Parthyn.

Scenario 11: Descent into Darkness

Story Text

'To become a lich, one must first die.'

So reads the book that Malin has reclaimed. 'The spells of necromancy bind the spirit, but only once it has been unbound from the body. To become a lich, the mage must make the necessary incantations with his dying breaths. He thus binds his own spirit in much the same way necromancers bind the spirits of others. Because he retains his own will, however, the lich can call upon the awesome powers of the spirit world.'

The words, and the idea, stick in the back of his mind. With all of Wesnoth forbidden to him, Malin finds refuge in a nameless frontier village where few questions are asked. When word filters to the town that Parthyn has been overrun by orcs, it rekindles hatred within him. With renewed purpose, he raises his undead minions and travels northward.

Malin soon finds the track of an enormous orc army, and follows them until he reaches their camp. As he sees the number of orcs, the enormity of his quest begins to dawn on him. He attacks the camp anyway but is quickly driven back, and badly injured by a thrown orcish dagger as he retreats. He finds refuge in a small cave.

Introductory Dialogue

Advisor: Master, you are gravely injured!

Malin Keshar: I won't go down like this, felled by an orc's blade. I won't see them defeat me!

Advisor: There is another way, master. Remember the book...

Malin Keshar: Yes... yes. The orcs are too strong for me now, but once I have undergone the transformation they'll begin to fall before me. And I will continue to hound them until the last one falls!

Leave me now while I prepare.

Advisor: Yes, master.

Narrator: With his last bits of strength, Malin assembles an altar as the book instructs.

Malin Keshar: I pray that I am strong enough to complete the spell.

I'm ready. Do it.

Narrator: There is darkness...

and peace...

for a moment.

Then they are replaced by a pulling, a pain too strong to resist, and then...

by emptiness.

Mal Keshar: AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

The cold, it burns!

I need warmth... life... I sense some here!

Attack Something with Drain

Mal Keshar: Yes! I can draw energy even from these insignificant creatures.

See Your Goal

Mal Keshar: There, in along this old road, I sense a place worthy of being my home. From there I will build by armies. But I am still too weak to clear the vermin from it. I must finish regaining my strength.

I will need a castle from which to call upon my soldiers. I sense one nearby.

Yes, this will do until I can take my new home.

The Wose

Dumdumbadoom: Who has awoken me from my slumber? Undead? I shall not suffer the existence of such foul creatures.

The Abyss

Killed Unit: AAAAAAAaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!!...... . . . . (not Ghosts and Bats)

^Have a nice trip, see you in the fall. . .

(A prophetic comment, no? What is this giant chasm next to the keep anyway?)

Scenario 12: Endless Night

Story Text

Years pass. Every summer when the mountain passes become clear, the lich sends his soldiers to attack the orcs, removing any human, elven, or dwarvish patrols that get in the way. Every year the undead inflict some damage before being repelled and retreating to the caves.

Rumors circulate of a lich that preys on scouting patrols. A hero, gathering his loyal troops to him, decides to put an end to the evil.



Foolish Hero: Your doom is at hand, foul lich! I shall bring you down by my own hand.

Mal Keshar: The only doom at hand is yours, if you do not leave now. Go back to your manors and taverns, and do not trouble me further.


Foolish Hero: You have preyed on too many of my boys. I have come here to end this, once and for all.

Mal Keshar: Not even real soldiers. I will sweep you aside.


Foolish Hero: Your kind is an abomination. I am here to see that you inflict no more harm on the spirits that have passed on.

Mal Keshar: Fool! By leaving your forests and coming into my domain, you have sacrificed your own spirits.


Foolish Hero: I've been itching for a chance to break some bones with my hammer, and now you've given me cause. Goodness knows you've got plenty of bones over there.

Mal Keshar: Go back to your tunnels and your mines, and do not trouble me unless you want your hammers to work for me once you are dead.

Foolish Hero: Hear that boys, he's threatening us! It's time he learned what real dwarves are made of.


Foolish Hero: So, I've finally found your lair, lich. You, who have been attacking the orcs for years and have destroyed many of our tribes.

Mal Keshar: Orcs? It is you who have forced me to choose the dark path, and it is you who ended my mortal life and made me turn into a lich. I am actually grateful to you for coming here, foolish hero. My hatred toward your race makes me stronger and I again get a chance to kill orcs!

Foolish Hero: Nothing will stop me from taking revenge for my father who died at your hand and for the rest of my people you and your minions have killed, lich. Orcs, attack! The one who brings me his skull gets a bag of gold.


Mal Keshar: Is there an endless supply of foolish heroes with death wishes? Honestly, where do you all come from?

Mal Keshar Dies

Foolish Hero: Well, that is the end of his evil ways.

Killing Unit: I wonder who he was in life, before falling into the evil ways that led him to today.

Foolish Hero: Once he chose this unlife for himself and his soldiers, he forfeited any claim to our compassion. Does it even matter who he was?

Killing Unit: No, I suppose it does not.

DiD-Specific Descriptions

Generic Unit

Apprentice Mage: Lvl 1

Trained in swordsmanship as a boy and the magical arts as a young man, Malin Keshar is talented at both but an expert in neither.

Apprentice Necromancer: Lvl 2

Despite his increased magical powers, Malin holds on to his short sword as his melee weapon of choice.

Dark Mage: Lvl 3

Although Malin's sword has grown rusty from lack of proper care, his increasing skill with magic more than compensates.

Frontier Baroness: Lvl 2

On the frontiers of Wesnoth, all able-bodied men and women must be able to defend the town at need. While the men are most often trained in the use of sword or bow, the women learn the use of staff and sling. The most proficient are more than a match for any orcs foolish enough to engage them in combat.

Ghast: Lvl 3 (unused)

The ghast is a creature taken from humankind's most primal nightmares. Unlike their lesser cousins, ghouls and necrophages, ghasts are not patient enough to wait for their victim to die from poison before consuming the body. They attack directly with their enormous mouths, trying to rip the flesh straight from their foes. Once their enemy is defeated, they eat the rest of the body, gaining strength in the process.

Giant Rat: Lvl 0

Given an adequate supply of food, some rats can grow to truly impressive sizes. They can also grow quite aggressive.

DiD: Specified Unit Names


  • Malin Keshar (Apprentice Mage/Dark Mage)
  • Drogan (Sergeant/Lieutenant)
  • Gorak Cole (Bandit)
  • Dela Keshar (Frontier Baroness)
  • River fort guard (Spearman/Bowman)
  • Lord Karres (Arch Mage/Great Mage)
  • Taylor (General)
  • Night Watchmen (Spearman/Mage/Red Mage/Silver Mage)
  • Gate Guard (Pikeman/Heavy Infantryman)
  • Head Trainer (Sergeant/Lieutenant)
  • Townperson (Spearman)
  • Guard (Halberdier)
  • Guardian (Mage/Silver Mage/Red Mage/White Mage)
  • Sir Caddaeus (Paladin)
  • Foolish Hero (Royal Guard/Assassin)


  • Kreg'a'shar Trr (Orcish Warrior)
  • Gron'r Hronk (Orcish Warlord)
  • K'rrlar Oban (Orcish Warlord)
  • Borth (Orcish Warlord)
  • P'Gareth (Orcish Slurbow)
  • K'Vark (Orcish Warlord)
  • Foolish Hero (Orcish Warlord)


  • T'shar Lggi (Goblin Knight)
  • Villager (Goblin Spearman)
  • Shaun (Goblin Spearman)
  • Ed (Goblin Spearman)


  • Dap Horner (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Watchman (Dwarvish Guardsman)
  • Foolish Hero (Dwarvish Lord)


  • Foolish Hero (Elvish Marshal)


  • Dumdumbadoom (Ancient Wose)



  • Darken Volk (Dark Sorcerer)


  • Mal Keshar (Lich)


  • Tortured Soul (Ghost)

Places (labels)

  • River Longlier