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Wesnoth scenarios are the individual levels within the game. Each scenario contains two files. First is the map itself, this is described in BuildingMaps. The second is the config file. This configuration file is used to describe everything about the scenario. Both of the files are ascii and can be edited in any standard text editor (vi, notepad, etc.) If you decide to use a wordprocessor, please make sure you remember to Save As text.

This document is split into six sections. This index, a description of the Wesnoth Markup Language, Simple configuration files, Intermediate configuration files, Advanced configuration files, General comments, Sample configuration files. From the information contained within this document you should have all the knowledge to create Wesnoth scenarios. If you see any mistakes or missing information, please feel free to fix the pages yourself, add a comment to the comment page, or email me jzaun at campus dot hpu dot edu.


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